Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Great Physician! Still time to win the Blog Candy Extravaganza!


I am so excited about sharing with you today!  Most of the prayer requests people share with me are about needing physical or emotional healing.  I count myself in this category also.  Today, we will learn more about The Great Physician...our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!

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This Blog Candy Extravaganza is a great way to share this blog with your friends, co-workers and family members!  If they come they will be reading the Word of God and that takes a hold on anyone who reads it.  It is seed planting!  Maybe you will be the one to "harvest them" and bring them to the Lord when they are ready to be Saved.  So, please do not give up!  (And, the prize is sure worth participating in!  It is worth over $100 !)

Today you will find:

  • Matthew 11:5, Luke 4:23, Matthew 9:2-8
  • Praying the Names if Jesus by Ann Spangler
  • The Winner of our "Weekly Card of the Week!"
  • 2 days left to win the Blog Candy Extravaganza!
  • Important message for Everyone!
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"The blind receive sight, the lame walk, those who have leprosy are cured, the deaf hear, the dead are raised, and the good news is preached to the poor."  Matthew 11:5  WOW!  How awesome is that?!

I am so excited to share from the book Praying the Names of Jesus, by Ann Spangler. Today we are going to concentrate on one specific name which is often used when thinking of our Lord, Jesus the Christ. Today, we are going to read about The Physician.

"Jesus, the greatest of all physicians, performed more healings than any other kind of miracle.  Every ailment yielded to His undeniable power, and every healing served as evidence that His Kingdom was breaking into our fallen world.

When you pray for healing for yourself or others, remember that God never sends sickness, though He sometimes allows us to become sick. Indeed, Scripture sees sickness and death as byproducts of sin. And it was to solve the sin problem that Jesus came into the world. When you pray for healing, remember that Jesus is your ally, always wanting what is best for you and for those you care about."

Did you know that there are 14 healing miracles in the Gospel of Matthew? Five of them are in Chapter 9:  He healed a paralyzed man, a woman of chronic internal bleeding and He restored the sight to two men.  He also raised a  girl who had died-- back to life, and He also cast out a demon, and let a mute man talk!  Now, that is really something!  Let's Praise Jesus for all of the healings He has done in the Bible, and for the healing that He continues to do today!    Ask Him to bring complete healing to everyone on your prayer list who asks you to pray for their healing.  He IS Able to bring complete healing---body, mind and soul!  And, believe it to be happening as you are praying.  FAITH!

This is one of my favorite parts of the Bible:
"Some men brought Him a paralytic man, lying on a mat. When Jesus saw their faith, He said to the man, "Take heart, son; your sins are forgiven."
At this point some of the teachers of the law said to themselves, "This fellow is blaspheming!"      
Knowing their thoughts, Jesus said, 'Why do you entertain evil thoughts in your hearts? Which is easier: to say, 'Your sins are forgiven,' or to say 'Get up and walk'?... So he said to the paralyzed man, "Get up, and take your mat and go home." And the man got up and went home! When the crowd saw this, they were filled with awe; and they praised God, who had given authority to human beings." Mathew 9:2-8

I have been disabled in my back, legs, hip, knees, shoulder, and neck for a bit over 12 years. The first few years, I prayed to be healed constantly. I had unwavering faith that I could be healed with just a word from Our Lord, or perhaps he would work through a doctor.  I went to over 30 doctors and they all said they could not help me.

FAITH--I was taught, by my dear Pastor, Dr. Joel Hunter, that if you pray for'd better carry an umbrella--even if it is now all sunshine! Carrying that umbrella is an act of faith. So, I knew I'd be ready to dance a jig in a short time. (I have my church over on the sidebar.  It has recorded services on the web for anyone to see at anytime.  I encourage you to listen to his sermons.  He is an amazing speaker, and He teaches from the Bible, and time flies as he shares.)

You see, I wasn't praying for His will to be done. Perhaps, He wants me to stay like this for a reason. I believe He has kept me in this condition, so that I could better relate to disabled people, and perhaps minister to them. I have had countless opportunities of this sort. I praise Him for them, and I still ask Him to please heal me.  Perhaps He has kept me like this, to stay home, and have the time to work on this "new" dream ministry.  A blog that exists to Glorify Him!  I do not know, and now, the reason is not important to me.  He has put important things in front of me to Joseph.  Just do your best at what is put in front of you. However, now when I pray, I add "Your will be done."

Jesus said to them, "Surely you will quote this proverb to me: 'Physician heal yourself!  Do here in your hometown what we have healed that you did in Capernaum.'"  Luke 4:23

Ann Spangler continues by writing this:  "The next time you pray for healing, why not go out on a limb?  Admit to yourself and to Christ just how desperate you are for Him to touch you, body and soul.  Then tell Jesus you believe in His power to heal you.  Ask Him to glorify Himself by making you a spectacle of His healing power and His great compassion.  If in response you sense Him asking you to do something to effect your healing, like asking others to pray for you, repenting of sin, changing your lifestyle or seeking out the care of a specialist, do that as well.  Don't limit the ways God can answer your prayer for healing grace!  Jesus, our Great Physician, is still at work, forgiving our sins, and healing our bodies, and restoring our souls.

Here is a beautiful prayer from the book Praying the Names of Jesus:

"Jesus, You are the Great Physician, able to heal both body and soul.  I praise You because no disease is beyond your healing power and no sin beyond your saving grace.  Today I pray that you would heal me and make me whole and help me to live in a way that expresses my faith in You.  Use me, Lord, to advance your healing work so that many others will learn of your compassion and power." 

AMEN!  I LOVE the way she worded this. It hit my heart straight on.  No disease is out of his grasp to heal.  He can heal anything--anyone!
And, now the Winner of He IS Able "Card of the Week!"

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The Winner is Chris Olsen!!
Congratulations, Chris Olsen, you have won the beautiful hand-made card which was made and donated by Monica for our "Card of the Week!" 

Please send me your snail mail address before Tuesday evening at 8pm.  I am so glad that you won.  I simply love your blog "Twinkles Glow with Stamps!"  I also am so glad that you are on the Team for one of my absolutely favorite stamp design companies...Our Daily Bread Designs...among many other teams you are on.

This week's beautiful card is made and shared by Janaria, a woman who is on Fire for the Lord!  She shares Scripture in every conversation  possible, and has a beautiful heart.  She can most often be found over at the Christian Paper Crafts, or CPC for short.   Christian Paper Crafts is a fabulous site with galleries for Paper Craft items, Bible Studies, Daily Devotions, Challenges, Prayer name will find it if it involves two of my favorite topics...My Lord, Jesus Christ and Making Cards or tags, or bookmarks!  Janaria thank you for donating this week's card for the "Card of the Week Challenge!"  Janaria, this card is truly beautiful inside and out!  Thank you!

