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Believe Big! Blog Candy through September 30th!

He IS Able Blog Candy! Info at bottom of post!
 Good Morning!                                     

Today you will find:
  • John 20:29, Exodus 3:14 and Acts 3:6
  • "Believe Big" from Quiet Moments in the Presence of God
  • "Card of the Week" Winner Announced!
  • Blog Candy Information!  (Comment Section Follows Blog Information!)             
Hello again, hoping you are all excited from Monday's post here at the
He IS Able blog.  If you haven't read it...go take a peek!  I thought differently when I went to complain.  Did you?  We read about 4 different miracles in The Exodus in Exodus.  We learned how the Mighty Lord provided for the complaining desert wanderers again and again.  And you know what else?  He provides for us today!  Just ask Him, and if He knows it to be the best thing for us, He will provide!  He loves us!  He loves us more than we could ever love anyone or anything!  His miracles are So Big!  And, His Love is So Big, I think it is time that we started to "Believe Big!"

This Devotion is from the Quiet Moments in the Presence of God, published by Bethany House.

Jesus said to him, "Thomas because you have seen Me, you have believed. Blessed are those who have not seen and still believed." John 20:29

"Believing big things about God is the beginning of a new and exciting life in God. When you believe big about God, a new and fresh spirit comes to you. Such a belief invigorates your daily walk. Your decisions are clearer. Your staying power more adequately matches your starting power.

When you believe big about God, you act on the premise of a capable and competent God. You hope more; you dream more. You dare more; you do more. To believe something, is to act as if it is so.  Your belief about what God can do, puts you in touch with the power of God to get it done."

Have you started your card, bookmark or project to earn 10 tries at the Blog Candy?  What miracle are you showcasing?  Have you really thought about that miracle?  Would it have been possible any other way?  What would have happened if the Lord didn't do that Miracle?  How BIG of a difference did it make?

Imagine being Moses, wandering in the desert, with 2 million people counting on him, yet resenting him for the hardships they were facing.  Then--
"God said to Moses, "I AM WHO I AM." He said further, "Thus you shall say to the Israelites, "I AM has sent me to you." Exodus 3:14

I tell you that would have been a BIG moment in my life!  Well, the Lord wants to communicate with us all of the time.  He wants communion with us.  He wants us to start the conversation.  Pray!  Praise Him!  Ask for Forgiveness!  Thank Him!  Pray for others!  Be Still.  Listen for that Gentle Whisper.

Do you think anything BIG happens during these moments?!!  You know it!  You are sharing with the Lord of Moses.  The same One who made water burst out of a rock!  The same who fed and gave water to the hungry and thirst people in the desert.  The One who kept the sandals and clothing from wearing out for 40 years! 

Think about it?  What BIG things happen today?  How about when you pray?  What about when you are bold and share Scripture with others?  Shared your Testimony here on the blog?  What about Jesus the Christ, the Lord of Lords, The Prince of Peace, The Mighty One, the Messiah, does He do anything BIG today?  What could happen because you took a BIG step today?
The winner of this week's "Card of the Week" is Jonia!
Congratulations, Jonia! 

You have won the fabulous  card made by Pat SmethersJonia, please email me your mailing address, and I will mail you the card, an extra envelope and postage.  I need to hear from you by Tuesday night at 8pm, or you forfeit this card.  Isn't it exciting when you are randomly chosen to win such an inspiring card?  If for some reason you do not want the "Card of the Week," simply refrain from sending your mailing address.  That way, you can still leave comments, and participate, and there will be no hurt feelings.  Everyone, please remember, there are 2 reasons for everyone to leave a comment before Tuesday at 8pm!  One, you will be entered in the drawing for this week's "Card of the Week."  The other great reason to leave a comment before Tuesday at 8pm, is that you will have another entry for the Blog Candy!

I encourage you to use the card in a manner that best fulfills our Mission Statement:
"He IS Able:  Sharing His Love, His Word, His Gift of Salvation
 through Card Give-Aways!"

