Friday, September 30, 2011

God's Work in Us Will Be Completed--He Promises!

Happy Friday, Friends!

How exciting!  Tomorrow, October 1st is World Card Making Day!  I was up and in my art room at 5 this morning...and I finally completed page 2 which is "B is for Bible" in my Scripture Scrapbook, that I have mentioned to you a few times.  I will probably post it and anything I make tomorrow on Monday.  I am trying to photograph a 12"x12" sheet of cardstock, with lots of vellum,tiny written detail, and shiny bling things on one shot! They have to be able to read it.  I am hoping Dave will be able to figure it out, because I want to enter it in the Our Daily Bread Scrapbook Challenge! I can take it in 4 quarter shots...but that is not allowed.  YIKES!  What's that?  You didn't know that ODBD had a Scrapbook Challenge?  I keep reminding you to get over to their blog and check it out! They have many challenges going on! (You can click on the link on the right side of the blog.)

So, do you have any special cards you are preparing on Saturday?  I am sure there will be many challenges out there tomorrow in Blog World!  Do you make cards or scrapbooks?  Any paper crafts?  Would you like to see more and learn more techniques from different people...and let the art Glorify the Lord?  Please let us know in the comment section, OK?

"This is the day that the Lord hath made; let us rejoice and be glad in it."
(Psalms 118:24)

I have been singing that song and praising Him all morning already.  I am feeling good today, and I am so grateful for your prayers, and for His Goodness and love and ability to heal!

Today I am sharing a wonderful column by Dr. Jack Graham.  It is so nice, his organization has given us permission to reproduce his columns any time.


Trusting that God's work in you will be completed

"And I am sure of this, that He who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ."  (Philippians 1:6)

Just 45 minutes north of Dallas, Texas is a city called Frisco that's home to over 100,000 people. Away from the busiest part of the city, you'll find a beautiful piece of land called the Brinkmann Ranch on the main thoroughfare. But as you look at this idyllic, 2,000-acre Texas landmark, you'll notice something very wrong.
You see, 24 years ago, the picturesque house on the Brinkmann Ranch burned to the ground. So the owner contracted to build a new house just like the old one. But in the middle of construction, he died and the house was never completed.
Today, over two decades later, that house still stands unfinished. The roof is up and the steel framing is there, but only an eerie skeleton of the beautifully-dreamed house rests on the ranch today.
When many Christians today think about their spiritual life, they see themselves like that house. Sure, there's something there, but it just feels incomplete.
But I want you to know that God has not forgotten you. He doesn't just leave you half-finished and walk away. All believers are a work in progress, and we can be assured that His work is being done. One day, on that glorious day of Jesus Christ, we can have full confidence that this work will be completed!

For more from PowerPoint Ministries and Dr. Jack Graham, please visit
Do I hear an "Amen" to that promise that He made?  And, He hasn't forgotten a single one of us!  Do you feel called to do something to serve Him?  When you read the "Help Wanted" section for Prayer Team Members to join the blog team, did your heart start racing?  Did you wonder if that was for you...and then talk yourself out of it?  I am just using that as an example.  Be careful not to talk yourself out of the plan He has for you. 

That almost happened to me just before I was going to start this blog.  But, Michele, being the good friend she is, asked me, "Are you going to take this Leap of Faith or not?"  I knew it was what God wanted.  I knew that it was an answer to prayer...and my fear of not knowing what I would write three times a week forever...almost made me stop before I started!  I don't have to worry about all of those posts.  I write them one at a time.  And, He leads me on many of the topics.  He probably is leading me on all of the topics...but I am too busy, and not listening long enough to hear Him all of the time!  The more I prepare for the blog, the closer I feel to Him, the closer I feel to Him, the more in tune I am with what He wants me to do.  How do I get closer to Him?  Read the Bible every night.  I pray... a lot.  And, I love to share about Him.  And, be obedient.  If you do it as an act of love, and not as a "bunch of rules to drag you down." It is much easier...and it feels wonderful!  Trust me, I am as surprised as any of you could be about that!!

And, He has never forgotten you!  Never!  And, He never will!  If you feel like there is a big distance between you and me, it is on our part.  He has promised, "Just as I was with Moses, so I shall be with you, I will never leave nor forsake you."  (Joshua 1)  He tells us over and over again, but that is my favorite Scripture where He tells us that no matter what, He will be there.  So, if you are feeling distance...tell Him.  That's praying.

I am praying that none of you are feeling that distance with God, and that you are feeling very close to Him.  Talk to Christian friends if you are feeling more alone. Tell us in the comment section, and we will be happy to pray for you! I'd guess that most of us feel it at one time or another.  Have a great World Card Making Day and weekend!  God Bless!

He IS Able!
Traci Starkweather

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Winner of the He IS Able Card of the Week...and a Devotion titled, "You Know"

Happy Wednesday, Friends~

I hope that you are all well on this day...and that you have spent some "one on one" time with our Lord, Jesus Christ.  If you haven't looked at the comment section in the last couple of days, you may want to do so.  There are some urgent prayer requests...and we would love to have you pray along side with us.

