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Our 80th Day Celebration Blog Candy!
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 This is a great day, as there will be some SURPRISES in today's post!  I pray  that you are all well and safe, and ready to Praise the Lord--for He is Worthy to be Praised!  Isn't He?  What can you praise Him for today?  Do you praise Him once?  Twice?  All day long, with Thanksgiving in your heart? 

Today you will find:

  •  We will be talking about miracles!

  •  Exodus 15:23&25, Exodus 16:29 &17:2-6

  • Today's Surprise! 
Growing up in a Jewish home, and with Jewish Sunday School, we always heard about Exodus.  Not the book, per se.  But, THE Exodus.  Moses.  The "Mean Pharaoh."  The plagues.  Everyone finally leaving.  Or, that is how it seemed.  It wasn't Moses leading the group.  It was the Lord!

 But, in our home, that wasn't the key part.  I am so glad that we have His Word to know the Truth.  Not that my family was lying...or my Sunday School teachers.  They taught what they saw.  We didn't use Bibles. Jews don't.  They use a Torah, which the Rabbi reads and translates a portion every Friday, and it takes a full year to finish it.  Other wise, we relied on books that were cute, and written by anyone.  I never would have known about any of the miracles we will talk about today, if I hadn't read the Bible.  They aren't covered in the Haggadah.  That is a guide we would use telling the story of The Exodus with prayers through out it...during the Seder.  (Our Lord's Last Supper.)  But, that is not part of the Jew's celebration.  (If I use any terms that need clarification...just ask! No problem! And, when I share about growing up in a Jewish Family, that is my experience, and not the experience by every Jew, ok? OK!)  So, let's see some of the other miracles the Lord did for us. And, yes, the Jews do know about the manna, we call it Matzot! (That giant cracker.)

So, the 2 million men, women and children were into the Sinai desert. They were thirsty, they went 3 days at the beginning of their trek without anything to drink. They were uncomfortable, they were in the was hot, and sandy. (I don't think I'd be the happiest camper in town!)

"When they came to Marah, they couldn't drink its water because it was bitter."  Exodus 23

"Then Moses cried out to the Lord, and the Lord showed him a piece of wood.  He threw it into the water, and the water became sweet."  Exodus 15:25

Now, that may not seem as SPECTACULAR as parting the Red Sea. Think about it. They wouldn't have survived much longer. In the words of Tevye, from  Fiddler on the Roof..."This was a miracle...too!"

I don't remember ever learning that the Lord provided meat at night! It's true. Read about it! He sent quail sometimes. And, manna (Bread from Heaven) in the morning. They were told to take a certain amount, and if they took more than that it would be...hmmm...some of you are eating breakfast...let's just say, you wouldn't want to eat it. And, other times it would disappear!

"Bear in mind that the Lord has given you the Sabbath; that is why on the 6th day He gives you bread for 2 days." Exodus 16:29

Wow! The Lord provides in mighty ways. Doesn't He? How does He provide in your life? Are you aware of it? Do you pray with Thanksgiving in your heart?

As they went on, walking through the heat, day after day, sand in their clothes & sandals if they were fortunate to have them, they would complain to Moses again and again. At one point, Moses was afraid he would be stoned for not providing water.

Exodus 17:2 "So they quarreled with Moses and said, "Give us water to drink."

Exodus 17:5-6  "The Lord answered Moses, "Walk on ahead of the people.  Take with you some of the elders of Israel and take in your hand the staff which you struck the Nile and go."  I will stand there before you by the rock of Horeb.  Strike the rock, and water will come out of it for the people to drink.  So Moses did this in the sight of the elders of Israel.

 Now, I have a question, if any of you happen to know for sure, please let me know, ok?  I don't have a clue.  It states:  "I will stand there before you by the rock of Horeb."  My question is what did Moses actually see standing there before him?  I would love to know!  Or is this one of the things that will be revealed to us on the other side, up where we are praising the Lord all of the time--Worshipping Him!
These are just a few of the miracles that the Lord provides in Exodus. (The book.) Did you know about all of them? Good for you! And, if you didn't...Good for you, too! Because now you do! All we need to know is in the Bible. So, please take some time, every day, to read a section...really read it. Think about the Lord's feelings and thoughts. Don't just read the facts. For example, I feel badly that the people kept complaining and complaining...even though the Lord provided for their needs. It rings a bell with me. Sometimes, I can  complain about sitting in traffic or my son not calling enough. What about you? Do you find yourself complaining some times? I tell you this, I will be thinking about how the Lord must feel when he is providing for us, and I complain about something anyway.

Now....drum roll please...

Last Friday was our 80th Day here at He IS Able!!!
Congratulations! Wahooo! You know what that means, right? We celebrate our "40 days" here! We celebrated the first 40 days by looking at who Noah was, and made cards from the Scriptures given.  The winner, Tracy, received all of the cards, plus some goodies when we took all of the participant's names and entered them for a random drawing!