Here is Jonia's Comment:

"I love your devotion for today! The complaining part really makes you think and wonder how God continues to put up with it. Thanks for the blessing and for inviting me here to your site, Traci!"  September 20, 2010 4:43 PM

Thank you Jonia, for joining us, and for the wonderful and kind things you had to say.  I hope you will invite your friends to join us here.

The new "Card of the Week," is made and donated from the very creative and artistic Monica Silcott, a wonderful card maker who hangs out at SplitCoastStampers (SCS)  when she is not at her own blog! 

Blog Candy Challege Guidelines

Please make a card about any of the OTHER miracles(check Monday, the 20th's post) in the story of The Exodus! This part of the Bible is full of miracles!

1.What do we do? Please make a card showing a different miracle, than on Monday, September 20th's post) or using a Scripture, it doesn't even need to be a card...make a bookmark, or other item.

2. Then What? Send me the photo please, and I will post it here on the blog...with your user name...(so please include it with the email--some of you, I know by real name, and forget your user name!)

3.Why can't we just link it up? I am trying to get "inlinkz." Sadly, they are shut down right now, until they get their "New & Improved" system up. And, I could not get "mr linky" to cooperate with us either. So, if you would send me your photo of your card, I will upload it here on the blog for you.

4.  Any PRIZE? Oh YES, there is! It's an early Christmas some Beautiful assorted Christmas/Winter Paper: 2 red sparkly 81/2"x11" cs, 4 yards of Beau-Vel Faux Velvet ribbon, 1 Christmas red shiny cs, 6 candy cane tags, 32 6x6 assorted Christmas and winter papers, 10 trees with real bells, 30 yards of red, dk. green and light green raffia, 8 ice skate adhesives on bows, 21 assorted stickers, 4 large adhesive ornaments, 15 feet of WFR Embassy Collection Ribbon, 3x3 pad of winter mats, 22 neon & glitter Sentiments, Wright's Instant bow or gathering green & gold ribbon 3 yards, 9 adhesive foam "Snow" words, Offray Spool O' Ribbon 3 yards- green, Adhesive Foam snowmen (2), "NOEL" (8), snowflakes with glitter (6), spool of candy cane ribbon, 6 adhesive "Merry Christmas" foam words, and "Peace on Earth" (2)!

Excited? I hope so!

How do I win?  Here are the details:

1. If you participate and email me a photo of your card or item...your name will be entered 10 times.

2. If you leave a comment before Tuesday evening at 8pm...your name will be entered once, also! And, you will be eligible for the random drawing of the "Card of the Week!"

3. If you have a friend come to the He IS Able blog and leave a comment, saying she was sent by you (user name only!) Your name will be entered again! And, so will your guests!

4. Anyone who signs up as a NEW "Google Follower," (Which is after the
47th person,) will have their name entered in the drawing! (Please be sure that you use your user name!)

5. And, if you tell your readers about this Challenge, and you email me the link to your blog where it is clearly and "excitingly" written...I will enter your name FIVE times! Or, you can use the picture of Blog Candy. Please list it as "The He IS Able Blog Candy" and put a link to this site:

6.  So, how do YOU WIN? On September 30th, at midnight I will have one name randomly chosen! That person will WIN IT ALL! And, the winner will not need to wait long...The Winner Will be Announced on the next post, Friday, October 1st! Sound good? Excited? I tell you this is a great prize! You will be set for making your cards this year! Or perhaps, scrapbooking after Christmas!

7.  (I am SO sorry, I can only send this to continental US addresses.) But, please still participate in the card project...I would love to show it here on the
He IS Able blog! I do hope you will understand.

Peter said, "I don't have any silver or gold!  But I will give you what I do have.  In the name of Jesus Christ from Nazareth, get up and start walking."  Acts 3:6  I bet that was the BIGGEST event in that man's life!

Have a Blessed Day!  I will be here Friday, with a few cards I will make between now and then!  I hope you will be here.  Bring a photo of your card for the Blog Candy!  Remember,  take BIG steps!

He IS Able!
Traci S.


  1. Great job on the blog Candy Traci :) Hope your doing well. HUGS

  2. Wonderful post, Traci! Thanks for sharing your heart and God's desire for us to believe that with Him all things are possible! HE IS Able!! What a Mighty God we serve.


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