Some of you have written me over the past 4 or 5 days, and I have not answered yet.  I do apologize.  I am in severe pain, and haven't turned my computer on for a few days.  I will get back to all of you as soon as my hands and headache will allow.  Thank you for your emails and comments.  You are a precious part of this blog! And, I am blessed by each of you being in my life!

Today we will announce the winner of the "He IS Able Card of the Week!" I will also share a short Devotion that was published by Bethany House and the book is titled, Quiet Moments in the Presence of God.  I will be printing the Devotion word for word.  I hope you will enjoy it, and have amazing thoughts of Truth come to your mind, also.

You Know

"I know the One I have faith in, and I am sure that He can guard until the last day what He has trusted me with."
(2 Timothy 1:12)

The World, in all its varied and lavish beauty, says that God loves you.  Your own life, with its possibilities and blessings, indicates the source of great love you are given.  The story of God coming to earth in Jesus Christ paints a conclusive picture of God's love.

Jesus sat on the edge of a well one day and talked to a woman about the gift of God's love for her.  She didn't understand at first, but after a while she came to know that it was God who loved her.  "If you only knew," Jesus had said.  Now, beyond doubt or speculation, she knew.

God gives conclusive evidence of His love for you.  It is all around you everywhere.

If you only knew the gift God  has for you you who I am, you would ask me, and I would giver you living water."  (John 4:10 NIV)


Let's take the beginning of this Devotion apart:

1.  "The world, in all its varied and lavish beauty, says that God loves you."
Did you picture anything in your mind?  The mountains... green and cool?  The deep and colorful?  The cry of a new born baby? 

2.  "Your own life, with its possibilities and blessings, indicates the source of great love you are given." 

What did you picture in your mind for this statement?  Did you think of blessings He has bestowed upon you?  Did you wonder if you were following His path for you life?  The more complete, more fulfilling path for your life? 

3.  "The story of God coming to earth in Jesus Christ paints a conclusive picture of God's love." 
Did you take this literally, and think of a painted masterpiece like Ruben's work?  Or, did you think of the little Babe that came to earth for a very specific reason?  How did this make you think of His love?

Did you think of any of these things...or did you come up with a different thought?  There are no right or wrong answers...just your own answers.  He gave us imaginations, and minds to think critically, and all of our senses!  Will you please share one (or more) of your answers to these thought provoking parts of this Devotion in the comment section? Or you could email it to me, and I will share it on Friday's post. Either way would be a blessing to us!

Why do I ask this type of thing from you, when other blogs don't?  I do it to get to know you better.  I ask to learn from your answers.  I ask because it shares an awareness we may not have thought of on our own, and you share it with me as well as the readers of this blog.  It is encouraging others.  That is why I ask you questions sometimes.  I care, and am curious.


Now, The Winner of the "He IS Able Card of the Week Give Away!"

It is so simple to be entered to win the gorgeous card on the side of the blog!  Just leave a comment, a prayer, a thought, a question, anything you want in the comment section before 8pm EST on Tuesday! A comment will be randomly chosen to win the card, an extra envelope and postage for here in the US.  Easy!  If you share an answer to the above questions...that counts, also!  And, you can win week after week after week....there is no maximum number of times winning!  We want to share the cards that we make and that people have made and that you may share the love Jesus has for His children with your friends, co-workers or family!  It's that easy!

The Winner of this week's "He IS Able Card of the Week Give Away is...
SeaMom!!!!  Congratulations, SeaMom!  Your card will be going out to you tomorrow morning!

Here is SeaMom's comment:
"I love each of the 3 cards you posted here, and I think you are very clever in the way you created the mirror image of the bird. Also that I think the 2 cards I have received from last week's drawing are wonderful. THANK YOU!" seamom  By Anonymous on Praise Him! And There Are Some Cards by Traci, to... on 9/25/11


A few Scriptures to remind you of His love for you...there are so many other Verses also! 

"IF we are faithless, He remains faithful.  He cannot deny Himself."
(2 Timothy 2:13 NKJV)

"Fear not, for I am with you;  be not dismayed, for I am your God.  I will strengthen you, yes, I will help you.  I will uphold you with My righteous right hand."
(Isaiah 41:10 NKJV)

"But He answered and said, "It is written, 'Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every Word that proceeds from the mouth of God."
(Matthew 4:4 NKJV)

 "Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself."  (Matthew 6:34 NKJV)


Thank you so much for being here today, and being a part of the He IS Able blog!  You do that by praying that we continue to glorify God in each post,  leaving a comment, emailing your Testimony or one of your Favorite Scriptures and why--so that I may share it on a blog post...or sharing this blog with your friends and family!  God Bless!

He IS Able!
Traci Starkweather

Friday, September 23, 2011

Praise Him! And There Are Some Cards by Traci, too!

Happy 1st Day of Autumn, Friends!  I hope you are getting to feel some of the benefits of autumn where you live!  Is it a bit cooler than it has been this very hot summer?  Are you able to smell the apples as you walk through the neighborhood?  Have you taken your sweaters out of winter storage?