2 days left to win the Blog Candy Extravaganza!

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Thanks so much!

Winner Announced Friday!
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Have a wonderful healthy week!  Please pray with FAITH for any one you know who is suffering with illnesses!  It's what He wants us to do!  Have a blessed rest of the week.  I will be back Friday with cards and the Winner of Candy Blog Extravaganza!  Please join me.       

He IS Able!
Traci S.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Small Things Count! / Blog Candy Ends Thursday at Midnight!

Hi Everyone~                                                

Today please find:

  • Acts 26:22, Psalm 115:12-13
  • Small Things Count by Phillip H. Barnhart
  • Blog Candy ends Thursday...

Last week we read about "Believing Big!" We thought about not putting our own limitations on the Lord, and about living our lives by taking "Big Steps" to further the Lord's Kingdom. Did any of you take any "Big Steps" for the Lord? What did you do? If you did it again, was it easier the second time? Isn't Jesus Christ capable of handling any situation? Won't He stand with you when you act in faith? Yes, He is and Yes, He will! You can count on Him.

Today, I am not sharing about "Big Steps" but rather on how "Small Things Count." The following is taken from Quiet Moments in the Presence of God.  This section was written by Phillip H. Barnhart, and it was published by Bethany House.

"Having obtained help from God, I stand to this day testifying both to small and great, stating nothing but what the Prophets and Moses said was going to take place." Acts 26:22

"When God asks you to do something for Him, your call might seem small. Often God asks you to do something quite unspectacular, minuscule in scope, and not particularly note-worthy. You want to play first violin, would even be willing to play second violin, but God asks you to pull the curtain.

Pulling the curtain is not at all what you had in mind. Nevertheless, be the best curtain puller you can be. The concert will not go on without you. When the orchestra members are seated and looking spiffy in their tuxedos and gowns, they can't be seen if you don't do your job. The maestro won't mount the podium and conduct the symphony without you.

Give what you have to God. In God's hands nothing is small."

This devotion reminds me of Joseph. Joseph always wanted to serve the Lord. He wanted to be obedient, and to honor the Lord. Joseph was his father's favorite son. Joseph was beat up over and over by his brothers. One day, they threw him in a pit. And said he had died.  In reality, he was pulled out of the pit, and made a slave. Joseph toiled and toiled. He honored God, by doing the best that he could do in any job before him. One day, after many other trials, he was King of Egypt. You know it. He did the best that he could. Of course, I am really cutting this story short. But, the message is the same. Do your very best, whether you are asked to clean toilets or lead a service in church. Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior is right there with you through all of it.

Think about your life. Have you ever been in a situation where you just didn't know what to say? Perhaps this happened at a funeral or when you were asked about the Gospel from a non-Christian. If you are unsure of yourself in these areas, simply pray, ask Him to give you the right words.

I am convinced that all of life's answers are either "pray," "read the Bible," or "Jesus Christ."  I ask Him to guide me for the topic and the words to share for every post I write.

If you lack confidence in answering the question, be prepared, by reading your Bible daily, or use the Bible to show them the answer. And, if you lack knowledge or confidence, call on the name of the Lord! He is with you always.  He will not leave nor forsake you. He is not only a valuable team member...He should be the Captain of your team! The Victory is His!

"The LORD remembers us and will bless us:
He will bless the house of Israel,
He will bless the house of Aaron,
He will bless those who fear the Lord--
small and great alike.
Psalm 115:  12-13

Are you ready to do any job for Jesus? Would you be like Joseph and honor the Lord with your actions? If asked, would you do anything that the Lord asked you to do? Would you clean toilets to the best of your ability? Will you do what He has already commanded us to do? Share the Gospel with others? (Whether they ask for it first, or not?) Count on the Lord to be there when you are given a job...large or small. You never know where it may lead!  And, always try to do your pleases Him.

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I want to personally ask you to please post the blog candy and a link to this blog. It is a great way to bring more people..Christians and Non-Christians to this blog, where they will read the word of Jesus Christ. This could be one of those small jobs...that could easily lead to someone having their soul Saved! Please consider it.                               

There are many ways to gain entries to the random drawing. Please check out the post from the 20th. There is plenty of time to get as many entries as you want for the drawing for all of that blog candy!

I pray that you have a wonderful start to your week.  I will be back on Wednesday with the winner of this week's "Card of the Week!"  If you leave a comment before Tuesday evening at are entered into the drawing for that card AND, you will receive an entry for the Blog Candy!

He IS Able!
Traci S.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Happy Friday Everyone~

Hello again~

Super quick message today. Can you believe I have only had the chance to make (1) ONE card this whole week?!  So true!  So, I am going to wait until next week to show it with some others. 

I pray that you will all have a wonderful weekend, with people you love, and
who love you back!

I have spent most of this week letting all of you know about our
newest challenge!  Our Blog Candy Extravaganza!  Please check out
Monday or Wednesday's post, as they both contain the information!

And, please help spread the word of the blog candy around.  It is there as an
appreciation of all of you.  It also serves to bring others to this blog, so that
they can learn of the Lord's Love for us, His Word, and all about His Gift of Salvation.  This is the perfect opportunity to invite non-Christians.  Have them
read Monday the 20th's post.  You never know what will lead to someone
giving their life to the Lord!  Praise Him for those amazing days!

He IS Able!
Traci S.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Believe Big! Blog Candy through September 30th!

He IS Able Blog Candy! Info at bottom of post!
 Good Morning!                                     

Today you will find:
  • John 20:29, Exodus 3:14 and Acts 3:6
  • "Believe Big" from Quiet Moments in the Presence of God
  • "Card of the Week" Winner Announced!
  • Blog Candy Information!  (Comment Section Follows Blog Information!)             
Hello again, hoping you are all excited from Monday's post here at the
He IS Able blog.  If you haven't read it...go take a peek!  I thought differently when I went to complain.  Did you?  We read about 4 different miracles in The Exodus in Exodus.  We learned how the Mighty Lord provided for the complaining desert wanderers again and again.  And you know what else?  He provides for us today!  Just ask Him, and if He knows it to be the best thing for us, He will provide!  He loves us!  He loves us more than we could ever love anyone or anything!  His miracles are So Big!  And, His Love is So Big, I think it is time that we started to "Believe Big!"

This Devotion is from the Quiet Moments in the Presence of God, published by Bethany House.

