Friday, November 23, 2012

We Are Grateful-Give-Away! Look and See What is Included!

Hi Friends~

I hope you are all having a wonderful autumn...winter in some parts.  I hope the air is just cool enough to breathe easily, and that the leaves are beautiful proof of God's greatness. It is now the day after Thanksgiving.  I pray that everyone had a blessed day, and that you were able to really concentrate on the many ways that He blesses us every day.

I hope you will forgive my absence for the last few weeks.  Our Internet service has worked on for a few minutes, off for a long time. This post has taken about 3 weeks.   I have the capabilities to post on my cell phone...but it is so difficult for me to use the keyboard on the phone.  A sentence here and there maybe, but a whole post...I am so sorry.  At least it is working right now!  (As I wait for the service man to get here and fix it for good!)

I want to share a photo of what is being given away in our "We Are Grateful--Give-Away!"  We are so grateful that the Lord is in our lives, in our hearts, in our actions.  Not just on Thanksgiving, but every day.

Here is a list of items starting on the left side of the phot


 Join us: for our We Are Grateful-Give-Away!

A frame with strawberries on it/a slightly used "unicorn stamp" by Commotion Rubber Stamps/a "pine fan stamp" by just for fun/(holiday lights stamp" by G/a used inchie stamp that says "SUPER"/a new Judith's "sprig stamp"/ 4 acrylic stamps by Provo Crafts Clear Impressions- (3 snowman on one stamp-a snowman with all of his gear to put on on one stamp- a snow stamp on one- a mitten on one-all new)/a used All Night Media, Winnie the Pooh and Friends stamp/a Hero Arts, Art Prints slightly used rose with French words that I have no idea what they mean/a Large lightly used heart wreath with roses by Me & Carrie Lou/5 pre-cut purses in 5 sizes and different colors by Paper Cellar (envelopes included)/a set of 12 blue glitter transfer iron-ons/an acrylic slightly used frame style acrylic stamp that reads "Seasons Greetings"/a 2013 calendar/2 sheets of Paper Cellar beautiful Christmas Theme stick-ons/A unused Stampin-Up flower and pod from 2002/New stamp from Anitas that reads "Jesus is the Reason for the Season"/18 pieces of Pretty Ware rhinestones/ and other wonderful surprises!  So, please post the photo on your blog and let us know, that will count for an extra entry.

It is my hope that when you visit this blog and post a reason telling what you are grateful will make your hearts ready to thank Him every day enter our We Are Grateful-Give-Away.  And, remember, every time you go to our Comment Section and post a reason why you are Grateful or Thankful, it is one entry for this amazing drawing of stamps, paper and embellishments!  You can enter once a day...any day!

You may continue to post reasons for being Grateful until Midnight on the 30th of November.  The next day, I will take every entry, from every person, even if you have 31 entries, and have one entry chosen randomly.  The Recipient of the "We Are Grateful--Give-Away!" will be announced in a special post.  You must have an address in America.  Perhaps a friend or relative who will send it to you if you don't?  Because the postage is going to be too much for me to purchase.  Also, usually Joan and Karen, members of our Prayer Team aren't eligible for prizes...this is for everyone! (Except me...these are my things.)

So, feel free to continue making a Gratitude List in out comment section.  It is easy to do...once a visit, or once a day...just include the day or date if it is in the same comment section.  Also, please feel free to ask for us to pray for any prayer requests.  We are so grateful that you are visiting this blog, and hopefully sharing the love of Jesus in your actions with others!

He IS Able!
Traci Starkweather

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Be of Good Courage/Praise Days/Major Give-Away Begins

Hi Friends, 
We are continuing to pray for everyone who was caught in the path of "Sandy."  I don't think I could fathom what some of you are going through right now, try as I might. However, I know that He understands every tear that is falling. And, I am praying that He will comfort you, that you will rest in His arms knowing that tomorrow will be a little bit better...maybe a lot better.  I offer this Scripture for meditation:

"Be of good courage, and He shall strengthen your heart, all you who hope in the Lord." (Psalm 31:24)

I think this is the perfect time to really concentrate on something in your life to be thankful for.  One thing I learned a long time ago in AA, is that no matter how bad it seems...there is always something in your life to be grateful for.  I hope to challenge everyone to do that now, while most of us can't take our minds and hearts away from what has happened to so many.

Knowing God, we can give thanks any day, several times a day, even! But, I would like to ask everyone, from every country that visits this write one thing you are thankful for- for each day you visit the blog in November!  Let's really praise the Lord, and realize all of the many things we are thankful for...our hearts will truly be ready for Thanksgiving! They can be big things or little things. This will start on November 1st! Please join us, just think how uplifting it will be to read each other's reasons to be grateful!

"I will bless the Lord at all times: His praise shall continually be in my mouth."  (Psalm 34:1)

Yes, we will be doing this to praise the Lord.  Yes, we will be doing this to fill our hearts with thanks-giving.  And, you will be doing this to be eligible to win the EXTRA SPECIAL HE IS ABLE THANKS-GIVING GIVE-AWAY!  You will have one entry for every day that you write something that you are thankful for in our comment section.  The winner will be chosen at midnight on November 30th! And will be announced the next day in a special post!  It starts please list one thing that you are grateful for in the comment section...and perhaps you'd like to thank Him for that which you are thankful!  I hope I am coming across clearly?  If not, please email me at   There will be a photo on Tuesday's post of the items being given away...many wonderful things!  The winner must have an address here in the United States.  This will be a rather large package and I can't afford the cost to mail it overseas. 

"For by grace you have been saved through faith, and that not of yourselves; it is the gift of God."  (Ephesians 2:8)


I found this post I have been saving from Dr. Jack Graham. We were given permission to share it with you.  It is very is a wonderful reminder for everyone. It is called:

Need a New Life?       
June 4, 2010

"But to all who did receive Him, who believed in His name, He gave the right to become children of God,"  (John 1:12)

There is power in the name of Jesus!
You know, we hear that phrase so much that we might become immune to what those words really mean. Miraculous things happen when we pray in His name and in His power.
What happened to the lame man at the temple when Peter told him to arise in the name of Jesus? The man stood up! And not only that, the Scripture says he began to leap and dance and praise God. I love that!
Later in the temple, Peter testified about the man this way, saying, "Look at this man, he stands before you whole and strong in the power of the name of Jesus."
And that's exactly what Jesus does for us, too. In the name of Jesus, our bondage is broken and we are set free. In the name of Jesus, those who were once broken and downtrodden are able to stand up and testify to the grace of Christ Jesus in their lives!
Is the power of Jesus at work in your life today? It can be. Just reach out and touch Jesus. Take a leap of faith and live for Him!
Repent of your sin and He'll give you a new life to live in the power of His name.
For more from PowerPoint Ministries and Dr. Jack Graham, please visit

Winner of the He IS Able Blog's Card Set Give-Away of the Week!
Congratulations, Caterina!

Here is the comment you left:
"Hello dear friend, hope you are doing well and safe from the hurricane. Thank you so much for your uplifting words of encouragement.
Love, Caterina"

Your name was randomly chosen from the comments...and you will soon be receiving 4 beautiful cards.  These cards were donated by other guests of the blog and they are stunning!  And, thank you for your comment.  We did not suffer from the hurricane at all.  Actually, we were in South Florida, on the beach (very windy!) celebrating my birthday.  Florida was safe this time. Thank you for thinking of me.  I hope you did as well.  I heard about power outages there.

