Friday, November 23, 2012

We Are Grateful-Give-Away! Look and See What is Included!

Hi Friends~

I hope you are all having a wonderful autumn...winter in some parts.  I hope the air is just cool enough to breathe easily, and that the leaves are beautiful proof of God's greatness. It is now the day after Thanksgiving.  I pray that everyone had a blessed day, and that you were able to really concentrate on the many ways that He blesses us every day.

I hope you will forgive my absence for the last few weeks.  Our Internet service has worked on for a few minutes, off for a long time. This post has taken about 3 weeks.   I have the capabilities to post on my cell phone...but it is so difficult for me to use the keyboard on the phone.  A sentence here and there maybe, but a whole post...I am so sorry.  At least it is working right now!  (As I wait for the service man to get here and fix it for good!)

I want to share a photo of what is being given away in our "We Are Grateful--Give-Away!"  We are so grateful that the Lord is in our lives, in our hearts, in our actions.  Not just on Thanksgiving, but every day.

Here is a list of items starting on the left side of the phot


 Join us: for our We Are Grateful-Give-Away!

A frame with strawberries on it/a slightly used "unicorn stamp" by Commotion Rubber Stamps/a "pine fan stamp" by just for fun/(holiday lights stamp" by G/a used inchie stamp that says "SUPER"/a new Judith's "sprig stamp"/ 4 acrylic stamps by Provo Crafts Clear Impressions- (3 snowman on one stamp-a snowman with all of his gear to put on on one stamp- a snow stamp on one- a mitten on one-all new)/a used All Night Media, Winnie the Pooh and Friends stamp/a Hero Arts, Art Prints slightly used rose with French words that I have no idea what they mean/a Large lightly used heart wreath with roses by Me & Carrie Lou/5 pre-cut purses in 5 sizes and different colors by Paper Cellar (envelopes included)/a set of 12 blue glitter transfer iron-ons/an acrylic slightly used frame style acrylic stamp that reads "Seasons Greetings"/a 2013 calendar/2 sheets of Paper Cellar beautiful Christmas Theme stick-ons/A unused Stampin-Up flower and pod from 2002/New stamp from Anitas that reads "Jesus is the Reason for the Season"/18 pieces of Pretty Ware rhinestones/ and other wonderful surprises!  So, please post the photo on your blog and let us know, that will count for an extra entry.

It is my hope that when you visit this blog and post a reason telling what you are grateful will make your hearts ready to thank Him every day enter our We Are Grateful-Give-Away.  And, remember, every time you go to our Comment Section and post a reason why you are Grateful or Thankful, it is one entry for this amazing drawing of stamps, paper and embellishments!  You can enter once a day...any day!

You may continue to post reasons for being Grateful until Midnight on the 30th of November.  The next day, I will take every entry, from every person, even if you have 31 entries, and have one entry chosen randomly.  The Recipient of the "We Are Grateful--Give-Away!" will be announced in a special post.  You must have an address in America.  Perhaps a friend or relative who will send it to you if you don't?  Because the postage is going to be too much for me to purchase.  Also, usually Joan and Karen, members of our Prayer Team aren't eligible for prizes...this is for everyone! (Except me...these are my things.)

So, feel free to continue making a Gratitude List in out comment section.  It is easy to do...once a visit, or once a day...just include the day or date if it is in the same comment section.  Also, please feel free to ask for us to pray for any prayer requests.  We are so grateful that you are visiting this blog, and hopefully sharing the love of Jesus in your actions with others!

He IS Able!
Traci Starkweather

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Be of Good Courage/Praise Days/Major Give-Away Begins

Hi Friends, 
We are continuing to pray for everyone who was caught in the path of "Sandy."  I don't think I could fathom what some of you are going through right now, try as I might. However, I know that He understands every tear that is falling. And, I am praying that He will comfort you, that you will rest in His arms knowing that tomorrow will be a little bit better...maybe a lot better.  I offer this Scripture for meditation:

"Be of good courage, and He shall strengthen your heart, all you who hope in the Lord." (Psalm 31:24)

I think this is the perfect time to really concentrate on something in your life to be thankful for.  One thing I learned a long time ago in AA, is that no matter how bad it seems...there is always something in your life to be grateful for.  I hope to challenge everyone to do that now, while most of us can't take our minds and hearts away from what has happened to so many.

Knowing God, we can give thanks any day, several times a day, even! But, I would like to ask everyone, from every country that visits this write one thing you are thankful for- for each day you visit the blog in November!  Let's really praise the Lord, and realize all of the many things we are thankful for...our hearts will truly be ready for Thanksgiving! They can be big things or little things. This will start on November 1st! Please join us, just think how uplifting it will be to read each other's reasons to be grateful!

"I will bless the Lord at all times: His praise shall continually be in my mouth."  (Psalm 34:1)

Yes, we will be doing this to praise the Lord.  Yes, we will be doing this to fill our hearts with thanks-giving.  And, you will be doing this to be eligible to win the EXTRA SPECIAL HE IS ABLE THANKS-GIVING GIVE-AWAY!  You will have one entry for every day that you write something that you are thankful for in our comment section.  The winner will be chosen at midnight on November 30th! And will be announced the next day in a special post!  It starts please list one thing that you are grateful for in the comment section...and perhaps you'd like to thank Him for that which you are thankful!  I hope I am coming across clearly?  If not, please email me at   There will be a photo on Tuesday's post of the items being given away...many wonderful things!  The winner must have an address here in the United States.  This will be a rather large package and I can't afford the cost to mail it overseas. 

"For by grace you have been saved through faith, and that not of yourselves; it is the gift of God."  (Ephesians 2:8)


I found this post I have been saving from Dr. Jack Graham. We were given permission to share it with you.  It is very is a wonderful reminder for everyone. It is called:

Need a New Life?       
June 4, 2010

"But to all who did receive Him, who believed in His name, He gave the right to become children of God,"  (John 1:12)

There is power in the name of Jesus!
You know, we hear that phrase so much that we might become immune to what those words really mean. Miraculous things happen when we pray in His name and in His power.
What happened to the lame man at the temple when Peter told him to arise in the name of Jesus? The man stood up! And not only that, the Scripture says he began to leap and dance and praise God. I love that!
Later in the temple, Peter testified about the man this way, saying, "Look at this man, he stands before you whole and strong in the power of the name of Jesus."
And that's exactly what Jesus does for us, too. In the name of Jesus, our bondage is broken and we are set free. In the name of Jesus, those who were once broken and downtrodden are able to stand up and testify to the grace of Christ Jesus in their lives!
Is the power of Jesus at work in your life today? It can be. Just reach out and touch Jesus. Take a leap of faith and live for Him!
Repent of your sin and He'll give you a new life to live in the power of His name.
For more from PowerPoint Ministries and Dr. Jack Graham, please visit

Winner of the He IS Able Blog's Card Set Give-Away of the Week!
Congratulations, Caterina!

Here is the comment you left:
"Hello dear friend, hope you are doing well and safe from the hurricane. Thank you so much for your uplifting words of encouragement.
Love, Caterina"

Your name was randomly chosen from the comments...and you will soon be receiving 4 beautiful cards.  These cards were donated by other guests of the blog and they are stunning!  And, thank you for your comment.  We did not suffer from the hurricane at all.  Actually, we were in South Florida, on the beach (very windy!) celebrating my birthday.  Florida was safe this time. Thank you for thinking of me.  I hope you did as well.  I heard about power outages there.

May God Bless Everyone!

He IS Able!
Traci Starkweather

p.s.  If you don't mind, how about letting us know if you are doing ok in the comment section.  We care