Jesus said to him, "Thomas because you have seen Me, you have believed. Blessed are those who have not seen and still believed." John 20:29

"Believing big things about God is the beginning of a new and exciting life in God. When you believe big about God, a new and fresh spirit comes to you. Such a belief invigorates your daily walk. Your decisions are clearer. Your staying power more adequately matches your starting power.

When you believe big about God, you act on the premise of a capable and competent God. You hope more; you dream more. You dare more; you do more. To believe something, is to act as if it is so.  Your belief about what God can do, puts you in touch with the power of God to get it done."

Have you started your card, bookmark or project to earn 10 tries at the Blog Candy?  What miracle are you showcasing?  Have you really thought about that miracle?  Would it have been possible any other way?  What would have happened if the Lord didn't do that Miracle?  How BIG of a difference did it make?

Imagine being Moses, wandering in the desert, with 2 million people counting on him, yet resenting him for the hardships they were facing.  Then--
"God said to Moses, "I AM WHO I AM." He said further, "Thus you shall say to the Israelites, "I AM has sent me to you." Exodus 3:14

I tell you that would have been a BIG moment in my life!  Well, the Lord wants to communicate with us all of the time.  He wants communion with us.  He wants us to start the conversation.  Pray!  Praise Him!  Ask for Forgiveness!  Thank Him!  Pray for others!  Be Still.  Listen for that Gentle Whisper.

Do you think anything BIG happens during these moments?!!  You know it!  You are sharing with the Lord of Moses.  The same One who made water burst out of a rock!  The same who fed and gave water to the hungry and thirst people in the desert.  The One who kept the sandals and clothing from wearing out for 40 years! 

Think about it?  What BIG things happen today?  How about when you pray?  What about when you are bold and share Scripture with others?  Shared your Testimony here on the blog?  What about Jesus the Christ, the Lord of Lords, The Prince of Peace, The Mighty One, the Messiah, does He do anything BIG today?  What could happen because you took a BIG step today?
The winner of this week's "Card of the Week" is Jonia!
Congratulations, Jonia! 

You have won the fabulous  card made by Pat SmethersJonia, please email me your mailing address, and I will mail you the card, an extra envelope and postage.  I need to hear from you by Tuesday night at 8pm, or you forfeit this card.  Isn't it exciting when you are randomly chosen to win such an inspiring card?  If for some reason you do not want the "Card of the Week," simply refrain from sending your mailing address.  That way, you can still leave comments, and participate, and there will be no hurt feelings.  Everyone, please remember, there are 2 reasons for everyone to leave a comment before Tuesday at 8pm!  One, you will be entered in the drawing for this week's "Card of the Week."  The other great reason to leave a comment before Tuesday at 8pm, is that you will have another entry for the Blog Candy!

I encourage you to use the card in a manner that best fulfills our Mission Statement:
"He IS Able:  Sharing His Love, His Word, His Gift of Salvation
 through Card Give-Aways!"

Here is Jonia's Comment:

"I love your devotion for today! The complaining part really makes you think and wonder how God continues to put up with it. Thanks for the blessing and for inviting me here to your site, Traci!"  September 20, 2010 4:43 PM

Thank you Jonia, for joining us, and for the wonderful and kind things you had to say.  I hope you will invite your friends to join us here.

The new "Card of the Week," is made and donated from the very creative and artistic Monica Silcott, a wonderful card maker who hangs out at SplitCoastStampers (SCS)  when she is not at her own blog! 

Blog Candy Challege Guidelines

Please make a card about any of the OTHER miracles(check Monday, the 20th's post) in the story of The Exodus! This part of the Bible is full of miracles!

1.What do we do? Please make a card showing a different miracle, than on Monday, September 20th's post) or using a Scripture, it doesn't even need to be a card...make a bookmark, or other item.

2. Then What? Send me the photo please, and I will post it here on the blog...with your user name...(so please include it with the email--some of you, I know by real name, and forget your user name!)

3.Why can't we just link it up? I am trying to get "inlinkz." Sadly, they are shut down right now, until they get their "New & Improved" system up. And, I could not get "mr linky" to cooperate with us either. So, if you would send me your photo of your card, I will upload it here on the blog for you.

4.  Any PRIZE? Oh YES, there is! It's an early Christmas some Beautiful assorted Christmas/Winter Paper: 2 red sparkly 81/2"x11" cs, 4 yards of Beau-Vel Faux Velvet ribbon, 1 Christmas red shiny cs, 6 candy cane tags, 32 6x6 assorted Christmas and winter papers, 10 trees with real bells, 30 yards of red, dk. green and light green raffia, 8 ice skate adhesives on bows, 21 assorted stickers, 4 large adhesive ornaments, 15 feet of WFR Embassy Collection Ribbon, 3x3 pad of winter mats, 22 neon & glitter Sentiments, Wright's Instant bow or gathering green & gold ribbon 3 yards, 9 adhesive foam "Snow" words, Offray Spool O' Ribbon 3 yards- green, Adhesive Foam snowmen (2), "NOEL" (8), snowflakes with glitter (6), spool of candy cane ribbon, 6 adhesive "Merry Christmas" foam words, and "Peace on Earth" (2)!

Excited? I hope so!

How do I win?  Here are the details:

1. If you participate and email me a photo of your card or item...your name will be entered 10 times.

2. If you leave a comment before Tuesday evening at 8pm...your name will be entered once, also! And, you will be eligible for the random drawing of the "Card of the Week!"

3. If you have a friend come to the He IS Able blog and leave a comment, saying she was sent by you (user name only!) Your name will be entered again! And, so will your guests!

4. Anyone who signs up as a NEW "Google Follower," (Which is after the
47th person,) will have their name entered in the drawing! (Please be sure that you use your user name!)

5. And, if you tell your readers about this Challenge, and you email me the link to your blog where it is clearly and "excitingly" written...I will enter your name FIVE times! Or, you can use the picture of Blog Candy. Please list it as "The He IS Able Blog Candy" and put a link to this site:

6.  So, how do YOU WIN? On September 30th, at midnight I will have one name randomly chosen! That person will WIN IT ALL! And, the winner will not need to wait long...The Winner Will be Announced on the next post, Friday, October 1st! Sound good? Excited? I tell you this is a great prize! You will be set for making your cards this year! Or perhaps, scrapbooking after Christmas!

7.  (I am SO sorry, I can only send this to continental US addresses.) But, please still participate in the card project...I would love to show it here on the
He IS Able blog! I do hope you will understand.

Peter said, "I don't have any silver or gold!  But I will give you what I do have.  In the name of Jesus Christ from Nazareth, get up and start walking."  Acts 3:6  I bet that was the BIGGEST event in that man's life!