May God Bless Everyone!

He IS Able!
Traci Starkweather

p.s.  If you don't mind, how about letting us know if you are doing ok in the comment section.  We care

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Therefore, Do Not Worry

Hi Friends~

A post will be shared on Tuesday now that our computer router is working.  I will announce the winner of last week's He IS Able blog's Card Set Give-Away.  Please remember to leave a comment before Midnight on Wednesday to be eligible for this Thursday's announcement of a new winner!

 And, a quick reminder that there will be a BIG HE IS ABLE GIVE AWAY very soon...and you never know when the details will be announced.  I'm talking stamp sets, papers, name it!

"So we may boldly say:  The Lord is my helper; I will not fear.  What can man do to me?"  (Hebrews 13:6)

I would ask everyone to please pray for everyone to have His protection and safety from Hurricane Sandy.  May His arms reach around those who are frightened and comfort them.  May there be no homes lost, or worst of all...may people not lose their faith in the storm.  This is a time to gather in person (if safe to travel), on the net, by phone, skype, however you can to read Scripture and pray together.  He hears every prayer, and sometimes He answers them the way we want, and sometimes He has a different plan for us, but He always hears, because He never leaves us nor forsakes us.  If you have a prayer need, or are in the path of any storm in life...please leave a comment and our Prayer Team will pray for you.  Please read comments and lift up others to the Lord.  You don't have to leave your real name.

"Therefore do not worry, saying, 'What shall we eat' or 'What shall we drink?' or 'What shall we wear?'  For after all these things the Gentiles seek, For your Heavenly Father knows that you need all these things.  But seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, an all these things shall be added to you." (Matthew 6:31-33)

I will be praying for you.  May God bless you!

He IS Able!
Traci Starkweather

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Power of Prayer and a Surprise Announcement

Hi Friends~

I hope you are all well and seeing God's glory all around you.  I think that is one of the special blessings He has given us. We can look at a flower and see that it is the work of His hands. That the smell of the flower was created in just a special way to represent this one type of flower. I am feeling overwhelmed with all of the beauty He has created,  I can't even imagine what Eden must have been like...can you?

Thank you for leaving such warm comments these past few weeks.  I am feeling relieved from my cold.  I am humbled how you took your personal time to remind me (and others) that we do not grieve like others. That my dear Father-in-Law is in a much  more magnificent place with the One we praise. You told me again and again, which I needed to hear again and again, that my son would be safe and healthy and living an adventure at his Air Force base in England.  (His 23rd birthday was yesterday.) That you told me to hang in there. You are such great friends.  Thank you for being in my life through this blog and emails in some cases.


Today I have a beautiful piece to share from the book Quiet Moments in the Presence of God which is published by Bethany House.  This is taken exactly from this wonderful book:

Prayer Power
"The Lord is far from the wicked, but He hears the prayers of the righteous."  (Proverbs 15:29)
Prayer changes things.  Prayer has power.  When John Knox got on his knees to pray, the queen feared his prayers more than she did all the armies of Scotland.  When John Wesley prayed, life-changing renewal came to England.  When Jonathan Edwards said his fervent prayers, a great revival spread through-out the American colonies.  Over and over, history records the power of prayer.
Your prayers have power.  God works through praying people.  He makes His way known to those who submit themselves prayerfully to Him.  He accomplished His purposes through those who offer their urgent and sincere prayers to Him.  God sends your prayers out with power to affect, change, and bless.
"Confess your sins to one another and pray for one another, so that you will be healed.  The prayer of a good person has a powerful effect." 
(James 5:16)
I would like to once again invite you to join our Prayer Team.  I feel so blessed to be a part of something bigger than myself.  Praying for others needs and requests, praying that the government will bend to God's will, praying for others that live where they could be imprisoned or killed for praying or having a Bible.  All that we ask is that you tell us how much time you would be willing to pray for people per week or day.  It could be 10 minutes.  And, we will match you up with a prayer need or needs to fit your time. Just leave a comment or email Traci and I or Joan, our Prayer Team Leader, will send you some info to consider.
Also, on the top of the right hand column there is a place where you can subscribe to the blog.  All you need to do is put your email in the place provided, and whenever I write a blog post, you will receive an email about it. That way you don't miss out no matter what day it is posted.  Just so you know, I do not ever see the email this way either. And, you won't want to miss out on any posts because a SPECIAL HE IS ABLE GIVE-AWAY is coming on an unannounced day!
One last thing to share with you...Thanksgiving is a holiday here in the United States.  It is celebrated during November, and has many reasons for different people.  Gladly we can give thanks any day, several times a day, even!  But, I would like to ask everyone, from every country that visits this leave 1 thing that they are thankful for- for each day in November.  Let's really praise the Lord!  Let's think of every thing in our life for which we are thankful.  This will start on November 1st!  Please join us! 
He IS Able!
Traci Starkweather

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Three Winners and Lessons Learned by You

Hi Friends~

It's odd that they call Florida the "Sunshine State."  It has been pouring here every day!  That means no computer. Whenever it rains here, it means we have lightning.  And, when we have lightning, our computers go "BOOM!" if they are on!  Fortunately, I have chose the perfect time to be ill...I don't want to have a cold when it is perfect weather, and I could be searching all of the awesome websites!  I'm starting to get better.  It was some congestion in my chest.  Scary!  But, I can breathe without pain...and life is getting more back to usual for myself and Dave.

We have skyped with Joshua a couple of times.  It is a life-saver.  Getting to see that he is well...still himself...healthy...laughing...means everything!  I miss him so much!  I am working on making him a Scripture book for Christmas.  He told me that the Chaplain during Basic Military Training showed Josh the Psalms and Proverbs, and told him that they are part of his heritage.  He told me he found courage and strength in the Psalms and a little decorated, masculine book will be one of his gifts for Christmas/Chanukah.

I keep reading your comments.  They are so uplifting and comforting, and I thank you with all of my heart for your reminding me of God's place in my life.  And, what I should be doing while grieving.  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!


Winners of the He IS Able Blogs Card Sets of the Week!
(By the way, "Winners" means more than one!)