Of course, here in Florida, we don't do any of that! We may be fortunate to smell apples around the neighborhood--but not off of trees. Only if we have baked a couple of pies! I really miss autumn in Connecticut...where I grew up until I was 15.  There was an apple orchard right up the hill from us and the apples would flood the streets when they would fall out of the trees. They would be more than 2 or 3 deep across the road. Try riding a bike in that! LOL

Ecclesiastes 3                A Time for Everything

"1 There is a time for everything,
and a season for every activity under the heavens:
2 a time to be born and a time to die,
a time to plant and a time to uproot,
3 a time to kill and a time to heal,
a time to tear down and a time to build,
4 a time to weep and a time to laugh,
a time to mourn and a time to dance,
5 a time to scatter stones and a time to gather them,
a time to embrace and a time to refrain from embracing,
6 a time to search and a time to give up,
a time to keep and a time to throw away,
7 a time to tear and a time to mend,
a time to be silent and a time to speak,
8 a time to love and a time to hate,
a time for war and a time for peace."

I have a few cards to show you today.  The first card is the card that I made for one of my brother-in-laws.  He lives in a very secluded area in the beautiful woods...and just loves nature!  I had to use flash photography before the sun was up...sorry for the spot of light.  It is a very casual card...but it really fits him!  Happy Birthday!

I used 2 colors of Stampin' Up! paper on the cover.  The right side was embossed using a Cuttle Bug and the folder is called "leaves," I believe.  I went over it lightly, with a brown water color pencil--without water!  The left side has a stamp named "Pine Tree" by Judith's.  I embossed it 3 times with Gold Embossing Powder by Embossing Arts, Co.  There is a gold embossed Birthday sentiment on the top left corner. 


I took this photo on an angle.  I love this set of stamps!  You have heard me say that I love Our Daily Bread Design stamps the most!  Well, today you will see why!

This set is called, "Light of the World."  It comes with the Light House stamp with the rocks and grass at the base, a "STAMPED FOR YOU BY..." stamp and 3 Scriptures!  I painted this with Creative Inspirations Paints which have so much shimmer or glimmer to them!  They seemed perfect for the water!  I enjoy them so much, I used them for the whole thing!  I made this card for my August Card for my FIL, and one for the President's birthday.  They were similar, but had different Scriptures.  This is my Father-in-Law's card.  The Scripture I sent the President seemed very was when they were going through those dreadful arguments about the deficit.  The Scripture I used for the President is part of this set--here it is...

"The LORD is my Light and My Salvation:  Whom Shall I Fear?"
(Psalm 27:1)

The Scripture for my FIL's card:

"Your Word is a Lamp To My Feet and a Light for My Path." 
 (Psalm 119:105)

The final Scripture in this beautiful set is:

"YOU are the Light of the World.  Let YOUR Light Shine Out for ALL to See!"  (Matthew 5:14-16)


This card was made for a weekly ODBD challenge.  Just click on Our Daily Bread Designs on the right side bar...and on the blog, on the right side--there is a button to see the current challenges!  They are wonderful!  We were challenged to lace something on card.  You can see these two birds are busy grabbing some string that is laced through the above bird's beak and down through the falling flower.  They want it to make their nest.  Now, the bird (facing to the right) and the flowers are part of this ODBD set called "Sing to the Lord."  Now, you may think these 2 birds look alike, and "They must be the same stamp!" Well, you are right!  I stamped them on water color paper, and took out my light table. I turned one over, and traced the details with a black thin SHARPIE.  That way I have a bird facing each way!  This set is wonderful!  It comes with three Scriptures.  I painted this set with Creative Inspirations free hand...the sprigs for the field are from "Judith's."  My trees look like I am in Pre-K, don't you think?  I watched a painting show on TV the day before...and this man had been painting for many-many years.  He made broad stroked limbs on the trees.  I forgot to go back to fill in the big limbs with smaller branches!  LOL

Here are the 3 Scriptures included in "Sing to the Lord:"

"I will sing of the Lord's great love forever!"  (Psalm 89:1)

"Sing and make Music in your Heart to the Lord!"  (Ephesians 5:19)

"Oh sing to the Lord a new song; for He has done marvelous things!"
(Psalm 98:1)


If you enjoy this blog...please tell your friends and family.  If you don't, or have ideas for the blog...please let us know...or use my email on the right side!  It is always nice to get feedback...that way we can do our best to suit this blog to what you would like to hear about.   People that enjoy this blog often sign up as Blog Followers...there on the right!  I send a message to these people a couple times a year to give them the head's up on something special happening on the blog.  Or, just email me your email address, and I will be sure to send you a private email with announcements of big give-aways!

This is still one of our "Praise Days" on the please...tell of something for which you Praise the Lord in the comment section!  It often encourages others!  Make it a habit to praise Him everyday!  God Bless!