Have a Blessed Day!  I will be here Friday, with a few cards I will make between now and then!  I hope you will be here.  Bring a photo of your card for the Blog Candy!  Remember,  take BIG steps!

He IS Able!
Traci S.

Monday, September 20, 2010


Good Morning,

Our 80th Day Celebration Blog Candy!
Read below for info!
 This is a great day, as there will be some SURPRISES in today's post!  I pray  that you are all well and safe, and ready to Praise the Lord--for He is Worthy to be Praised!  Isn't He?  What can you praise Him for today?  Do you praise Him once?  Twice?  All day long, with Thanksgiving in your heart? 

Today you will find:

  •  We will be talking about miracles!

  •  Exodus 15:23&25, Exodus 16:29 &17:2-6

  • Today's Surprise! 
Growing up in a Jewish home, and with Jewish Sunday School, we always heard about Exodus.  Not the book, per se.  But, THE Exodus.  Moses.  The "Mean Pharaoh."  The plagues.  Everyone finally leaving.  Or, that is how it seemed.  It wasn't Moses leading the group.  It was the Lord!

 But, in our home, that wasn't the key part.  I am so glad that we have His Word to know the Truth.  Not that my family was lying...or my Sunday School teachers.  They taught what they saw.  We didn't use Bibles. Jews don't.  They use a Torah, which the Rabbi reads and translates a portion every Friday, and it takes a full year to finish it.  Other wise, we relied on books that were cute, and written by anyone.  I never would have known about any of the miracles we will talk about today, if I hadn't read the Bible.  They aren't covered in the Haggadah.  That is a guide we would use telling the story of The Exodus with prayers through out it...during the Seder.  (Our Lord's Last Supper.)  But, that is not part of the Jew's celebration.  (If I use any terms that need clarification...just ask! No problem! And, when I share about growing up in a Jewish Family, that is my experience, and not the experience by every Jew, ok? OK!)  So, let's see some of the other miracles the Lord did for us. And, yes, the Jews do know about the manna, we call it Matzot! (That giant cracker.)

So, the 2 million men, women and children were into the Sinai desert. They were thirsty, they went 3 days at the beginning of their trek without anything to drink. They were uncomfortable, they were in the was hot, and sandy. (I don't think I'd be the happiest camper in town!)

"When they came to Marah, they couldn't drink its water because it was bitter."  Exodus 23

"Then Moses cried out to the Lord, and the Lord showed him a piece of wood.  He threw it into the water, and the water became sweet."  Exodus 15:25

Now, that may not seem as SPECTACULAR as parting the Red Sea. Think about it. They wouldn't have survived much longer. In the words of Tevye, from  Fiddler on the Roof..."This was a miracle...too!"

I don't remember ever learning that the Lord provided meat at night! It's true. Read about it! He sent quail sometimes. And, manna (Bread from Heaven) in the morning. They were told to take a certain amount, and if they took more than that it would be...hmmm...some of you are eating breakfast...let's just say, you wouldn't want to eat it. And, other times it would disappear!

"Bear in mind that the Lord has given you the Sabbath; that is why on the 6th day He gives you bread for 2 days." Exodus 16:29

Wow! The Lord provides in mighty ways. Doesn't He? How does He provide in your life? Are you aware of it? Do you pray with Thanksgiving in your heart?

As they went on, walking through the heat, day after day, sand in their clothes & sandals if they were fortunate to have them, they would complain to Moses again and again. At one point, Moses was afraid he would be stoned for not providing water.

Exodus 17:2 "So they quarreled with Moses and said, "Give us water to drink."

Exodus 17:5-6  "The Lord answered Moses, "Walk on ahead of the people.  Take with you some of the elders of Israel and take in your hand the staff which you struck the Nile and go."  I will stand there before you by the rock of Horeb.  Strike the rock, and water will come out of it for the people to drink.  So Moses did this in the sight of the elders of Israel.

 Now, I have a question, if any of you happen to know for sure, please let me know, ok?  I don't have a clue.  It states:  "I will stand there before you by the rock of Horeb."  My question is what did Moses actually see standing there before him?  I would love to know!  Or is this one of the things that will be revealed to us on the other side, up where we are praising the Lord all of the time--Worshipping Him!
These are just a few of the miracles that the Lord provides in Exodus. (The book.) Did you know about all of them? Good for you! And, if you didn't...Good for you, too! Because now you do! All we need to know is in the Bible. So, please take some time, every day, to read a section...really read it. Think about the Lord's feelings and thoughts. Don't just read the facts. For example, I feel badly that the people kept complaining and complaining...even though the Lord provided for their needs. It rings a bell with me. Sometimes, I can  complain about sitting in traffic or my son not calling enough. What about you? Do you find yourself complaining some times? I tell you this, I will be thinking about how the Lord must feel when he is providing for us, and I complain about something anyway.

Now....drum roll please...

Last Friday was our 80th Day here at He IS Able!!!
Congratulations! Wahooo! You know what that means, right? We celebrate our "40 days" here! We celebrated the first 40 days by looking at who Noah was, and made cards from the Scriptures given.  The winner, Tracy, received all of the cards, plus some goodies when we took all of the participant's names and entered them for a random drawing!

THIS time...get ready...Please make a card about any of the OTHER miracles in the story of The Exodus! This part of the Bible is full of miracles!

So what do we do? Please make a card showing a different miracle, or using a Scripture, it doesn't even need to be a card...make a bookmark, or other item.

Then What? Send me the photo please, and I will post it here on the blog...with your user name...(so please include it with the email--some of you, I know by real name, and forget your user name!)

Why can't we just link it up? I am trying to get "inlinkz." Sadly, they are shut down right now, until they get their "New & Improved" system up. And, I could not get "mr linky" to cooperate with us either. So, if you would send me your photo of your card, I will upload it here on the blog for you.

Any PRIZE? Oh YES, there is! It's an early Christmas some Beautiful assorted Christmas/Winter Paper: 2 red sparkly 81/2"x11" cs, 4 yards of Beau-Vel Faux Velvet ribbon, 1 Christmas red ahiny cs,  6 candy cane tags, 32 6x6 assorted Christmas and winter papers, 10 trees with real bells, 30 yards of red, dk. green and light green raffia, 8 iceskate adhesives on bows, 21 assorted stickers, 4 large adhesive ornaments, 15 feet of WFR Embassy Collection Ribbon, 3x3 pad of winter mats, 22 neon & glitter Sentiments, Wright's Instant bow or gathering green & gold ribbon 3 yards, 9 adhesive foam "Snow" words, Offray Spool O' Ribbon 3 yards- green, Adhesive Foam snowmen (2), "NOEL" (8), snowflakes with glitter (6), spool of candy cane ribbon, 6 adhesive "Merry Christmas" foam words, and "Peace on Earth" (2)!