Please email me (on the right side of the blog) before next Wednesday at midnight and let me know if you would like to receive your 2 beautiful cards.  If I don't receive that email, the cards will be put back in the He IS Able card stash!  To be entered into the next drawing please leave a comment about anything:  a prayer request, a request for something to write about, what you do to have time alone with the Lord, how you serve the Lord...anything!  Just have it in by Midnight on Wednesday, Eastern time.
Leanne:  "Traci, My sincerest condolences to you and your family for your DFL.  I pray that your son will remain safe and the good Lord will continue to bless you all.  Hugs."
Grace:  "Dear Traci...I'm sorry for your loss...but so thankful that he knew and loved the Savior and is now basking in His glory...celebrating and singing like he's never sung before!  You will miss him, but as Christians...we don't grieve as those who have no hope!  May God comfort you and Dave, and I'll be praying for you all as you travel...and as you come back to send off Josh!  So much to deal with in such a short time...praying for your health as well...I know this will tax you to your limits, but may He give you the strength you need!! hugs, Grace"
Jan Marie:  Oh Traci, Lifting you in prayer that the Lord would continue to bring comfort to  you through His promises...all of which are yes and amen! in the Lord Jesus Christ!  Praying that you feel the closeness of His Spirit as He ministers through His Word and by His people!  Thinking of you during this difficult time as you mourn the loss of one so dear, all while celebrating, knowing that he has is now home!!  Hugs!
Yes, you have been randomly chosen to receive 2 cards.  Please send your complete address, even if you think I have it, and please keep in mind that I can only mail them to US addresses.  I just can't afford overseas rates.  I am looking for someone (still) who would be willing to serve the Lord, by making a digital card that we could share with people that are randomly chosen that live out of the United States. If you have this special talent and can help out, PLEASE contact me.  This is something that I have felt led to add to the blog for over a year. 
God Bless each of you!  Have a wonderful week!  Do a random act of kindness to someone!
He IS Able!
Traci Starkweather 

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

In Times of Comfort

My Dear Friends~

I thank you for hanging in here, when I was away, when I came home and asked "why?", and you left comforting messages for us while we went through the motions...and Kleenex. Thank you so much for sharing so much love--your love and His love in your comments. And, thank you for continuing to visit the blog to see if it was started again.

I wanted to share some beautiful reminders that I received from a gift I was given years ago. It is called Precious Bible Promises. If you are going through times of loneliness, sadness or grieving, I would love for you to read the following Scriptures to lighten your days:

"Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted." (Matthew 5:4)

"Casting all your care upon Him. for He cares for you." (1 Peter 5:7)

"And those who know Your name will put their trust in You: for You, Lord, have not forsaken those who seek You." (Psalm 9:9-10)

"Fear not, for I am with you: be not dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you, yes, I will help you, I will uphold you with My righteous hand." (Isaiah 41:10)

"Now may the Lord of peace Himself give you peace always in every way. The Lord be with you all." 2 Thessalonians 3:16

The Scripture that helped me the most when dealing with my dear Father-in-Law's passing is this:

"And, God will wipe away every tear from their eyes; there shall be no more death, nor sorrow, nor crying, there shall be no more pain, for the former things have passed away." (Revelation 21:4)

That Scripture especially brought peace to my heart--though my eyes still cry for the times we will miss in the future. I know I will see him again one day...I pray that my Atheist husband will know the Lord and Savior soon, too. But, to know that my Father-in-Law is not in pain, not sad, not missing his wife. Instead he is with the Lord, and his wife, and so many others who have passed before him. Praise the Lord!

I am feeling depressed, even though I know the Truth is in those Scriptures. I know that our Lord, Christ Jesus is faithful and loves us. I am really missing my son. He is stationed at an Air Force Base in England for another 100 weeks. We are texting. But, I just miss him so. His birthday is in two weeks, and we usually celebrate both of ours together with a family dinner out.. It will be odd not celebrating this year. I am glad Josh is in a safe area. I just feel like it is two (different types) of loss in our lives within a week. Trying to write this blog post today is my first step into putting some norm back in my life.

I will announce 2 winners of the He IS Able Blog's Card Set Give Away! They will each receive 1-5 cards. The number will be randomly drawn....just like the people's names! It will be announced on Thursday. You can win next week...just leave any type of comment or prayer request in the comment section or email this before Midnight on Wednesday of next week. That will make you eligible for NEXT week's drawing! If your name is chosen, please email me your mailing address, within a week, and I will get your cards out to you!

By the way, I don't make all of these cards. Most of them have been made by people who want to serve the Lord in this way. If you can put a Scripture on the front of the card, and leave the inside of your A2 (only)card/envelope, it will be perfect for our recipients to share with their friends. It is a way to easily share His Word, His Love and His Gift of Free Salvation with others. I am always praying for more cards. If you don't put a Scripture on the outside of the card, I will put one on the back, or on an empty spot inside. But, we want to leave room for people to share the card, and be able to write in it. Just email me, and I will send you may address if you would like to share some cards. Please think of serving in this way.

Thank you again, My Dear Friends, for helping my heart to heal. May God bless each of you with such loving people in your life.

He IS Able!
Traci Starkweather

Saturday, September 8, 2012

From the Heart--Dad S

Dear Friends~

I know God loves me.  I know He won't give me more than I can handle with Him.  I know God is faithful.  I know that storms in life strengthen us.I know every prayer is heard, and that He answers every prayer.  He may not answer how we want...but how He wants.  I know God loves me.

I found out late yesterday afternoon that my amazing, very loving Father-in-Law passed away.  He had Alzheimer's and some physical difficulty, but it was a shock.  This man is with Jesus and with my dear Mother-in-Law now, I have no doubt about that.  When we would visit, we would have church in his apartment just before bed time.  I'd read a section of the Bible, and we'd sing, and we'd talk about what we learned from the Bible.  It was incredible times.  The three of us, Dad, Jesus and myself.  Now, he is no longer here for us to go see, to hug, to share with, to watch the Cardinals.  I know he is in a much better place.  I know that we are all very sad that this veteran, this Dad, Grand-Dad, and Great-Grand-Dad will not be able to laugh his contagious laugh, or share that sparkly white smile of his again.  We are sad. I am sad.

I am sharing this because I do not know if I will be able to blog this week.
I will bring my computer with me, but I don't know how much time alone I will have to blog.  If you want a blog...reread the first paragraph of this letter again.  It tells you so much about our Lord, Christ Jesus.   And, even though I know Dad is so much happier, it is OK for us to be sad. 

My son, Joshua, leaves next Sunday.  I will miss out on spending time with him most of this week.  He needs to report in England at the USAF base on Sunday...hopefully, we will have Saturday with him.  I will miss him so heart feels like it is grieving for him.  I will sure need some support when he leaves.  2 years is a long time...even if we can fit in a visit or two.  This is the hardest thing I have gone through.  Fortunately, I pray for him every day and thank the Father for keeping him safe, healthy, happy, and to bring him closer to knowing Him every day. 

If you have a family member who is not yet Saved...don't give up. I urge you to continue praying.  Have others pray.  Lead by example...not by shoving it down their throat.  Be patient.  As patient as you can.  Never give up.

Praying you have a wonderful, God-filled week!  Please leave a comment before Wednesday at midnight to be eligible in the He IS Able Card Set Give Away!  Your name may be randomly drawn.  And, if you sign up to receive the reminder that this blog has a new post...on the top right corner of the is confidential...I don't know who is signed up, any of the emails, anything...but, you will know when a post is written no matter what  day.  It's free of course, just like God's gift of Salvation--you can't earn your way to Heaven!  Think about both of these things...if you don't know Jesus as your Lord and Savior and want to, leave a comment...someone will pray with you...or go to a church and tell them you want to pray to receive Christ.  They will guide you.  God bless all of you!

He IS Able!
Traci Starkweather

p.s.If Gemiel is reading, or if you know her.  Please let her know I need her to email her mailing address to me, so I can send the cards she claimed.  My email is on the side bar.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

He IS Able Blog Card Set of the Week Recipient!