He IS Able!
Traci Starkweather

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

"Wanting It" by Quiet Moments in the Presence of God and the "He IS Able Card of the Week" Winner

Good Morning, Friends~

I hope you are all enjoying your week!  Today we will announce the winner of the He IS Able Card of the Week Give Away! The winner is chosen randomly, from the comments received up to 8pm EST on Tuesday.  So, please...leave a comment of any type or a prayer request, or a prayer or poem, or anything you would like to share or ask...and you may receive one of the beautiful hand-made, donated cards that are shown on the right side of the blog.

First we have a beautiful piece from Quiet Moments in the Presence of God which is published by Bethany House which I wish to quote word for word for you.

"Delight yourself also in the Lord,
 and He shall give you the desires of your heart." 
 (Psalm 37:4 NKJV)



Desire is at the heart of spiritual growth.  How much do you desire a closeness to God?  How intense are you about discovering and following God's will for you?  How high is your desire quotient?

If you want to grow in your spiritual life, want all that God has in store for you.  Desire all the love and grace He has stored up for you.  Saint Catherine of Siena is credited with saying that "God does not ask a perfect work but only infinite desire."  God wants you to want Him.  God honors this desire for Him by coming to you in great and gracious ways.

There's an old spiritual that says, "Lord, I want to be a Christian in my heart."  "Want to be" is the key.

"Some of you keep competing for so-called "important" parts.
  But now I want to lay our a far better way for you."  (1 Corinthians 12:31)

Do you desire for Him to be in every area of your life?  Have you asked Him to do so?  Do you seek Him in prayer and in His Word?  Here is a short prayer that followed the writing.  Of course, you could make the prayer more specific to your life and the particular areas where you miss Him.

"Dear God, I desire with all my heart
that you come to me in every way
 that You will. In Jesus' Name.  Amen."


Now, let's announce this week's winner for the He IS Able Card of the Week Give Away!  I find this winner has a beautiful talent in all types of crafts.  She is especially talented in paper crafts.  She is a part of Stampin' Sisters in Christ and Our Daily Bread Designs.  Congratulations to Grace N.!  Her blog is cleverly named "Th-ink-ing of You"!  Please visit her link and congratulate her on receiving this week's Card of the Week.  She has a wonderful blog, with beautiful art, and she loves the Lord!

Her comment is below: 
 "What a great post Traci and I love your page! You did an amazing job creating the waves!!! God bless you for being obedient to what He has called you to do!"   By Grace on Walk That Walk... on 9/15/11

Please be sure to join us on Friday.  In the meantime, enjoy your week, and let's make the rest of this week a "Week of Praise!"  Let's each share something in the comment section for which we should be grateful...for which we should Praise Him!  God Bless!

He IS Able!
Traci Starkweather

Friday, September 16, 2011

Hi Friends~

Today is September 16th...and it is the third Friday of the month!  That means it is Michele's turn to share another edition of "Precious Women of God--This Includes YOU!" 

I know you have been looking forward to reading her here it is-Enjoy!

For this month, I had asked Traci if she would give me someone to write about and she picked Mary Magdalene.  Traci was kind enough to send me information from her reference page from her Bible, thanks Traci!  (You are most welcome, my Friend!)

Precious Women of God--This Includes YOU!
Mary Magdalene

Mary of Magdala is described as an early follower of Jesus.  Jesus treated the women with dignity and did not treat them the way the culture treated them.  This in my opinion definitely speaks to what Jesus thinks of His female children. 

When Mary of Magdala first met Jesus He had casted out of her seven demons, it states in Mark 16:9.

When I read this I think it definitely does not matter where you were in your life or what you had done in your life, once you meet Jesus He changes you.  He will change the course of your life, He will deliver on every promise He has made to us in the Word of God.  So for anyone reading this, your past does not matter – there is no sin too great or any situation that can keep you separated from God.  He just wants to bring you into His Kingdom and show you His great love.  All you need to do is ask Him into your heart, thank Him for His love and forgiveness, acknowledge your sins and repent for them and ask Him to lead you and guide you in your life.  It all starts with a prayer and reading God’s word and learning about Him.  Christ wants nothing more than to set you free from any bondage you may be experiencing – it’s just a prayer and a relationship away!  So simple yet so powerful.

At the time of the crucifixion and resurrection Mary is mentioned in the gospels.  She was identified by name as a witness to three key events:  Jesus’ crucifixion, His burial and the discovery of His tomb to be empty.  Mary witnessed all of these events and it was not by mistake that she witnessed them all, it was her great love for Jesus and her understanding that He was God’s son and her obedience to Him. 

I think of what it must have been like to witness these things first hand.  I could only imagine what it would have been like to see my Savior mocked, hit, hurt, taunted arms spread and beaten to death.  The One who came to save me, the One who was Holy and pure the One I follow-- tortured and He did it all for me and for you.  But if Jesus, had to do it for just one of us He would.  What an amazing Love, what an amazing God and Savior.  But to witness it makes me think of her pain and grief she must have felt that day. 

