Friday, September 9, 2011

Be Free! Break Those Chains! And, He IS Able Card of the Week Cards!

Hi Friends~

These are the two (2) cards that will be sent to the next recipient of the "He IS Able Card of the Week!"  All that you need to do to be in the random drawing is leave any comment or prayer request or prayer in the comment section before 8pm (eastern time) on Tuesday evening. The winner will be announced on Wednesday.

Take a look at the first card which was anonymously donated.  I love the faint flowers behind the word "Friendship."  The background paper is lovely, and I can't say just how much I love that clear button!
But, wouldn't a Friendship card be the perfect type of card to share the Gospel and your love of Jesus with a friend?  After all, don't you want all of your friends to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior?  I will be sharing the significance of the second card, one that I made, in the post itself.



Dave and I returned from our visit to Maryland late Tuesday evening.  I woke up Wednesday morning all set to write the blog and we had no Internet access!  I couldn't go on line for anything!

Yesterday, I started writing the post, and half way through it, I felt compelled that it wasn't the message I should be sharing.  So, after
5-6 hours of writing, and changing things--I stopped.  And, today, Friday, I am ready to share the message I feel that I must share today.  I hope you will be blessed by it.


"These things I have spoken to you, that in Me you may have peace.  In the world you will have tribulation;  but be of good cheer.  I have overcome the world."   (John 16:33)

The thing that I find so special about the "FOOTPRINTS" poem that is on that second card, is that it reminds me of ALL that He carried me through.  I had a very special day go by the end of August.  It was my anniversary of my 18th year of sobriety, not being bulimic/anorexic, and it is the day I stopped smoking.  (You may not remember, I have told you I was an Alcoholic previously.) 

18 YEARS??!!!  That is amazing to me!  I never would have thought that I would ever be clean and sober, and not be anorexic or bulimic for THAT long!  And, was there anyway in the world that I could have overcome these traps on my own?  No way!  It is only through God's Grace that I could go without using.  Thank You, Lord!

I wasn't a pass-out on the streets, smoking in bed, kind of alcoholic.  I believe that I am an alcoholic because of the reason I drank...not the quantity.  I drank to relax.  I was so keyed up.  And, in my opinion, and I am only talking about myself, if the only way I could relax was by using...I had a problem.

One night, instead of going to the regular AA meeting that I usually went to...I went to the AA meeting at my church.  It was not a typical meeting.  Usually men and women are in the same room, and it is of course Anonymous.  (I am only sharing about myself, so I am not breaking anyone's anonymity.)  After we read the 12 Steps, we broke into 2 groups, men in one room...women in the other. 

I think I should let you know that AA is based on a "Higher Power."   Now, for me that was God.  But, in AA, and all of it's success, they use the term "Higher Power" to be whatever it may be to you.  After all, not everyone at the AA meetings are Christian...many are very angry at God because of what their drinking has done to their lives.  Many are atheists or of another religion, some think of the power of the meeting itself as a "Higher Power."   For me, my Higher Power will always and forever be God.

And, sometimes churches let AA meetings be held in their buildings for free.  Or sometimes a very low fee.  After all, there is no fee to go to an AA meeting.  So there are traditional AA meetings...and they can be held in the church...and there are non-traditional meetings...held in a church...where it is Christ-based. Does that make sense?  Ask me if it isn't clear.  Ask me anything about anything, and I will do my best to get an answer to you.

Well, as I said, we broke into two rooms.  During a meeting, you can share or you don't have to say a word.  I was determined to listen and learn from the people with sobriety.  I listened, and the next thing I know, I was sharing my story.  And, this next part was very different from traditional (non-Christ centered) meetings.  The women stood around me and laid their hands on me...and prayed for me.  They prayed that I would be released from all of the chains that held me.  They prayed that I would be released from drinking, smoking, and my eating disorders that could have killed me very quickly, I was down to 103 pounds at 5' 7"!  They prayed that I would turn things over, "One Day at a Time" to God. 

 And, that is exactly what has happened. . I felt as if a weight of a million pounds came off of the chains that I felt bind me fell to the floor!  And, I cried.  And cried.  And cried.  It was a great- sobbing. A cry of relief.  A reminder that there was Someone who would carry me through these diseases.  There was Someone who would take away the urge to use.  There was Someone much stronger than I, who would love me, even though at that point, I couldn't love myself. ( And, I still struggle with this part...until I remember I am a Child of God!  That always amazes me!) 