Hi Friends~

I have been so busy with life that I have not announced the Winner of the He IS Able Blog's Card Set of the Week!  Did you leave a comment during the week of Tuesday, August 21 and before the following Wednesday the 29th at Midnight?  That is how you become eligible to receive a He IS Able Blog Card Set if you live in the United States.  (I am sorry, I can't afford postage out of the country, and I don't make digital images.  I have tried to find someone to make a digital card with 1 of 2 Scriptures on it, so I could have everyone from every country participate for a a beautiful one has stepped up.  If you have the time and the talent...PLEASE let me know. God laid this on my heart over a year ago, and I haven't found anyone yet.) About the give away your comment can be about anything.  And, the deadline for the next give-away is August 31-September 8th at Midnight...just leave a comment and you are entered in a random drawing.  Check back Thursday to win...or sign up for an email copy of the case I run late....and email me your mailing address if you are the winner!

The person who won the He IS Able  Blog's Card Set this week wrote this comment:
Asking, trusting and believing the Lord to surround this sweet precious child with His powerful protective haling care as He abundantly showers down His love, grace, mercy, goodness, kindness, encouragement and peace on the family. Love, Caterina

Caterina, Congratulations, and thank you for this beautiful prayer for the child I wrote about who was born with Down Syndrome.  It was a post before the latest Beatitude sharing.  Please, read it, and take it to heart.  Someone emailed that exact request to me. It brought tears to my eyes, and prayers to my lips.  There are people hurting and worried, and we should, I believe, carry each other's burdens.  Praying is the most effective thing we can do.  He hears EVERY prayer.  Please join us with a prayerful heart.  If someone takes the time to email me with a prayer'd better believe they need it.  It's not something to be tossed away. It takes an effort to write and some courage, too. Right?  Right!

Caterina, I have your address, and will send you your cards!  Thank you again for such a beautiful comment.  You have an amazing heart...full of so much love!  I pray for you daily, My Friend.


Did any of you read the post about the Beatitude:  "Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of Heaven?"  (Matthew 5:10)  It is the post right below this one.  It answered so many questions for me!  This seemed as if it was the scariest Beatitude for me...that it was all about being persecuted...well, there is a lot more to it.  I encourage you to read it.  On Tuesday, hopefully, I will have a worksheet for your use about the Beatitudes.  If I can figure out how to put it on the limited width of space the blog allows us.

 As for me?  Life has been so exciting for me lately. My pain is very painful because I have been very active...but worth it.  It is so nice trying to give Joshua an alternative memory of me.  He hasn't stayed in this house for 4 years!When he was young and I was newly disabled, I couldn't attend many of his event.  I slept a LOT! I was awkward and at that time, I was on medicine that made me groggy and miserable.   I was a good Mom...I just didn't live up to my expectations.  Well, I have made sure that I was up before him in the morning, and made his breakfast if he wanted, we went to Sea World was a scorcher out.  But, what a wonderful time Dave, Josh and I had. I am not perfect...but I am just doing my best. We have enjoyed fun and interesting conversation over meals...and he has spent a lot of time out with friends.  Luckily, it was late in the night, and I was sound asleep anyway.  Thank you for your blessings over him.  I appreciate it with all of my heart.  He leaves on the 16th for 2 years...I am asking for strength and support for then now.  I never realized how big a part of my life he is. I know, but this brings it all to my ming. I will miss him as he starts his new adventure...but 5 years and 2 months...and he will be done with his contract with the Air Force.  I asked him to please speak with me before considering signing another.  They are already wagging the proverbial carrot in front of him. 

May you have a lovely and very safe Labor Day!  (Do all countries celebrate a type of Labor Day?)  I would love to know, and it would be an entry for the He IS Able Blog's  Card Set of the Week!  God Bless!

He IS Able!
Traci Starkweather

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Blessed are Those who are Persecuted Because of Righteousness, for Theirs Is the Kingdom of Heaven

Hi Friends~

Well, the hurricane has passed over Florida.  At our home we had minimal damage...but we are fine.  The ability to use my computer during the storm has been cut down to nothing the last few days, and it isn't exactly sunny out right now.  I'll see if I can get this posted before today's storm hits.

Please join us as we pray for the people and property that are in, and will be in the path of Hurricane Isaac.  Even when they turn to Tropical Storms PLEASE take them seriously.  About 1/4 of our garage ceiling was put in a vacuum with the roof, and then the ceiling was smashed through to the ground.  No one was hurt.  And, we can get it taken care we are very fortunate.  Others may not be as fortunate.  Thank you for praying with us for others.

"Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven.  Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me.  Rejoice and be glad, because great is your reward in Heaven, for in the same way they persecuted the prophets who were before you." 
(Matthew 5:10-12)
Today I am sharing from the writing of Pastor Janey L. Demeo. She wrote an article on this Beatitude that was published in 2003 in the November/December edition of Discipleship Journal. Here are some of her thoughts:
"How can persecution equal blessing?  I remember wondering.  How can someone anticipate future rewards when experiencing unjust pain now?"  I was too young in my Christian walk to know how to grapple with these Verses, so I simply tucked them away in a corner of my mind.
I moved to France with my husband, where we founded the Nimes Theological Institute.  In recent years (remember this was written in 2003), the French culture has grown increasingly hostile to the Gospel, and we have suffered persecution.
One of the most dramatic attacks resulted in four cars on our campus being fire bombed.  Other forms of persecution have been more subtle, but no less demoralizing.  In spite of our affiliation with many well-known, mainstream theologians, our school was erroneously cited as a cult by the French government.  Consequently, students and church members have been ostracized, maligned, and denied jobs.  In this context I've had the unlooked-for opportunity to revisit Jesus' teaching and to ponder more deeply the connection between persecution and blessing.
Sometimes I still wonder:  Where's the blessing in this?  Other times, I remember that my friend's love for Christ Jesus had been tested and purified through torture.  He was blessed by a deep awareness of his Savior's victorious, indwelling presence--a foretaste of the kingdom to come.  There- in, I believe, lies the secret of the blessing Jesus promised.
The word blessing signifies an inner well-being that's independent of our circumstances.  We may not feel blessed when we're under attack.  But, if we can focus on the joy set before us--as Jesus did--remembering that unmerited suffering reaps an eternal weight of glory, we'll be empowered to persevere.  (Heb. 12:12)
As I have found myself thrust into fierce Spiritual opposition, I have begun to experience the unlikely blessing that accompanies persecution.  Slowly my eyes have been opened to see how this Beatitude embodies our hope.
If we are growing in Christ, unjust affliction will eventually come our way:  "If they persecuted me, they will persecute you also" (Jn.  15:20)  The more we manifest Christ, the more we become candidates for persecution "because of righteousness."  If is, after all, the righteousness of Christ in us that is being attacked.
When Pastor Demeo shared about not understanding how persecution could equal a blessing at the beginning of this excerpt, I was reminded of something I would like to share with you:
That is that the more I read the Bible...over and over each year...the more He reveals to me.  Sometimes He shows me an example that makes it more clear to me.  Sometimes it is as if I never read that section at all.  The biggest occasion was when I was Jewish and He unsealed my eyes, and made everything so true...THE TRUTH.  No doubt about it. (I was dared to read the Bible, so I prove him wrong.  Boy, was I surprised!)  I had never thought of Jesus as anymore than a teacher, a wise man who existed.  That is what most, if not all Jews believe.  Well, when I was Saved...I believed everything He said, everything He told about!  It was as if He had taken the cement off my eyes.  Or like in the Bible where He gives the man sight again.  My eyes were opened THAT much! 
So, the more you read, the more you pray and listen for a response...the more He will make clear to you.  And, yes, you can even pray to have a better understanding of a part of the Bible or a closer relationship with Him.  You can talk with Jesus about anything!  I almost always start my reading time with a quick prayer asking for clear understanding of what He wants me to get out of what I will be reading that day.  Try it.  And, we will be happy to pray for you also, if you put your request in the comment section.  If you would like to be a part of the He IS Able Prayer Team, please leave a comment or email Traci.  My email is on the side bar.
Please also, pray for those who are severely punished for reading the Bible, having one, gathering with Christians, or praying.  For the persecution we read about is still in existence in a horrible way around the world.  We have readers from all over the world...many from countries where they would be thrown in jail for reading Scriptures.  Please pray for their safety, and for their desire to take in His Word  to grow and grow.
I am so glad you are here...and I hope you learned as much about the Beatitudes in the past weeks, as I have in the past few months studying them.  May God bless you.
He IS Able!
Traci Starkweather

