Monday, September 12, 2011

Walk That Walk...

Hi Friends~

The prior post was very important for me to write, and very personal...even though I share the information with anyone.  I do that because it may help anyone.  If anyone has any questions or comments about it, please email me, or leave a note in the comment section.  I will get back to you, if you'd like.

Patter Cross, from my favorite stamp company Our Daily Bread Designs (ODBD), and her incredible blog "Triple the Scraps" and I were having an email conversation yesterday.  She is an amazing writer. She is an artist. She is also "Mom" to a set of  16-year-old triplets! You really should read her would be amazed at all she fits into her life! 

I mentioned quite a while ago about her ABC Scripture Study.  It is a wonderful study...and, it is fun!  She has led many different studies over the years.  You can start this one any time.  Start now, with me!  C'mon!  :)

Anyway, the ABC Scripture Study---she is giving us a word every other week that represents something important as a Christian.  Some are simple words like B for "Bible" and some are more in-depth like "anchor."  (You'll need to check out her post to see how that fits in.)  Well, we can make a scrapbook, cards, ATC cards, you name it, and every other week we use our crafting techniques to use that word, and something that demonstrates it.  But, that is not all!  We also find a couple of Scriptures that go with that word.  And, we include them on our project.  I have started an 8"x8" scrapbook.  I admit, I am only on the letter "B." But, I will do this project to the end!  It is a great tool, a wonderful reminder of Scripture, and a fabulous way to stay focused on important aspects of a Christian's life. I believe my album will be a gift to my grand-sons. Thank you for coming up with this, Patter!  Here is my first page, not fancy...but it works:

Patter's posts always seem to touch my heart. When she writes, it is so eloquent...the words just flow by as you read them. Yesterday's post went much deeper.  I would love for you to read it, and I have her permission to share the link here. Please, please, read this link...and come right back will only take a couple of moments.

"Your ears shall hear a word behind you, saying, '
This is the way, walk in it.'
whenever you turn to the right hand
or whenever you turn to the left."
Isaiah 30:21

 After reading it, we had our email conversation.  I am so proud of what she did.  And, there was a section that really made me think...

If you were watched all of the time...or on a hidden TV camera 24/7 for a week-- Would people know you were a Christian not by the cross you may wear, or the Bible sitting on the bookshelf?  What would they know by your actions? What would they see?  I would like to share of a time that I really felt the Lord's leading and acted on it...even though I didn't stop to think that this was THE Lord actually guiding ME at the moment!!  I am going to share part of my email to Patter: 

"When my father was having surgery to get the cancer from him, I couldn’t just sit in the oncology waiting room. There were other people in the same boat in that room. Concerned, scared, not sure what to do, unsure of the I went around the room quietly, and asked each person if they would like for me to pray with them for their loved one, and their family members who were frightened at this time, and for a good outcome, if it was His will.  (I met some resistance from my Mother, who is still a Jew.)  It didn't matter, I knew I was supposed to do it. I couldn’t NOT do it. (Excuse the double negative.) Well, I prayed with about half of the people...or for them, but with them."

If that TV camera was on me, and I didn't know it, or if you were watching--what would you think of me?  How else do we behave like Christians?  I was going to say, "How else do we act like Christians?"  But, it shouldn't be an comes from within you.  It comes, as Patter pointed out, as being obedient to God.  Just how do you Walk That Walk?

"I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; 
 I will guide yoy with My eye."  Psalm 32:8

We would love to hear how you "Walk That Walk!"  Please let us know a couple of ways in the comment section.  Your ideas will give others ideas of how to mature in Christ!  If we show that we are Children of God through our may open doors for others who do not yet know the Lord to come to you and ask you about Him...isn't that what we are here for?

"And He said to them,
'Go into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature.'"
(Mark 16:15)

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He IS Able!
Traci Starkweather


  1. Hi Traci!
    I also follow Patter's blog. Like yours, it is thought provoking and challenging, both artistically and spiritually. DH is not a believer. Years ago he was critical of my faith walk, and now he doesn't say much but has come to understand that it is largely who I am; imperfect as we all are, and grounded in the Word. He at times will listen to my witness as part of ordinary conversation. I pray often that my life should be the testimony of my walk, and that God will interrupt (gently, please) DH's life as He interrupted mine at the end of February in 1972.

  2. OOPS! I wanted to tell you that I really like the scrapbook page, especially the look of water at the bottom! VERY nice!

  3. Thanks for sharing the link and portion of Patter's post...I've worked with her before, and she is one wonderful gal! I'll be heading to check out more!

    I love the texture that you've achieved with your precious scrapbook page...what a wonderful legacy of the Lord to pass onto your grandsons someday!--Deb

  4. Traci! Thanks for this post. I pray everyday as I do mundane everyday chores.
    Thanks for sharing your scrapbook page. I have been busy but NEVER to busy for God.

  5. What a great post Traci and I love your page! You did an amazing job creating the waves!!! God bless you for being obedient to what He has called you to do!


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