It hasn't always been easy.  I'm not saying that at all.  I started by going to 90 meetings in 90 days. People work their recovery in different ways.  I found the answers I needed in the AA Big Book, but mostly in the Bible.  There were so many people held in bondage of one sort or another.  God will always remain the same, right?  Well, if He could break their chains...He could break mine!  And, the more time I spent praying, getting to know the Lord, reading His Word, and changing some of the people in my life...the easier it became to stay clean.  I Praise God!

If you are being held in bondage by anything...alcohol, eating disorders, pride, lying, adultery, drugs or anything that controls you...even though you may think you control it.  Anything that causes problems in your life.  Anything, that doesn't let you be the person you are made to be...A Child of The Mighty God!  If you want to share it confidentially with me by email,for Joan and I to pray over,  or share in the comment section.  We will be very happy to pray for those women prayed for me a little over 18 years ago!!  God will break those chains, if you do your part.  Let us help. 

 Now, if you are going to share about someone else's addiction or trouble...please don't use their name or their relationship to you.  It is their private issue.  Even if it causes you pain.  We will gladly still pray for them...but how about using a nic name, initials, a name to stand in place of their real name...Trust me, God already knows who they are.  And, He wants them to want to get clean.  But,they need to take the first step in AA when they are ready...when they have reached the lowest bottom they can.  But, we know that prayer works.  Especially when we all pray for each other.

I want to also let you know that you can look in your phone books for AA meetings, NA (Narcotics Anonymous), OA (Over-eaters Anonymous and anorexics/bulimics, GA (Gambler's Anonymous), SA (Sex Addicts Anonymous) and I am sure there are many other 12 step meetings out there. 

The other thing, whether your friend or family member ever seeks help...there are meetings for the friends and family of addicts...people with these problems.  Al-anon is the one for Alcoholic friend and families.  I am sure there are other meetings.  And, if you are the person with the addiction...please let your family know they can attend these meetings.  Most AA 12 step meetings are for the people with the problems themselves.  In the friend and family meetings, they learn how to cope when they love a person with one or more of these diseases.  And, that is what they have proven to be...diseases.
Please, if you read this and realized you had some of the same thoughts as me...reach out now.  It will get you on the path that He wants you to take.  He will be there for you.  He has promised us that over and over in the Bible.

So, what does this card mean to me?  It reminds me of all of the times that He was there...even if I didn't even meet Him part way.  He will still carry us.  He will see us long we you want it, and do our part.  He loves us!  Win both cards...just leave a comment in the comment section before Tuesday 8pm!

"May the Lord bless you and keep you.  The Lord make His face shine upon you and be gracious to you."  (Numbers 6:24-25)

He IS Able!
Traci S.


  1. The Eternal Traveler

    We must never forget that there is one Traveler who accompanies all of us during every moment of our lives, whether we are aware of His presence or not. Our Lord Jesus Christ, the eternal Shepherd, guides us on our journey out of nothingness.

    — from Travelers Along the Way

    I wanted to share this with all of you! I need to be reminded of this all the time lately. I have been struggling with knee pain. It has greatly affected all aspects of my life.
    I pray everyday for all the readers and their families. I thank God for all his mercy and love. Have a blessed day!

  2. Hi Everyone~

    Joan what a beautiful and heartfelt comment. Thank you for sharing it.

    I thank the Lord for His Mercy and Goodness, for without it, I surely would still be suffering from my addictions.

    I am praying for Deb and Paul to be healed from their illnesses, and to settle into their new home easily.

    And, I am praying for Joan. Joan I am so sorry your knee is still bothering you.

    I pray for all of the people who have asked for prayer here in the blog, or via email. And, we don't stop, until we hear an update. We pray for each of you who visit...and pray that God will bring people to hear His Word and learn about our Lord, Jesus the Christ!

    I hope you will join us in praying for your Sisters-in-Christ, and for those who are still unSaved, like my husband, and son, and most of my family members...and many, many others.

    He IS Able!
    Traci S.

  3. Traci: I admire your courage with sharing your past path...and I praise the Lord for the strength He has given you to take it! Thank you for opening the door to others who may be searching for release from their addictions...

    Thanks, too, for the prayers for Paul and I. We cherish them, and cherish your blog for being prayer warriors!--Deb


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