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Prayer Request....please join us

Hi Friends!

I received an email from a guest asking me to please post a prayer request.  I am happy to have you post your requests in the comment section, or I will post it here...where everyone who is willing, can lift up this situation.

We will still have Tuesday's post on the Beatitude, "Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven." (Matthew 5:10) 

And, anyone who leaves a comment before Wednesday at midnight will be eligible to win our He IS Able Card Set of the Week!  Sadly, I can only afford to mail packages to addresses in the United States. Please don't let that keep you from leaving a message...we want to know you were here!

Here is the prayer request I received, please let your heart guide you:

Please add my Dear Husband's niece to your prayer list. Her newborn baby was born with Down Syndrome and will need numerous surgeries over the next few weeks. She and her DH are very worried. They have a 4 yr with Asperger Syndrome. Anonymous.
I am also praying for the parents to lean to the Lord for comfort and strength, and for the whole family to have patience, and to keep praying for that miracle.  They happen.
Thank you for adding  this person's request to your prayer time.  It is so obvious to us that you have beautiful, God loving or searching, hearts.
He IS Able!  (This is the perfect example of why this phrase was chosen as the title of this blog.  To remind us that nothing is impossible.  To remember how big He is...much bigger than our trials.  He IS Able!
Traci Starkweather

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Winner of the Card Set of the Week Announced

Hi Friends~ 

I hope you have been enjoying your week.  Mine has been fabulous!  We received a call from my son Josh on Friday telling us he would be home Monday night!  We are so excited and so proud of him.  He will be here for 3 weeks.  He will be working with recruiters for 2 weeks, doing filing and things like that.  Thank you to those of you who left comments sharing in my happiness and joy of seeing my son.

I am happy to announce the recipient of the He IS Able blog's Card Set of the Week!  Congratulations, Gemiel!  Your name was randomly chosen, and you will receive 3 cards!  All you need to do is email me before next Wednesday and give me your mailing address!  If you live in the United States, I will be very happy to mail them to you.  Here is my email address:

All you need to do to be entered for next week is leave a comment in the comment section about anything.  Any prayer request, question, comment about your relationship with our Lord, Christ Jesus...anything!  Just be sure to do it each week before Wednesday at Midnight!  And, to check back on Thursday to see if your name was randomly chosen.

There will be another post on Tuesday, it is the last in our Series of the Beatitudes.  We will read and share about the Scripture that reads, "Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven."  (Matthew 5:10)  I hope you will be here to read and contemplate and share your thoughts in the comment section.  Thanks so much for being here today!

He IS Able!
Traci Starkweather

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

More About Being Pure in Heart and Seeing God

Hi Everyone~

We were sharing about the Beatitude back on July 24th.  Somehow, when I automatically set it to post, it didn't.  This was one of the sections to do with this Scripture: "Blessed are the PURE in HEART, for THEY will SEE GOD." (Matthew 5:8)  Please feel free to scroll and find the post from the 24th to refresh your mind with where we left off.  Sorry about the confusion!  Computers!  Can't live with them...Can't live without them!  I don't want to do that again! 

God longs for our view of Him to grow wider and clearer and brighter, so that the "glass" through which we see "darkly" at last gives way to our encounter with Him "face to face." (1 Corinthians 13:12)  To see Him is to know Him, and to know Him is to love Him, shares Paul Thigpen as we continue to share his insights in this second part of this Beatitude from the Discipleship Journal of Nov./Dec. 2003.

Unfortunately, sin has blinded us, leaving our spiritual eyes swollen shut.  Only the healing light of divine grace can restore our sight, can begin to open our eyes to the glory of the one who calls us to Himself.

Most often, God is not in view simply because we aren't paying attention to Him.  We are otherwise occupied.  Recall how the 10 lepers were miraculously healed by our Lord, yet 9 of them dashed off to celebrate without even a backward glance or a word of thanks.  (Luke 17:11-19)  In much the same way, we receive "grace upon grace" (John 1:16), only to desert our Redeemer again and again in our pursuit of lesser things.  Our distractions blind us to God. All the while the Father stands close by, waiting for us to turn around and run into His arms.

"Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God."  (Matthew 5:8)

In this context, we must understand pure to mean what is intended when we say, for example, "pure gold"--that is, unmixed, unadulterated, unalloyed.  If our vision of God is to grow wider, clearer, and brighter, our will must be united in a single focus on Him and on an overriding desire to know and love Him.

"We all, with unveiled face, beholding the glory of the Lord,
are being changed into His likeness from one degree of glory to another."
(2 Corinthians 3:18)

That is why the pure in heart are blessed.  If we desire the holiness, the goodness, and the beauty of God above all things, then we will in the end see face to face to what we have desired.  We will become holy and good and beautiful--like Him--and we will experience utter blessedness.

I thank those of you who have been praying for my healing.  My mother has asked for me not to go into details, but to ask for your prayers for healing.  God knows what she means.  Please lift both of my Jewish parents up, as you have me and our other guests as they leave requests.  I thank you for doing this with all of my heart. 

He IS Able!
Traci Starkweather

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Blessed are the PEACEMAKERS, for THEY will be called SONS OF GOD

Hi Friends~

I have so much to share today.  First off, I would like to congratulate my son, Airmen 1st Class Josh Simring, for graduating his training class on Friday!  I wish we could have been there, but no outsiders allowed.  He had a few of his friends take photos.  Joshua is trained to work on all of the electronics of an aircraft.  Ever look into a cockpit?  Ever see all of those dials?  Electronic gadgets!  He will be home some time before November to work at the enlistment center for two weeks...we can see him at night and week-ends!  And, then he will be taking a week of leave to spend with all of the family before he heads off to his base for the next 2 England...not Florida.  We could not be more proud of who he has becoming...we just wish it was in our neighborhood!  Congratulations, Josh, we love you!  "I am trusting God for everything."  "I am trusting God for everything."  "I am..."