Mary did not just leave the scene either, she stayed for His burial through her own pain she stayed – she followed Him to the end of his earthly days.  Then Mary plans to go to the tomb to anoint Jesus’ body with perfume and still showing great love for Him – I can only imagine still what Joy her heart felt to see that Jesus’ tomb was empty.  I am sure she may have been curious as what happened to His body, but could you imagine the absolute pure joy of seeing Him and also being the first to know this miraculous story? She witnessed the whole event first hand and God entrusted this woman to be the first to hear.  Especially during this time in history when women were not considered credible witnesses in legal proceedings and did not have a say in anything. 

In John 20:1-16 the Bible speaks about Mary Magdalene in describing who discovered the tomb to be empty.  Also in Mark 16:9 says that Jesus’ first post-resurrection appearance was to Mary Magdalene alone. 

In Luke 24 the Resurrection is announced to the women at the tomb by “two men in clothes that gleamed like lightening” who suddenly appeared next to them.  I still think of the Joy and the awestruck feeling this could have caused. 

Some comments from the Bible reference guide:
**Those who are obedient grow in understanding.
**Women are vital to Jesus’ ministry.
**Jesus relates to women as He created them – as an equal reflector of God’s image.
**Mary’s faith was not complicated, but it was direct and genuine.  She was more eager to believe and obey than to understand everything. 

If you are involved in a ministry for Christ, I would love to hear about it -  it really would encourage me to hear how you ladies serve Christ.   If you could take a moment and post it in the comment section it would be greatly appreciated.

For every person who sees this blog and reads any of it's posts, know that you are LOVED today by the Great Almighty God.  I had pulled the below Bible Verses for our youth group who are struggling with some things and wanted to remind them about what God wants for them.

Zephaniah 3:17  "The LORD your God is with you, He is mighty to Save. He will take great delight in you, He will quiet you with His love, He will rejoice over you with singing."

Psalm 36:5 "Your love, O LORD, reaches to the heavens, Your faithfulness to the skies."
Psalm 36:7  "How priceless is your unfailing love! Both high and low men find refuge in the shadow of your wings."

Psalm 52:8  "But I am like an olive tree flourishing in the house of God; I trust in God's unfailing love for ever and ever."

Psalm 86:15  "But You, O Lord, are a compassionate and gracious God, slow to anger, abounding in love and faithfulness."

Psalm 136:26  "Give thanks to the God of Heaven. His love endures forever."

Isaiah 41:10  "So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand."

Isaiah 41:13  "For I am the LORD, your God, who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, Do not fear; I will help you."

Psalm 56:3-4  "When I am afraid, I will trust in You. In God, whose word I praise, in God I trust; I will not be afraid. What can mortal man do to me?"

1 Corinthians 16:13   "Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; be men of courage; be strong."



Michele, thank you for writing such an exciting post!  I can "hear" your excitement as I read the sections when you tell our guests of just how much Jesus the Christ loves them!  Thank you for putting so much of yourself in this post...and for sharing so many Scriptures.  As I was reading them I was thinking, "Oh, that is one of my favorites!  Oh, this one is a favorite, too!"  It made me realize that by reading His Word daily, and by using Scripture on cards, and having them posted around my art room.  I really am beginning to memorize some of them!  (A thing I never thought my mind was capable of doing.)  So, if any of you have difficulty memorizing Scripture, and have an area of your about writing out a few Scriptures and posting them around your room?  Or on post-it notes and putting them near the light switch...and when you go to use read it first?  Believe me, it works.  The children, if there are any, will benefit if you say it as you read it, also.  Or, invite them to participate!  We are to store His Word up in our heart.

Before you go, please let me share a prayer from a local church who sent out this prayer in a coupon mailer!  Now, that is taking Him to the people!

"Lord Jesus, thank You for dying on the cross for my sins.  Forgive me for all my sins.  I open the door of my heart to You and receive You now as my Savior and Lord.  Please give me eternal life.  I recognize that the blood You shed on the cross was the full payment for my sins.  I acknowledge You as the risen Savior and Son of God.  Take control of the throne of my life, help me to follow You and obey Your Word.  Amen."

If you believe in your heart, what you just prayed...then please let us know in the comment section...and "Welcome to the Family!" 

And, thank you Joan, for your continued prayers for everyone who visits this blog, and who the Lord may bring...especially when you are having sucha  great amount of pain in your knees.  Prayers for you, also!  If you have 10 minutes a day to pray for others, please let us know, and we will welcome you to our Prayer Team!

Thank you all so much for being here!  Art projects on Monday!  God bless!

He IS Able!
Traci Starkweather

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Congratulations Go To...

Hi Friends~

I hope you are all having an exciting and God filled week!  I would like to remind everyone that we have an exciting post by Michele this week.  It is another post in our "Precious Women of God!--This Includes You!" series!

Please join us this Friday, as it is the 3rd Friday of the month, as we learn about another woman of the Bible!  And, as importantly, we learn how we are like this woman or how we are very different from this woman.  It will be full of beautiful, uplifting Scripture and thought provoking questions.  Please join us.