Excited?  I hope so!

How do I win? Here are the details:

1. If you participate and email me a photo of your card or item...your name will be entered 10 times.

2. If you leave a comment before Tuesday evening at 8pm...your name will be entered once, also! And, you will be eligible for the random drawing of the "Card of the Week!"

3. If you have a friend come to the He IS Able blog and leave a comment, saying she was sent by you (user name only!) Your name will be entered again! And, so will your guests!

4. Anyone who signs up as a NEW "Google Follower," (Which is after the
 47th person,) will have their name entered in the drawing!  (Please be sure that you use your user name!)

5. And, if you tell your readers about this Challenge, and you email me  the link to your blog where it is clearly and "excitingly" written...I will enter your name FIVE times!  Or, you can use the picture of Blog Candy.  Please list it as "The He IS Able
       Blog Candy"  and put a link to this site:

So, how do YOU WIN? On September 30th, at midnight I will have one name randomly chosen! That person will WIN IT ALL! And, the winner will not need to wait long...

The Winner Will be Announced on the next post, Friday, October 1st! Sound good? Excited? I tell you this is a great prize! You will be set for making your cards this year! Or perhaps, scrapbooking after Christmas!

(I am SO sorry, I can only send this to continental US addresses.)  But, please still participate in the card project...I would love to show it here on the
He IS Able blog!  I do hope you will understand.

I hope you will all be here on Wednesday, and again on Friday.  My email is unfortunately being changed sometime next please be sure to check the side bar!

Have a blessed day!

He IS Able,
Traci S.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Cards by Traci & Winner of "Card of the Week!"

Hi Everyone~

Well, I am so glad that you stuck with me through this week of turmoil! Thank you so much!  I am back to me...not suffering Spiritually or emotionally. I thank all of you for your guidance and prayers!  I am still in really bad physical condition.  On top of my regular disabilities being the most painful in years, I now have a cold!  LOL  That's all right!  This too shall pass.

Today, please find:
  • Proverbs 3:5-6, 1 Corinthians 1:4
  • The Winner of the "Card of the Week!"
  • Cards by Traci
  • New Challenge Announced on Monday!  Bring Friends!

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart, And lean not on your own understanding;  In all your ways acknowledge Him, And He shall direct
your paths."Proverbs 3:5-6

This Scripture is extra special to me now.  If only I had thought to do it when I was going through the turmoil I shared with all of you, plus there was a lot more doubt, and pain going on here, Spiritually, that I didn't share.  I see this Scripture on almost every Christian Blogger's side bar.  I could never understand why it became an almost permanent fixture on their blog until this week.  If I didn't try figuring things out of my own, I wouldn't have gotten into my "Stinkin' Thinkin'!"  So, please, help your children memorize and understand it...and if you don't have it down yet, PLEASE work on it for yourself, too.  Trust me, please.  I don't want to see any of you fall where I fell this week.  I don't want you to go through that pain.

"I always thank God for you."  1 Corinthians 1:4  I always pray for any one who may come to the He IS Able blog.  I pray for blessings to be released for you.  For you to be aware of our Lord, Jesus the Christ, being besides you at all times, as a comfort.  I pray that you remember who you are in Christ Jesus, and that you will be blessed by what you read here in the blog, and that you will want to share it with friends and family to enrich their lives, and that you will want to participate in the blog itself.  "I always thank God for you."   Each of you.  Take that gratitude I have for you and multiply it by some super huge number...I felt like I was in quick sand when I shared...kicking to get out...and at the same time, seeping down deeper into the mud.  You ALL shared the most encouraging words.  People emailed that I never even knew visited this blog.  I am touched beyond words.  So I will stop and say a very sincere, "Thank You."

I apologize for taking this long to get to the...
Winner of the He IS Able Card of the Week!
The Winner from this Past Wednesday's Random Drawing is...
The Incredible Amy Johnson!

Congratulations Amy!  Amy has a beautiful blog named Amy's Creative Pursuits.  Stop by and congratulate her!    We are so happy to have you join the people who have already won the He IS Able Card of the Week!  Please email me your mailing address before next Tuesday evening at 8pm Eastern Time.  My email is on the side bar.  You will receive that gorgeous card by ravengirl of SCS aka Toni!  She really made a beautiful card!  You can see it on the side bar!  You will also receive another envelope to mail it right out, and postage.  (If for some reason you do not want to receive this card, simply don't send your address. No pressure!  I am trying to make this as simple as can be for everyone!)  Anyone who leaves a comment from Wednesday the 15th through Tuesday the 21st at 8pm, will be automatically eligible to receive this week's "Card of the Week," through a random drawing!

There were so many words of wisdom...they are there for any one to read and know, in the event that you find yourself in turmoil. 
Please read Amy Johnson's comment:

I never consider any paper-crafting blog as 'bragging', I share my artwork on a blog for two reasons: 1) I work for on-line digital companies and they give me images for FREE under the condition that I post pictures of what I create with their images on my blog. and 2) to inspire others and give them ideas. I read hundreds of paper crafting blogs a day, I love to see what other people create and hopefully learn from them. As far as posting awards or blinkies, I don't think I've ever done that. Every now and then I might mention that I won something, but that's it. But I don't see anything wrong with it. The bible does say we should 'rejoice' with each other's good news!  September 13, 2010 10:14 AM

Now, Everyone please take a look at this week's fantastic card.  I am not sure if the card-maker/donor wants to remain anonymous or not.  I hope not, because I really want to share some loving words about her!  I need to check before I announce,, take a look at that card. Great News!  I asked, and she left it up to me to use her name or not!  The maker of this beautiful card, is someone that I met in a fun and interesting way.  She is truly a generous and loving person, she always has the most wonderful blessings to share right on the tip of her tongue.  And, she doesn't hold back telling you how much she cares for you, or thinks of you.  She is the beautiful Pat SmethersThis card is so nicely designed, the colors are deep purples and greens and ivory and just like Pat, this card really gives the Glory to God, by using His Word as the focal point.  I LOVE this card! And, I now have a much deeper appreciation for those Words.
Cards By Traci
I am listing these cards in any order.  I want to share what I have been up to during the night (mostly.)  The cards may not have Scriptures on it, but I thank the Dear Lord Jesus for allowing me to have a hobby, where I can  still make cards, and use these cards to fulfill the He IS Able Mission Statement:

He IS Able:  Sharing His Love, His Word, His Gift of Salvation
through Card Give-Aways!