Secondly, I would like to announce the two people whose names were eligible for the He IS Able Blog's Card Set Give-Away!  These people left comments during the past two weeks, when I didn't pull names for this give-away.  They left comments in the comment section about anything that was on their mind.  It may have been about the writing of that day, a prayer need, praying for some one else, or sharing their favorite Bible person, Scripture or story.  It could have been about anything!  Please send me your snail mail address, if you live in the US...since that is the only place I can afford to mail things to.  My email is on the side bar...please send it by NEXT Wednesday at Midnight, to receive your beautiful cards.  It is our hope that you will share the cards in concert with our Mission Statement:
  "Sharing His Love, His Word, His Gift of Salvation through Cards!"

1.  "Hi Traci and may He be your peace and strength, comforter. Yes, He is able! And thank you for sharing your lovely work!" on For They Will See God...lugarandcompany

2.  We also received a comment from Karen Conner, a member of our Prayer Team here at the He IS Able blog.  She asked to pass on this message to each of you:  (given with permission)  Paula Pike, a friend dealing with cancer, is having a birthday the end of this week.  We'd love to shower her with birthday cards!  Please contact Traci through her email (on the side bar) for her mailing address!  Karen, the He IS Able blog will be happy to send Paula a card full of prayer for her.


"Blessed are the Peacemakers, for They will be Called Sons of God."  (Matthew 5:9)

And now, I will share some of what Mark Buchanan wrote about the above Beatitude in the Nov./Dec. 2003, issue of Discipleship Journal.

"In the Beatitudes, Jesus pronounces the most unlikely people blessed; the meek, the mournful, the poor and hungry; those persecuted, assaulted, insulted.  Blessed are the paupers, the vagabonds, the bruised, the losers.  It's in this list that Jesus places the peacemaker, a close cousin to the famished and the bankrupt.  We despise peacemakers at the very moment we need them most. 

Recently my wife and I had lunch with a missionary couple, Gordon and Regine King.  They are extraordinary in many ways, but this stands out:  They have become peacemakers in a blood-soaked land, Rwanda.  Regine is from Rwanda, and she lived barely--through that country's genocide in 1994.  She lost many members of her family.  For several months, she lived a scavenging, scrabbling existence, hiding in the shadows, running.  Always running.  During the genocide, when all she had was her sister's Bible, Regine met Jesus in a way she had never met Him before.  That Bible became her bread, water, air.  She met the Prince of Peace, the one who became her peace and ours, who made peace through His blood, who broke down dividing walls and brought those far away near.  (Eph. 2:13-18*)  Jesus gave her His peace.  Then He gave her (and her husband, Gordon) a commission:  Freely give what you've freely received. 

Be peacemakers.

In a recent letter, her brother, Innocent, summed up just how costly that work is.  Innocent is now a schoolteacher in Rwanda.  Ten years ago, the parents of the children he teaches were wielding clubs and machetes, slaughtering without mercy.  "It's hard," Innocent writes, "to love the children of those who tried to kill you."  Yet, he does.  And, Regine does.  They have discovered a peace in Christ that is not from this world and that overcomes this world.

Peacemakers do what God Himself has done, making sons and daughters out of bitter enemies, feeding and clothing them, blazing a trail to Heaven straight through their houses.

No wonder they will be called sons of God."

 *"At one time you were far away from God. But now you belong to Christ Jesus. He spilled his blood for you. That has brought you near to God.
 Christ Himself is our peace. He has made Jews and non-Jews into one group of people. He has destroyed the hatred that was like a wall between us.  Through His body on the cross, Christ put an end to the law with all its commands and rules. He wanted to create one new group of people out of the two. He wanted to make peace between them.
 He planned to bring both of them as one body back to God because of the cross. Christ put their hatred to death on that cross.  He came and preached peace to you who were far away. He also preached peace to those who were near.  Through Christ we both come to the Father by the power of one Holy Spirit." (Ephesians 2:13-18)

What a "jaw-dropping" story.  To be able to put all of that hatred away, and serve the children of the people who killed her family and friends!  How faithful!  I pray that I would be so forgiving, so faithful.   I know we are supposed to be.  But, I pray, if it ever came down to it, that He would work through me...and let me be a good example of a Christian.  Do you know what I mean?  Do you ever feel like that?

I was just doing some cleaning up behind the scenes of the blog...and I see that a post that I had "automatically" scheduled never showed up.  It was part of the Beatitude that reads:  "Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God."  The first part of this Scripture was posted on Tuesday, July 24th.  If you would like to arrow down to that post and re-acquaint yourself with it, I will re-post it on Tuesday.  The week after that we will finish up our series on the Beatitudes and actually share some cards I have made.

Thank you so much for being here!  Please check out the comments there may be prayer requests listed that you could help lift up.  God bless!

He IS Able!
Traci Starkweather

p.s.  (Let's show Paula some real He IS Able blog love, by each sending her a card!  If  you email me, please put He IS Able in the subject section.  I read and answer those emails sometimes hours, sometimes days before the others.)

Thursday, August 2, 2012

For They Will See God...

Hi Friends~

I am sorry that I did not post on Tuesday.  I went away with Dave this past weekend, and have had a terrible migraine, along with terrible pain through-out my body since.  I went on a ride that I shouldn't have gone on.  It bumped and swerved and my spine just can't take that.  I knew about it, but wanted to go on it for about 20 years!  It was the child in me vs. the adult in me.  The child won...the adult pays.

I will do my best to post the winner of The He IS Able Blog Card Set Winner and the second part of the "Blessed are the Pure in Heart, for They will See God" on Friday.  Please forgive me for being late again.

Also, it is taking three times as long to type...every few letters that I type, they pop in anywhere I have already typed!  For example:  The "h" in "anywhere" kept popping in to the word "Tuesday" on the first sentence.  I hope this somehow gets fixed.  Please let it be a blogger problem, and not my computer!

God bless, and I hope to see you here on Friday or Saturday!  (Depending how fast I can get the letters to type properly.)  It is a great post!

He IS Able!
Traci S. 

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Welcome Karen and This Week's Winner!

Hi Friends~  (For some reason, the blog is not allowing proper spacing between paragraphs.  I apologize.  I have tried to fix it for over an hour.)
Today we will announce the Winner of the He IS Able blog's Card Set Give-Away.  And, I would like to introduce our newest member to the He IS Able Prayer Team.
Welcome to the team Karen Conner!  Karen loves to spend time with our Lord, loves to pray, and is a naturally encouraging person. She has been praying for the guests of this blog, for people around the world who have not known Christ Jesus as their Lord to come to the blog and learn about Him, and become to love Him, until they ask Him to be their Savior and Lord, and for any particular needs someone has mentioned.  Karen is someone who you just know will be a loyal friend when you meet her. 
(Even on-line!)
Karen is a Southern girl who was born and raised in South Carolina and Virginia. She has allowed God to be the major influence in her life, and her overall goal is to use the talents He has blessed her with, to be a blessing to others. Karen is a cancer survivor who strives to make the most of every day to bring glory to God.
 She would love to someday teach her craft to others, and she hopes that faithfully maintaining her blog will enable her to share her love for God & art. Karen enjoys using ink and paint to design her cards and layouts. She also loves embellishments of all kinds: ribbon, buttons, charms, lace, etc. She enjoys making cards, as well as mini albums and layouts to house the many memories of her family and friends. She considers her style "shabby chic", and loves giving her art a vintage and distressed look. She also uses acrylic paints occasionally when the urge hits. She is adventurous in her art, and hopes her creations are a blessing to others. She would love to have you visit her blog KRC Masterpiece and introduce yourself so that she can stop by and get inspiration from all of you.  Personally, I just love her unique art, and her blog is always a pleasure to visit.  There is a link to her blog on the right side of this blog.  Just click on it...and you will be there!