"Charm is deceitful and beauty is vain,
 but a woman who fears the Lord,
she shall be praised."  (Proverbs 31:10-31)

Today we are very happy to announce the recipient of the "He IS Able Card of the Week!"  The randomly chosen recipient will be receiving 2 (two) cards that have been put up for this week!

Congratulations go out to SEAMOM! 

You will be receiving the two cards that have been on display!  It is our hope that you will use these cards to share your love of the Lord with others.  Perhaps you will share the Gospel itself!  We hope you will find joy however you decide to use your new cards!

Here is her comment:

seamom said...

Hi Traci!
I also follow Patter's blog. Like yours, it is thought provoking and challenging, both artistically and spiritually. DH is not a believer. Years ago he was critical of my faith walk, and now he doesn't say much but has come to understand that it is largely who I am; imperfect as we all are, and grounded in the Word. He at times will listen to my witness as part of ordinary conversation. I pray often that my life should be the testimony of my walk, and that God will interrupt (gently, please) DH's life as He interrupted mine at the end of February in 1972.
        September 13, 2011  10:50am


Seamom, thank you for sharing a wonderful Testimony of how to "Walk That Walk" and for your other comments.  When I pray for my DH's Salvation, I will pray for your DH's, too.  I have your address from times that you have won in the past...I will get your cards out to you on Friday morning!  Thank you for leaving such wonderful comments!

And, thank you to everyone else who left comments in the past week, and were eligible to win the "He IS Able Card of the Week!"  Please, everyone,  take a look at the card that will be given away next week.  All you need to do is leave a comment, prayer or prayer request in the comment section before 8pm EST on Tuesday.  If your comment is randomly drawn, you will win that beautiful card on the side bar!  The winner will be announced on Wednesday!

 In the meantime, we would love to continue hearing how you "Walk That Walk!" Or, how you serve the Lord, or how you show others through your actions that you are a Christian.  That should lead to plenty of comments...lots of choices for comments, and many ideas for the rest of us.  Of course,  you could write whatever you'd like.  These are just subjects we would really like to hear about!

 "Those who are wise shall shine like the brightness of the firmament,
and those who turn many to righteousness like the stars forever and ever."  (Daniel 12:3)

He IS Able!
Traci Starkweather

Monday, September 12, 2011

Walk That Walk...

Hi Friends~

The prior post was very important for me to write, and very personal...even though I share the information with anyone.  I do that because it may help anyone.  If anyone has any questions or comments about it, please email me, or leave a note in the comment section.  I will get back to you, if you'd like.

Patter Cross, from my favorite stamp company Our Daily Bread Designs (ODBD), and her incredible blog "Triple the Scraps" and I were having an email conversation yesterday.  She is an amazing writer. She is an artist. She is also "Mom" to a set of  16-year-old triplets! You really should read her would be amazed at all she fits into her life! 

I mentioned quite a while ago about her ABC Scripture Study.  It is a wonderful study...and, it is fun!  She has led many different studies over the years.  You can start this one any time.  Start now, with me!  C'mon!  :)

Anyway, the ABC Scripture Study---she is giving us a word every other week that represents something important as a Christian.  Some are simple words like B for "Bible" and some are more in-depth like "anchor."  (You'll need to check out her post to see how that fits in.)  Well, we can make a scrapbook, cards, ATC cards, you name it, and every other week we use our crafting techniques to use that word, and something that demonstrates it.  But, that is not all!  We also find a couple of Scriptures that go with that word.  And, we include them on our project.  I have started an 8"x8" scrapbook.  I admit, I am only on the letter "B." But, I will do this project to the end!  It is a great tool, a wonderful reminder of Scripture, and a fabulous way to stay focused on important aspects of a Christian's life. I believe my album will be a gift to my grand-sons. Thank you for coming up with this, Patter!  Here is my first page, not fancy...but it works:

Patter's posts always seem to touch my heart. When she writes, it is so eloquent...the words just flow by as you read them. Yesterday's post went much deeper.  I would love for you to read it, and I have her permission to share the link here. Please, please, read this link...and come right back will only take a couple of moments.

"Your ears shall hear a word behind you, saying, '
This is the way, walk in it.'
whenever you turn to the right hand
or whenever you turn to the left."
Isaiah 30:21

 After reading it, we had our email conversation.  I am so proud of what she did.  And, there was a section that really made me think...

If you were watched all of the time...or on a hidden TV camera 24/7 for a week-- Would people know you were a Christian not by the cross you may wear, or the Bible sitting on the bookshelf?  What would they know by your actions? What would they see?  I would like to share of a time that I really felt the Lord's leading and acted on it...even though I didn't stop to think that this was THE Lord actually guiding ME at the moment!!  I am going to share part of my email to Patter: 

"When my father was having surgery to get the cancer from him, I couldn’t just sit in the oncology waiting room. There were other people in the same boat in that room. Concerned, scared, not sure what to do, unsure of the I went around the room quietly, and asked each person if they would like for me to pray with them for their loved one, and their family members who were frightened at this time, and for a good outcome, if it was His will.  (I met some resistance from my Mother, who is still a Jew.)  It didn't matter, I knew I was supposed to do it. I couldn’t NOT do it. (Excuse the double negative.) Well, I prayed with about half of the people...or for them, but with them."