THIS time...get ready...Please make a card about any of the OTHER miracles in the story of The Exodus! This part of the Bible is full of miracles!

So what do we do? Please make a card showing a different miracle, or using a Scripture, it doesn't even need to be a card...make a bookmark, or other item.

Then What? Send me the photo please, and I will post it here on the blog...with your user name...(so please include it with the email--some of you, I know by real name, and forget your user name!)

Why can't we just link it up? I am trying to get "inlinkz." Sadly, they are shut down right now, until they get their "New & Improved" system up. And, I could not get "mr linky" to cooperate with us either. So, if you would send me your photo of your card, I will upload it here on the blog for you.

Any PRIZE? Oh YES, there is! It's an early Christmas some Beautiful assorted Christmas/Winter Paper: 2 red sparkly 81/2"x11" cs, 4 yards of Beau-Vel Faux Velvet ribbon, 1 Christmas red ahiny cs,  6 candy cane tags, 32 6x6 assorted Christmas and winter papers, 10 trees with real bells, 30 yards of red, dk. green and light green raffia, 8 iceskate adhesives on bows, 21 assorted stickers, 4 large adhesive ornaments, 15 feet of WFR Embassy Collection Ribbon, 3x3 pad of winter mats, 22 neon & glitter Sentiments, Wright's Instant bow or gathering green & gold ribbon 3 yards, 9 adhesive foam "Snow" words, Offray Spool O' Ribbon 3 yards- green, Adhesive Foam snowmen (2), "NOEL" (8), snowflakes with glitter (6), spool of candy cane ribbon, 6 adhesive "Merry Christmas" foam words, and "Peace on Earth" (2)!

Excited?  I hope so!

How do I win? Here are the details:

1. If you participate and email me a photo of your card or item...your name will be entered 10 times.

2. If you leave a comment before Tuesday evening at 8pm...your name will be entered once, also! And, you will be eligible for the random drawing of the "Card of the Week!"

3. If you have a friend come to the He IS Able blog and leave a comment, saying she was sent by you (user name only!) Your name will be entered again! And, so will your guests!

4. Anyone who signs up as a NEW "Google Follower," (Which is after the
 47th person,) will have their name entered in the drawing!  (Please be sure that you use your user name!)

5. And, if you tell your readers about this Challenge, and you email me  the link to your blog where it is clearly and "excitingly" written...I will enter your name FIVE times!  Or, you can use the picture of Blog Candy.  Please list it as "The He IS Able
       Blog Candy"  and put a link to this site:

So, how do YOU WIN? On September 30th, at midnight I will have one name randomly chosen! That person will WIN IT ALL! And, the winner will not need to wait long...

The Winner Will be Announced on the next post, Friday, October 1st! Sound good? Excited? I tell you this is a great prize! You will be set for making your cards this year! Or perhaps, scrapbooking after Christmas!

(I am SO sorry, I can only send this to continental US addresses.)  But, please still participate in the card project...I would love to show it here on the
He IS Able blog!  I do hope you will understand.

I hope you will all be here on Wednesday, and again on Friday.  My email is unfortunately being changed sometime next please be sure to check the side bar!

Have a blessed day!

He IS Able,
Traci S.


  1. Sounds like a great challenge Traci! don't know if I'll have the time to participate though.

  2. I love your devotion for today! The complaining part really makes you think and wonder how God continues to put up with it. Thanks for the blessing and for inviting me here to your site, Traci!

  3. The complaining part in your devotional really made me say, "Ouch!" Thanks for the needed reminder.

    I'm hoping to make something for your challenge tonight.

  4. Loved your journey through is an awesome book of the Lord's deliverance and provision for His people. . .and that same God who delivered His people from the bondage of Egypt is still delivering His people from their bondage to sin today: He does not change! And He provides for us. . .did you know that in all those 40 years their clothes and shoes DID NOT wear out. . .and they were not stationary, resting with their feet up on some cushion! I'm thankful for you Traci and continue to pray for the Lord's sustenance and strength! Blessings in Christ!

  5. Hi Traci,
    Thanks for the wonderful post today!! What a blessing you are to us. Praying that the Lord will continue to use you and guide you in these devotions. We are studying the Book of Exodus in our Sunday Evening service, it's fascinating. Hope to make a card, it's been a hectic few weeks, so I'm not sure but I'll certainly put forth the effort! God bless.

  6. thanks for sharing your reflection. and what a great giveaway!

  7. You always have a way of getting me to think about things in a different way. There are many times I've grumbled and complained to God and others. I've been thinking back for the past 22 years I've been married and there have been so many miracles that have taken place in our lives. God has ALWAYS provided. Sometimes in the desert times we need to remember the miracle times. Thanks for the wonderful post and the giveaway.



  8. There is obviously a lot to know about this. I think you made some good points in Features also.
    Keep working ,great job!

  9. Awesome blog thank you! You should checkout my site

  10. Wow all I can say is that you are a great writer! Where can I contact you if I want to hire you?


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