I made this card for the ODBD (Our Daily Bread Designs) challenge and the Stampin' Sisters in Christ Challenge this week.  The ODBD Shine The Light Challenge challenged us to "Sparkle."  I had so much fun coloring in this tulip stamp's image with different color Stickles.  My nieces will love it! The butterfly even has Stickles on it!  I stamped that "Rejoice!" stamp with the sun in the top corner, because I wanted to remind everyone to do that...REJOICE!  After the week I was having!

As far as the Stampin' Sisters in Christ Challenge, they (SSIC) challenged us to either really stitch something, or faux stitch.  Well, I faux stitch a lot.  I decided to give it a try.  My husband had some twine, but it wouldn't fit through a sewing needle's eye...and I took it apart.  I ended up with three VERY wavy threads.  I stitched as straight as I could.  You can't tell now.  I like the card.  It is very alive!

This card was made for The Play Date Cafe Challenge! (PDCC)  I love their challenges!  They show some very interesting photos with different colors in company names for specific item requirements or anything...and you are to use those colors in your card or item.  This week we were challenged to use:  Black and White AND A SPLASH! of either pink, gold, or copper.  I chose this fabric or trees that look like they are from my Grandparent's yard in Connecticut, and took copper Stickles and touched just a few of the leaves...for we were to only use a SPLASH! of the color choice.  My leaves were shimmering in the sun...I have not worked with primarily fabric on card stock before.  I like the look.  I didn't like finding the right adhesive for it!  New colors are already being displayed!

I colored this when we were on our 17 Day Car Trip in July!  I stamped out about 1,000 images...put them into a plastic container... and used water color pencils and markers to color in the that if I needed to make a card quickly, I could!  So, this week, I came across this colored image, and made a card out of it.  I am working on my bows.  I have the Bow Easy.  But, I never know how much ribbon to cut!  Anyone know?  I put that  glittery card stock little owl in the corner.  I NEVER use my card stock...I have 5 drawers of card I tried it.  It is glittery--which Dave really dislikes on cards.  "Too Flashy."  I told him, he doesn't have to use any glittery card stock if he ever makes cards with me!  lol  What do you do with your pre-prepared card stock images? Have a flashier background?  What else?  I could use the advice!  (If you don't mind sharing it!)

This notebook has been changed up for someone I love.  Her favorite colors are neon green and purple.  She is quite the stamper herself!  I curled neon green and purple curling ribbon on every spiral.  I covered the front and back with the purple heart paper that I have had for 20+ years, and added the neon green on top.  I used a glitter glue on the dots on the side.  They made nice big thick bubbles when I put them on.  I thought they would stay that way.  It was as if they just deflated and  stayed the same size!  I colored one of my favorite stamped images on the cover...and left her plenty of doodle room.  The inside is lined in the neon green, and has an envelope set into the paper, so she can put things in there without losing them.  I think she will love it!  She may even put photos of her art in it!  I will share her art some time.  She is amazing.

Here is a close up of the stamped image: 

This is my first all copics coloring!  I used 4 shades of purple, 3 shades of green, the very thin 0.1 copic black multiliner to make the teeny-tiny dots show up better.  I am trying to practice shading and highlighting.  Slowly but surely, I am getting it.

I thank you so much for being here today.  If you like the blog, please invite your friends and family to visit.  Please consider sharing your Testimony or Favorite Scripture and Why it is your favorite here on the blog. Contact me if you have any questions.  I'll walk you through it, or just email it to me.  Trust me, it will touch the hearts and lives of others!  Let's get His Word out to everyone we know...even if it is one person at a time!
Goal before Monday!  Have 50 "Google Followers!"

NEW CHALLENGE ANNOUNCED ON MONDAY!  Please bring your friends!  It will be fun!

He IS Able,
Traci S.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Quick note re: Today (Thursday), & Yesterday & Tomorrow...Oh, & Monday! :)

Hello--Just a quick note.  It is now Thursday.  That was written yesterday.  I want to thank you all for your prayers and concern.  I am able to sit up a bit so far today...but I can tell it won't be for long.  I am certain that between Dave and I...and my super fantastic friend, Wendy...who has made everything possible on this blog, by setting it up, making all of the spots, putting together the art...AND, showing me how to do going to help me learn some more this afternoon!  She has a blog on the side bar.  She is so super talented.  It is called "Wonderfully Wicked Creations!"  (Don't scary, wicked stuff.)

So, Please stop by tomorrow to see if you or a friend is the He IS Able,
"Card of the Week Winner!"  And, take a peek at the cards I have made this week.  There aren't that many, since I am still recovering.

Spiritually and Emotionally...I feel wonderful!  I feel like a Child of God should feel, and I am aware of how not to lose my step in my walk with the Lord!  I just hope you EACH, individually know how much I appreciate you!

If you stopped by on Wednesday, and you emailed me or left me a comment about my situation, please email me your address, even if I have it.  It is important, to me.  I need your address...not for a He IS Able donated card, but I would personally love to send you a card.  Even if I have your address, please send it to me. This way the people who aren't willing to receive a card from me, will simply not send me your address.  Then, I know you don't want it.  I really want to share with you, personally.  I learned a lot...from you!

Oh, I noticed we are still at number 47 in our "Google Followers," if you are willing, please share this blog info with people you know.  Christian or not.  The higher that number goes, the more people hearing about Jesus Christ and His Love, His Word and His GIFT of Salvation!  Let's get up to 50 people by Monday!  Can we do it?  I think we can.

May God  bless you!

He IS Able,
Traci S.


Hi Everyone~

I can not thank you each enough for the moving and Biblically based answers you shared with me through my crisis.  The crisis was all around me, but I feel that I am back.  I thank you and the Dear Lord for sticking with me through this difficult time for me.  I take things so seriously...even SCRABBLE!  (Did you know all languages are capitalized?  I didn't!) 

Anyway, it is 12:45 eastern time.  I sincerely apologize, but i can not really write today.  I am in the most severe pain I have been in for months.  I can see a tiny bit out of my left eye...from the migraine, and besides my usually chronic pain.  I popped my left shoulder out of place this morning!  It HURT BIG time!  I popped it back in.  However, it hurts so much.  I am, however, back to myself.  The black clouds are gone from me, and anything dark has been banished (several times!) 

I realized that I don't pray for myself anymore...except for forgiveness, or big problems.  I don't pray for my health any more.  I changed that yesterday.

I will announce the winner on Friday, I sincerely apologize for this week's weird writings. Friday, I will  happily show the few cards I made this week.  Thanks be to God for providing for me, and letting me have this hobby that I love to use to honor Him.