If that TV camera was on me, and I didn't know it, or if you were watching--what would you think of me?  How else do we behave like Christians?  I was going to say, "How else do we act like Christians?"  But, it shouldn't be an comes from within you.  It comes, as Patter pointed out, as being obedient to God.  Just how do you Walk That Walk?

"I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; 
 I will guide yoy with My eye."  Psalm 32:8

We would love to hear how you "Walk That Walk!"  Please let us know a couple of ways in the comment section.  Your ideas will give others ideas of how to mature in Christ!  If we show that we are Children of God through our may open doors for others who do not yet know the Lord to come to you and ask you about Him...isn't that what we are here for?

"And He said to them,
'Go into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature.'"
(Mark 16:15)

Remember there are 2 cards for the randomly selected recipient of the
"He IS Able Card of the Week" Give Away!  Please leave your comments before Tuesday 8pm to be eligible!

He IS Able!
Traci Starkweather

Friday, September 9, 2011

Be Free! Break Those Chains! And, He IS Able Card of the Week Cards!

Hi Friends~

These are the two (2) cards that will be sent to the next recipient of the "He IS Able Card of the Week!"  All that you need to do to be in the random drawing is leave any comment or prayer request or prayer in the comment section before 8pm (eastern time) on Tuesday evening. The winner will be announced on Wednesday.

Take a look at the first card which was anonymously donated.  I love the faint flowers behind the word "Friendship."  The background paper is lovely, and I can't say just how much I love that clear button!
But, wouldn't a Friendship card be the perfect type of card to share the Gospel and your love of Jesus with a friend?  After all, don't you want all of your friends to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior?  I will be sharing the significance of the second card, one that I made, in the post itself.



Dave and I returned from our visit to Maryland late Tuesday evening.  I woke up Wednesday morning all set to write the blog and we had no Internet access!  I couldn't go on line for anything!

Yesterday, I started writing the post, and half way through it, I felt compelled that it wasn't the message I should be sharing.  So, after
5-6 hours of writing, and changing things--I stopped.  And, today, Friday, I am ready to share the message I feel that I must share today.  I hope you will be blessed by it.


"These things I have spoken to you, that in Me you may have peace.  In the world you will have tribulation;  but be of good cheer.  I have overcome the world."   (John 16:33)

The thing that I find so special about the "FOOTPRINTS" poem that is on that second card, is that it reminds me of ALL that He carried me through.  I had a very special day go by the end of August.  It was my anniversary of my 18th year of sobriety, not being bulimic/anorexic, and it is the day I stopped smoking.  (You may not remember, I have told you I was an Alcoholic previously.) 

18 YEARS??!!!  That is amazing to me!  I never would have thought that I would ever be clean and sober, and not be anorexic or bulimic for THAT long!  And, was there anyway in the world that I could have overcome these traps on my own?  No way!  It is only through God's Grace that I could go without using.  Thank You, Lord!

I wasn't a pass-out on the streets, smoking in bed, kind of alcoholic.  I believe that I am an alcoholic because of the reason I drank...not the quantity.  I drank to relax.  I was so keyed up.  And, in my opinion, and I am only talking about myself, if the only way I could relax was by using...I had a problem.

One night, instead of going to the regular AA meeting that I usually went to...I went to the AA meeting at my church.  It was not a typical meeting.  Usually men and women are in the same room, and it is of course Anonymous.  (I am only sharing about myself, so I am not breaking anyone's anonymity.)  After we read the 12 Steps, we broke into 2 groups, men in one room...women in the other. 

I think I should let you know that AA is based on a "Higher Power."   Now, for me that was God.  But, in AA, and all of it's success, they use the term "Higher Power" to be whatever it may be to you.  After all, not everyone at the AA meetings are Christian...many are very angry at God because of what their drinking has done to their lives.  Many are atheists or of another religion, some think of the power of the meeting itself as a "Higher Power."   For me, my Higher Power will always and forever be God.

And, sometimes churches let AA meetings be held in their buildings for free.  Or sometimes a very low fee.  After all, there is no fee to go to an AA meeting.  So there are traditional AA meetings...and they can be held in the church...and there are non-traditional meetings...held in a church...where it is Christ-based. Does that make sense?  Ask me if it isn't clear.  Ask me anything about anything, and I will do my best to get an answer to you.

Well, as I said, we broke into two rooms.  During a meeting, you can share or you don't have to say a word.  I was determined to listen and learn from the people with sobriety.  I listened, and the next thing I know, I was sharing my story.  And, this next part was very different from traditional (non-Christ centered) meetings.  The women stood around me and laid their hands on me...and prayed for me.  They prayed that I would be released from all of the chains that held me.  They prayed that I would be released from drinking, smoking, and my eating disorders that could have killed me very quickly, I was down to 103 pounds at 5' 7"!  They prayed that I would turn things over, "One Day at a Time" to God. 