Karen is on two Design Teams right now-- The Perfect Sentiment & Word Art Wednesday. WAW is Christian based. We share God's Word each week. The Word Art is FREE. Karen Letchworth is head of that blog & goes from blog to blog encouraging people to add their art. That seems to get our blog to grow.

 Karen, we are so glad that you will be joining us.  We look forward to praying with and for you!  Welcome!
Our Winner of This Week's He IS Able Blog's Card Set Give-Away!*
To be eligible to win you need to leave some sort of comment before Wednesday evening at Midnight. (East Coast)  It starts when the prior Tuesday blog is posted.  The recipient will be randomly chosen from the comments left during that time.  Then a number will be randomly chosen between 1 and 5. The Recipient will receive that number of cards and envelopes mailed to them. 
Sadly, I can only mail items within the United States.  It is just too expensive for me to mail overseas. I am trying to find someone who can make a digital card that I can share with guests who are chosen that live over seas. After all, we have more people from outside the US visiting that in the US.
This Week's Recipient will Receive 3 Beautiful Cards Made and Donated by Fellow He IS Able Blog Guests...That Person Is...
Becky          July 18, 2012 10:10 AM                       Here is her comment:
Blessings. That is why I had to get a new computer, my old one just could not take on another thing.

This is one of my most favorite verses. Mercy..and if we are truly born again we can not help but to show mercy to all. For my sins are great and if a heavenly Father is willing to forgive and cleanse me, the lest I can do is to forgive others. Have a blessed day hugs :)

Congratulations, Becky!  Please email me with your snail mail address, and I will get your cards out to you!  My email is
I need to hear from you by next Wednesday at Midnight.  Please do not send your address in the comment section....Leave us any other comment, though!  :)


I hope that you will all join us on Tuesday when we complete our sharing on the second half of the Beatitude, "Blessed are the PURE in HEART, for They will SEE GOD."  (Matthew 5:8)  Please take the time to leave a welcoming comment for Karen...and please remember from now until Tuesday we are having PRAISE DAYS!  Let us know what you are grateful for...what you praise Him for.  God Bless!

He IS Able!
Traci Starkweather

p.s. We are accepting hand-made and donated cards and envelopes to give away on this blog.  Please email me for details if you are interested in serving in this way...or leave a comment for me.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Blessed are the PURE in HEART, For THEY will SEE GOD

Hi Friends~

Today's post is from Paul Thigpen.  It appeared in the Nov./Dec. 2003, Discipleship Journal.  It is such a wonderful piece of writing.  I will be sharing parts and pieces of this article with you today...and part next Tuesday.  (You may want to sign up to receive an email notice when there is a blog post.  It is on the top of the right hand side of the blog. No one can see your address...not even me.)

Please remember that we will be choosing the winner of the He IS Able blog's Card Set Give Away on Thursday...and you have until Midnight on Wednesday to leave a comment.  We will also be introducing our newest member to our Prayer Team!


"My 5 year-old, Lydia, had been in bed an hour when I passed by the half-open door of her darkened room.  She was weeping uncontrollably.  Honey, what's wrong?"  I asked, sitting on the edge of her bed and gently taking her hand.  "Did you have a bad dream?"  Lydia tried to respond, but tears choked her words. I stroked her hair to soothe her.

After a moment, she cried in little-girl anguish, "Oh, Daddy!  I--I just want to see God!"

Her words startled me.  Now it was my turn to weep.  I drew her close and said, "Darling, do you know why you want to see God so much?  Because that's the reason He made you.  You were created to see God.  And if you love Him with all your heart, one day you will see God face to face.  That's His promise."

Theologians over the centuries have carefully reasoned out that in our heart of hearts, we long above all things to see God face to face.

"Beloved, we are God's children now;
it does not yet appear what we shall be,
 but we know that when He appears we shall be like Him,
for we shall see Him as He is." 
(1 Jn. 3:2)

God longs for our view of him to grow wider and clearer and brighter, so that the "glass" through which we see "darkly" at last gives way to our encounter with Him "face to face" (1 Corinthians 13:12)  To see Him is to know Him, and to know Him is to love Him."


 I am going to stop sharing the article now.  There is a huge storm moving in and I don't want my computer to get zapped.  There is a lot to think about here, and the rest will be shared on please join us then.
How do you spend time with Him to get to know Him better?  How about telling us in the comment section?  It could be one word, a Scripture, or a whole paragraph or more.  It is a great way to share with fellow Believers and explain things to those who do not know the Lord as of now.  And, your comment, if left before Midnight on Wednesday, will put you in the running to win the He IS Able Card Sets.  All good reasons to leave a comment...besides we love to read your thoughts.  

Praise Days...for a Week!

I am learning so much from the Beatitudes and hope you are also.  I hope that it is making your heart swell with love for the Lord.  I have such gratitude to Him for providing us with His Word, and His teachings.  Let's make this next week full of...Praise Days! If you have something to thank Him for...share it in the comment section...offer your Praise to Him...through the blog.  Make sense?  Email me if you have any questions or if you have anything you would like to share about this blog.

He IS Able!
Traci Starkweather

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Blessed are the MERCIFUL, for THEY will be SHOWN MERCY

Good Morning!  I hope that everyone is doing exceptionally well today, that God is pouring His blessings out upon you!  That you realize it...and take the time to thank Him.

Would you believe that I ran out of room on my computer?  It's true. No gb or mb or any of that mumbo-jumbo!   I had to delete a few thousand folders that I had, and my husband worked some magic that I don't understand!  And, found some room!  And, the next 2 days...we had no Internet!  I was truly frustrated...but, am much better and so glad to be here with you now.  Thank you so much for being here.  It is a blessing to us to know you are here.

"Blessed are the MERCIFUL, for THEY will be SHOWN MERCY."  (Matthew 5:7)

Today, I will be sharing some of the writings of Gary Thomas.  He wrote for the Discipleship Journal in this copy dated Nov/Dec 2003.  I wish I could share all that he wrote, but it would take you at least three cups of tea to get through it.  Worth it...every word.

And, I did not forget about the He IS Able Blog's Card Set Give Away from Thursday.  Sadly, no one had left a comment during that time.  But, please leave a comment...even if it is just to tell us what country/state you live in.  We already have two comments for this week. I have left replies to both of you in that column's comment section. You have until Midnight, Wednesday of NEXT week to be entered into the random drawing where you may win beautiful cards This will allow you to have more than a week each time, to leave a comment, rather than a are all busy, I understand.  So, poof!  You have more time to share your thoughts and prayer desires.

"Blessed are the MERCIFUL, for THEY will be SHOWN MERCY."   (Matthew 5:7)

"Mercy!"  It's the cry that gives birth to every child of God.  Whatever words are used.  Whatever tract we followed. Whoever led us in prayer.  The foundational request we made when we became Christians was that God would show us--sinners all--His amazing mercy.