I would love to send each of you that responded to my crisis on Monday, with one of my personal stash cards.   Please allow me to do this. In able to make it easier for people to decline a card I have started this: Please email me your address if you are willing to receive a card from me...even if you know I have it!  If you don't want to receive a card for whatever reason, simply don't send me your email. Almost no questions asked!  No, seriously, no hard feelings.  I would like to be able to do this. Please consider allowing me.  I will keep your addresses confidential, of course.  Thank you all for your help, and for understanding about today.  You wouldn't imagine how long I have been working on just this!

Friday...Card Winner and "Cards to See from Me!"

"God is Good!"  He is!  Please think about that...WOW!

He IS Able,
Traci S.

Please invite your friends or family to visit or sign up as a "Follower."  If I am not up to things on Friday, I will ask Dave to type it up for me!
(He's at an interview now.)  And, there won't be any scary sharings for me for at least a while, I hope!  lol

Monday, September 13, 2010

Traci--a Wrestler? Help Wanted: Apply Within!

Good Morning, Everyone!

Today, I would like to share a situation that I have been struggling with for the last 2 weeks or so. I would love to hear from you, either in the comment box, or via email...if you have the time.

Today please find:  1 Peter 5:5, Ephesians 4:2, 1 Peter 5:6

"...All of you, clothe yourselves with humility toward one another, because,
"God opposes the proud
but gives grace to the humble."
1 Peter 5:5

You may know that I often make cards and other items for "challenges" on other blogs. Sometimes, they offer prizes, some offer "Blinkies" (awards that you can show on your blog), and others offer recognition only by listing your name.

Before I go on...please know that I am seeking your help with this question for me.  I am not thinking about your blogs.  I have never even given this thought before!  So, please share freely.

I started making cards (with stamps and items) either the last week of December, or the first week in January, (I can't remember), when I first found SplitCoastStampers. (SCS) I started entering challenges soon after.  I have been chosen in some "Random Drawings" to receive stamps, paper, and bling. I am and have been very grateful for that.

I am especially grateful that all but one of those random drawings has occurred in the last 2 months, when I have not felt comfortable spending money on stamps and things. (Dave is still looking for work. And, I want to do my part to keep our spending down.) It seems that the Lord is providing for me, and I thank Him,...though I'm not sure He provides non-essential things or not. I don't know.

I won my first non-random "honorable mention Blinkie" award 2 weeks ago. I am not writing this to brag.  You will see how I have been wrestling with this situation.  But, who am I wrestling?  Myself?  God?  Satan?

When it happened, I was so excited. This award was based on merit. (I even asked to double check!) I was getting better at this...FINALLY! (Is what I felt.) I feel excited, and proud of myself. PRIDE...there IT is! I didn't say or even think to say, "Thank you Lord for giving me the skills to make this card." Or, "Thank you Lord, may You alone receive all of the Glory!"  I feel horrible now, and I've been down on myself for about a week for this part. It was me, me, me! Oh, I have asked Our Dear Lord to please forgive me. I am sure He has...He promised us. I asked with the most open heart, and honest intentions. And, I still feel badly. That is my fault I figure...because He has already put it as far as the east is from the west!

This is not a new pattern for happens in other areas. If someone compliments me on something...I simply say, "Thank you" or "Thank you so much." It has taken me 30 years to be able to "accept a compliment!"  I honestly don't remember to give Him the Glory...until later.
I then had to decide if I should put the "Blinkie" on THIS blog. This is the only blog that I have. I want this blog to be about Glorifying God, and having YOU, the Community use this to share with each other! Encourage each other through sharing!

"He IS Able: Sharing His Love, His Word, His Gift of Salvation through Card Give-Aways!"

THAT is what I wanted to do, and what I feel He led me to do, for this blog.  And...I like sharing my cards.

"Be completely humble and gentle, be patient, bearing with one another." Ephesians 4:2

So, if I put the "Blinkie" on the bottom of this blog...and I glorifying me? Is this then the dreaded,"Traci Show?" Or, is it acceptable in His eyes to do that? I am at a loss.

Last Friday, I shared some of my cards.  I was asked by some people who come to this blog to share some.  I was appreciative and apprehensive about it.  I make cards with Scriptures on them.  I also make cards with carousels and daisies on them.  I decided I would share a bit of what I did last week...without deciding to show just cards that clearly show God's Wonder.  Personally, I feel that a field of daisies, does show His Wonder.  I hope you understand.  I didn't want to pretend to be someone I am not.  But, I felt that by posting the cards, I was not using this space to Glorify Him.  Which, to me, is the purpose of this blog.  I did that poll.  THIS IS YOUR BLOG, so I want to do what you want.  I am just wondering if people answered out of kindness to me.  I don't know what to do, if anything about this.  I think I feel out of integrity with it. The comments were so lovely, and I really appreciated each one.  And, Janaria (She is such a wise woman.) had some words to the wise:  (I put the wisdom that impacted me in bold.)

Janaria said...
Traci! You are such a blessing to so many. . .and that includes me! I just received the lovely card and am so thankful! I also was reading through the blog posts trying to get caught up. . .your message on forgiveness was wonderful. . thank you. You cards are beautiful and you are an artist. . .stop comparing yourself with others. . God made you YOU, not someone else and He has given you gifts and abilities He has not given to any one else! I pray the Lord blesses you richly and that you grow in grace through all of the circumstances He ordains!  September 12, 2010 12:00 AM

"Humble yourselves, therefore, under God's mighty hand, that he may lift you up in due time." 1 Peter 5:6

This is what my Bible, (The Life Application Bible), says in the notes for this particular verse:" "We often worry about our position and status, hoping to get proper recognition for what we do. But Peter advises us to remember that God's recognition counts more than human praise."

So, how can I feel good about myself...without being prideful?  How do
I remain humble when, I really want to put that "Blinkie" on the sidebar?  I feel that if I don't...It is as if I was wearing a big sign..."I sinned, and I am a terrible, terrible, person."  We ALL sin! (I'm not bragging. Just stating the fact.) But, this is about being humble, which He commands us.  How can you be excited about the things you do in life, and still be humble?  This blog is teaching me a lot more than it is showing you...Believe me!

So, if you have time, if you want to, if you are led, please let me know your thoughts on this situation.  Do I share cards on Friday?  Do I put up "Blinkies?"  How do I stay humble, and still feel good about myself?  I have had enough years in my life, when I thought I had no value.  I don't want to go back to that again.

I hope to hear from you.  If you email, please put "He IS Able" in the subject line.  Or, you could leave a comment, and you would be helping me out, and you would be entered in the He IS Able Card of the Week drawing--as well!