 And, that is exactly what has happened. . I felt as if a weight of a million pounds came off of the chains that I felt bind me fell to the floor!  And, I cried.  And cried.  And cried.  It was a great- sobbing. A cry of relief.  A reminder that there was Someone who would carry me through these diseases.  There was Someone who would take away the urge to use.  There was Someone much stronger than I, who would love me, even though at that point, I couldn't love myself. ( And, I still struggle with this part...until I remember I am a Child of God!  That always amazes me!) 

It hasn't always been easy.  I'm not saying that at all.  I started by going to 90 meetings in 90 days. People work their recovery in different ways.  I found the answers I needed in the AA Big Book, but mostly in the Bible.  There were so many people held in bondage of one sort or another.  God will always remain the same, right?  Well, if He could break their chains...He could break mine!  And, the more time I spent praying, getting to know the Lord, reading His Word, and changing some of the people in my life...the easier it became to stay clean.  I Praise God!

If you are being held in bondage by anything...alcohol, eating disorders, pride, lying, adultery, drugs or anything that controls you...even though you may think you control it.  Anything that causes problems in your life.  Anything, that doesn't let you be the person you are made to be...A Child of The Mighty God!  If you want to share it confidentially with me by email,for Joan and I to pray over,  or share in the comment section.  We will be very happy to pray for those women prayed for me a little over 18 years ago!!  God will break those chains, if you do your part.  Let us help. 

 Now, if you are going to share about someone else's addiction or trouble...please don't use their name or their relationship to you.  It is their private issue.  Even if it causes you pain.  We will gladly still pray for them...but how about using a nic name, initials, a name to stand in place of their real name...Trust me, God already knows who they are.  And, He wants them to want to get clean.  But,they need to take the first step in AA when they are ready...when they have reached the lowest bottom they can.  But, we know that prayer works.  Especially when we all pray for each other.

I want to also let you know that you can look in your phone books for AA meetings, NA (Narcotics Anonymous), OA (Over-eaters Anonymous and anorexics/bulimics, GA (Gambler's Anonymous), SA (Sex Addicts Anonymous) and I am sure there are many other 12 step meetings out there. 

The other thing, whether your friend or family member ever seeks help...there are meetings for the friends and family of addicts...people with these problems.  Al-anon is the one for Alcoholic friend and families.  I am sure there are other meetings.  And, if you are the person with the addiction...please let your family know they can attend these meetings.  Most AA 12 step meetings are for the people with the problems themselves.  In the friend and family meetings, they learn how to cope when they love a person with one or more of these diseases.  And, that is what they have proven to be...diseases.
Please, if you read this and realized you had some of the same thoughts as me...reach out now.  It will get you on the path that He wants you to take.  He will be there for you.  He has promised us that over and over in the Bible.

So, what does this card mean to me?  It reminds me of all of the times that He was there...even if I didn't even meet Him part way.  He will still carry us.  He will see us long we you want it, and do our part.  He loves us!  Win both cards...just leave a comment in the comment section before Tuesday 8pm!

"May the Lord bless you and keep you.  The Lord make His face shine upon you and be gracious to you."  (Numbers 6:24-25)

He IS Able!
Traci S.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Take a Look at These Cards!

Dear Friends~

Dave and I arrived home from our trip to Maryland very late on Tuesday evening.  I woke up on Wednesday to write the post for this blog...and we had no Internet service!  I couldn't go on line for anything!  Stop and think about all of the things you use your computer for...keeping in contact with friends and family, listening to music, watching videos, learning how to do things, looking things up and writing blogs to glorify God! Now, think about not being able to do any of those things!   I apologize that the post is late.

So, today is Thursday and still no blog.  I have been trying to complete today's post for over 6 hours today!  My computer keeps jamming up,  the post keeps disappearing,  photo images keep moving around the name it!  So, I am going to tell you about this week's "He IS Able Card of the Week" and I will work on the post I wanted to write yesterday and today...for Friday!  I can only sit up for a short while without severe pain, and I really need to go rest...most of the errors today, I am sure are "operator error" as I have quite the migraine!

There was no comment within the time allowed to be eligible to be entered in the random drawing for the "He IS Able Card of the Week."  All you need to do to be eligible is to post a comment, a prayer request, a question, or a prayer in the comment section, before Tuesday evening at 8pm Eastern Time.  If your comment is randomly chosen, you will receive not one, but
2 (two) cards, envelopes and postage!  Here they are:

The first card was donated anonymously.  I love everything about it.  I like the faint flowers in the background, but there is no doubt...this is a card for a friend...and how appropriate it would be to share the Gospel and tell of your love for Jesus Christ with a friend!  I made the lower card.  I hope that by seeing 2 cards that you could receive...will inspire you to leave a prayer or comment in the comment section just under this sharing!  God Bless!

See you here on Friday!

He IS Able!
Traci Starkweather