Without mercy, we'd be damned--not only in the next life, but in this one.  Without mercy, we could never experience release from the guilt that accompanies our sin.  Nor could we release those who sin against us.

In Micah 6:8 we witness the centrality of mercy:
"He has shown you, O man, what is good.  And, what does the Lord require of you?  To act justly, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with your God."  (Micah 6:8)

He wants us to fall in love with it, to lose ourselves in the beauty of mercy.  When you love someone, you naturally talk about that person.  Likewise, the person who loves mercy is so thankful that he tells others about what God has done.  He cherishes mercy;  the mere thought of it warms his heart and brings a smile to his face: "God has shown me mercy!"

Without acknowledging my own guilt, I would never sense my need for mercy, and I wouldn't fully apprehend this glorious gift of God.  If you, like me, have suffered from your share of guilt, I invite you to see it as a call to worship.  Acknowledge your guilt, and thank God that He has made provision for it in His Son, Jesus the Christ.  Confess that you have fallen short, then worship the God who shows mercy to you in your failings.

It means we're eager to show mercy to others, too.  Like the Father who's forgiven us, we choose to let go of our grievances and demonstrate grace to those who don't deserve it--just as we don't deserve it.  Our thoughts turn from revenge to reconciliation as mercy permeates our souls and becomes our way of life.

In contrast, mercy invites us to admit our guilt, receive God's forgiveness, and then stop judging others.

James wrote, "Mercy triumphs over judgement!"  (Jas. 2:13)

As we fall more deeply in love with mercy, we'll want to spend the rest of our days pointing others toward this glorious gift of our Father.  As Jesus said, "Freely you have received, freely give."  (Mt. 10:8)  We are blessed to be the recipients of such mercy--and blessed to be the givers of it as well.


WOW!  I was speechless when I first read this article. I felt stunned. When I read this paragraph below, I read each sentence, each word--slowly. Taking in the meaning of each word. Of course, I know that God shows me mercy...amazing mercy that I don't deserve. I am SO grateful for that.  But, when I read this, I saw the AWE-someness in it...again!   Please, read the paragraph again...I am adding space where you can pause, and think about what a huge part this plays or has played in each of our lives.

"Without mercy, we'd be damned--

not only in the next life,

 but in this one.

 Without mercy,

we could never experience release from the guilt

 that accompanies our sin.

 Nor could we release those who sin against us."

Now, are you feeling, thinking about that "WOW"  I felt, and hopefully you felt?  It may be many years since you thought about His gift of Mercy like this...look at it through the eyes of a person just coming to Jesus for the first time.  I hope that you will read this again.  It is right at the base when each of us became a Believer.  It is so important to know.  So important to realize the chain effect it has. THAT is what really struck me.  We are so blessed for His mercy.  It is so freeing.  Please, if you were moved by this article, share your feelings, too, in the comment section...or send me an email.

He IS Able!
Traci Starkweather

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

"Blessed are those who HUNGER and THIRST for RIGHTEOUSNESS, for THEY will be FILLED.

Hi Friends~

I am confident that you had a lovely weekend, since we did not receive any prayer requests of urgency. Remember, we are here to pray for anything.  God wants to know the desires or your heart.  I hope you are enjoying our look at the Beatitudes in some depth.  If you have missed part of our Series...just look under LABELS on the right side bar of the blog, until you find the word BEATITUDES...then double click.  All of the Beatitudes we have covered so far will be posted there.  I know that I have, and am learning more and more.  Next Tuesday we will be reading about this Scripture/Beatitude:

 "Blessed are the MERCIFUL, for THEY will be SHOWN MERCY."  (Matthew 5:7)

Today I am going to share from two different Pastor's.  One is from Pastor Ruth Haley Barton who wrote for the Discipleship Journal, Nov./Dec., 2003 and the other is a thought and prayer from Pastor Joel Osteen's daily message, which you can receive via email.  I like to receive email sermon's from many Pastors, so that I can pick and choose excerpts to share with you, along with my own thoughts.

First Pastor Barton's thoughts.  I couldn't share all of her writing, so I am sharing some sections of her writing, and some of Pastor Osteen.

"Blessed are those who HUNGER and THIRST for RIGHTEOUSNESS, for THEY will be FILLED."  (Matthew 5:6)

What does it mean to hunger and thirst for righteousness?  With this Beatitude, Jesus invited us to cultivate an appetite for rightness within ourselves, in our relationships, in the body of Christ and in the world.  When we hunger for things to be deeply right and explore what that means in our lives, we are right in the middle of this Beatitude.

So how do we begin to experience our hunger and thirst for righteousness as a blessing?  How do these appetites result in our being filled--as Jesus promised?  The first step is to trust that our spiritual hunger (our desires and needs) is a good thing.  Jesus uses two essentials of life-- food and water as metaphors for our longings in a world where every emptiness is not yet filled.  He knows that our deepest unmet desires--the aches of our heart for what is right and good- and play an important role in our spiritual growth.

The word "blessed" means "happy."  Paradoxically, the blessing Jesus promises stems from our willingness to admit our hunger and need.  When we do so, it eventually leads us to the God who alone can satisfy our hearts.  When was the last time you let your longing lead you to Him?

Pastor Joel Osteen offered this about this Scripture:  When you hunger and thirst for righteousness, which is God's way of doing things, you will be spiritually satisfied.  But just like you have to take time to eat in the natural, you have to take time to "eat" or partake of God's righteousness.  Every day.   He has a table of blessing set for you.  When you spend time in prayer, worship and reading His Word, you are partaking of His righteousness.  You are filling your soul.  The more time you spend with Him, the more He will fill you and satisfy your hunger all the days of your life.

Here is a prayer that Pastor Osteen offered...please join us:

"Heavenly Father, thank You for the promise to fill my hunger.  I open my heart to You and ask that You draw me by Your Spirit.  Teach me to walk in Your ways of righteousness that I may honor and serve You all the days of my life.  In Jesus' name.  Amen."


So, what are the desires of your heart?  How about sharing one in the comment section?  It will give us a chance to pray for you.  You don't have to leave a name if you don't want.  It will allow us to serve by helping to carry your burden, it is something that the Prayer Team's hearts long to do...pray for each of you. If you don't want to publicly share your request, please email email is on the side of the post...and I will only share it with the Prayer Team.  They are so dependable and trustworthy and true Prayer Warriors.

I know the most important desire of my heart is for my husband, Dave, and son, Josh... and the rest of my entire family (on both sides) to know and love and serve the Lord.  I also pray that Joshua be safe as he prepares to finish school in the Air Force and be stationed in the UK for 2 years.  It is so far away.  I pray for his health, happiness, safety and that he remembers to call and write his Mom who will miss him so much!

 Or perhaps you know of an idea of something you can do to spend more quality time with Him?  We can all learn from each other and would love to hear your thoughts on this, or anything else about our Lord God.  And, any comment left before midnight on Wednesday night, will be entered into our drawing for the He IS Able blog's Card Set Give-Away.  We randomly choose a comment that was shared, and then we choose a number between
1 and 5.  That is the number of cards and envelopes that you will receive.  We will announce the winner on Thursday we hope to see you there.

He IS Able!
Traci Starkweather