I pray that you all have a blessed week.  And, that if you are struggling with a battle, you have someone you feel you can go to for guidance!  Thanks so much for being here, and for listening!

He IS Able,
Traci S. 

p.s.  I hope that what I shared here will not keep you from stopping by the
He IS Able blog. 

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Lightning Near By....I Will Write When I Can...

Hi Everyone--

It is lightning really close to the house.  I will write when I can.
PLEASE be sure to stop back by today.  I am going to share about
a problem I am facing...regarding the blog, and serving two masters.

I appreciate each of you!

Thanks for stopping by!

He IS Able,
Traci S.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Cards from Traci

Good Morning and Happy Friday!  Today I promised to share some of my cards. (Before you leave, please be sure to read the last 2 paragraphs today.) These are a few of the cards that I made this week.  You will notice that some of my cards do not have sentiments, or Scripture on them.  I keep them that way, so that I can add that at the last moment, when I know why a card is needed.  You will also notice that I am not an artist!  I am a card-maker "wanna-be!"  I do scrapbook, and I think I am more skilled in that area, but I haven't done it in years.  Here you go:


   I  actually made 6 similar cards similar to this one for Rosh Hashanah--the Jewish New Year. Most of my family is still Jewish (for now). I love this peaceful image! I used similar paper for each one, and I paper pierced the paper on some. I stamped "Happy New Year" on the cards I sent out.  I kept two without the sentiment for my "All Purpose" card stash. For those of you that may not know, Rosh Hashanah is a "High Holy Day" for Jews. That and Yom Kippur. Yom Kippur is the Day of Atonement...A Super Serious Day...the day when you ask for forgiveness...for the entire year!  They are both serious holidays. Not at all like the celebrated January 1st Holiday.

I made this card for the Our Daily Bread Designs Weekly Challenge.  I love this company and blog, and their artists are wonderful. They challenged us to use either buttons, brads or eyelets on our card this week.  I used 3 orange brads! I watercolored the tulips.  I used gel pens on the butterfly in the corner.  And, I love the tall grass.  I used a Cuttle Bug Embossing Folder named, "Forest Branches."  I then turned the paper sideways, and cut some of the "blades of grass" to help it stand out even more!  I like this card!  So cheery!

The Stampin' Sisters in Christ have a great challenge on their blog!  This week we were challenged to include "water" on our card or project. Why water?  Please go visit and read all about it!  I was so blessed by reading it!  I really love the poem "Footprints."  I found this stamp in Baltimore, Maryland while visiting family on our "17 day car-trip".  I quickly added it to my stamp collection, even though it wasn't the whole poem.  I also like this because it looks similar to my writing.  I loved painting with  my Twinkling H20's!  They leave such a gentle shimmer.  It looks like it has the shimmer you see on the real beach! I liked how the colors looked on the black paper, with the cream satin ribbon and the little pearls.  Grace was the hostess this week, when she shares it is very informative, thought provoking and moving!  You will be blessed if you visit!

I really enjoyed making this masculine card.  I made it to go with the color challenge of the Play Date Cafe Challenge. (PDCC)  The colors they wanted us to use as the focus of our project were burgundy/wine, ochre-orange, and a cocoa color.  I had this fabulous Vintage Cocoa Colored paper to use as the background.  I then used a stamp I have never used, the Vest.  I had just organized my scrap folder and box earlier that day.  (The box is for solid paper scraps--anything over 2x2", and the folder is for printed paper.)  I saw a wine and ochre-orange striped piece in that folder, and knew it was going to be used for this challenge.  I paper pieced it for the lining and the pocket on the vest.  I didn't want to just color the vest cocoa color with my Stampin' Up! marker.  I used a large stipple brush (2/3") and used an ink that appears to look like chalk.  That didn't come out dark I used the brush on my non-smear pastel collection.  That made it a bit darker.  It gave the paper a suede feel. The most difficult part for me was tying the yarn through that button.  I see cards all of the time, with something more sturdy than thread..and they leave it tied on the top for show.  I can not figure out what they are using, and how they are tying it?  If you know, I would really appreciate knowing! You can leave it in the comment section.

OK--this is the last card I will show for today.  I made this card for a challenge over at the way, that is where my gallery is...under "Traci S."  The Christmas Card Challenge 2010 lets everyone set the number of cards they will need for the year...broken up by months.  I set a goal of 10 cards a tags and bookmarks, and possibly some gift wrap this year.  I love this stamp.  It reminds me of the Scripture with "Ask, Seek, Knock" in Matthew chapter 7.  I used some paper where the sheet is wonderful together...but even better when taken apart. It is 12x12.  I separated the red section to use as the front of the card...and inside.  I cut the striped section, which is attached with the " faux stitched" section, and the "faux ribbon" area where I wrote...I used the green paisley which you can not see...on the inside of the card.  By the way, I always decorate the inside of the card...not as much as the outside, but at least line it, and add an image, or faux stitching or something.  Same with the envelope.  My Husband, Dave, is still an Atheist (I pray all of the time for him.), so I try to make Holiday Cards...rather than cards with the true meaning of Christmas.  (I share the REAL Christian themed cards with Christian friends of mine.)  The cards are from both of us, and my son is (still) it represents the family. (I think most people would say that this is a "Christmas" card.)  I colored it with water color pencils.  I used a bit of Diamond Stickles for the snow.  I really enjoyed coloring the stone work with the "stuff" between the rocks, and that adorable little tree.  I had a really difficult time on the skis and sled for some reason!

That is all I am going to share for this week.  I apologize that this was posted so late!  I worked on it for over 4 hours.  I gave up trying to put them side by side, with neat captions under each one...without going past the width of the photo!  I hope you enjoyed looking.  Please leave a will get you entered into the "Card of the Week" Challenge.  Most importantly, it will let me know if anyone even stopped by to take a look.  So least leave a quick "hello!"  If you like this blog...go ahead and sign up to be a "Google Follower" of this Blog.  Why do I want you to be a "Google Follower?"  So we can celebrate certain numbers...and most importantly, it lets others know about this blog!

I will be writing on Monday.  It is about a personal issue that I am having a hard time understanding.  I hope you will stop by and read it...I look forward to hearing your advice...and hopefully you will be blessed by the Scriptures I will share, as well as my story. 

The post from this Monday was very informative about "Forgiveness."  Being Forgiven and Forgiving!  I think anyone could find it beneficial.  Wednesday's post was called "I Am Special."  Great for anyone who thinks they have low self-esteem, or are going through a tough time, or to use when your children are discouraged.  I pray you will be blessed by reading it!  Thanks for stopping by!  You are very important to me!

He IS Able,
Traci S.