Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Special Give-Away on a Dear Friend's Blog!

You could win this card!
Hello Everyone~                                         

Lots to share this morning!

  •  Psalm 20:4
  • Who won this weeks card?  What does the new card look like?
  • Who is having a give-away on her blog?
  • 1st Testimony to be shared on Monday...please join us!

First of all, I bet you are curious to find out whose comment was randomly chosen to win this week's Card for the He IS Able Weekly Card Give-Away!  I was amazed to find that our winner is Sweet Savannah's comment this time--again.  Congratulations, Sav!

Here is her comment:  "Savannah O'Gwynn said...How fun!! You are on a trip of a lifetime--wish I had time to go visit family! Hope you take lots of photos!!

I like this Psalm--I want to worship God like that!! I am a worship leader at our church--so I will make sure this weekend when I sing, I remember these verses!! God is GOOD!"   July 21, 2010 6:02 PM

This is a Scripture that I just love to read and try to comprehend the amazing nature of it...sometimes it takes a while for things to sink in with me."May He grant you according to your heart's desire, and fulfill all your purpose.  Psalm 20:4  Wow!  Just re-read that and think of how that applies to you personally!  Of course, if we belong to Him, If we gave our lives to living for Him, if He is Our personal Lord and Savior, our treasures stored up in our hearts are Scriptures, and things that help us live a life close to Him.  I LOVE that! 

If you haven't yet decided to live your life for the one and only true God, please email me, or contact a church, I am sure any of us would be happy to talk with you and pray with you.

I would like to thank my dear friend, Deb S. from her blog, Dream In Color for talking up this blog and listing it on her sidebar, without me even asking her.  She is having give-aways this month...check it out!

Now, Big News!  And, a total coincidence...I promise you!  Savannah, sent me an email late last night with a copy of her blog. (She didn't even know she had won her card yet!) Now, let me tell you, she is having a Give-Away on Friday!   To win, you need to visit Savannahland2 and leave a comment, to have a chance to win.  You get an extra chance, if you leave a comment here...and go to her blog and tell her you left a comment here, at the He IS Able Blog!  Easy!  So, please ask your friends to visit her blog...and this one!

This card was anonymously donated by a woman who really has a heart to support others.  She will pray for anyone, with all of her being. I know, because she has done so for me. She is a very special woman, indeed.  You could win this card--by leaving a comment!  And, remember that is the only way I know that anyone has visited.  Love to read comments!  Thank you--anonymous person!  :)

And, on Monday, I will be sharing someone's Testimony here at the He IS Able blog.  Remember, please, that this is your blog also.  Please send your Testimony, or Your Favorite Scripture and Why, or A2 size cards with 2 envelopes for each card, or any "God Story."  I will be thrilled to share it, word for word, here on our blog.

He IS Able,
Traci S.


  1. OH, Traci! You are so funny! I can't believe I won again:) How fun!! I will send an email with a name/address of the recipient that would be encouraged to get this card!!

    I love that verse--the desires of our hearts:) Gotta remember that sometimes my desires are not what God wants...and that his plans are better than what I could ever think! I am telling you what--He can do ALL THINGS! And He is AMAZING:) God is good:)

    Hope you are doing well:) Thanks for sharing the word of God and His love:) Be blessed!!

    ps...for anyone who is reading this--it was coincidence!! I can't believe how God works things out!!

  2. this is a great card and i have just the person to give it to if i win it!

  3. Amazing blog! Thanks to Sav for sharing your site. She is an amazing person!

    Thanks for your encouraging words you share here!!!

  4. What an amazing way to share the love of Jesus! I love what you are doing here and give you kudos for proclaiming His promise in such a public format. I'm sure He will bless you for your servanthood. (I got here from Savannah's blog) ;)

  5. Such a great idea for a blog! Thanks to Savannah for the heads-up that your site exists. And the verse on this week's card is so inspiring!

  6. Wonderful blog! Thanks Savannah for sharing the link!!

  7. Great blog! Thanks to Savannah for sharing the inspiration!!

  8. Very touching blog, thanks so much for sharing your faith this way....

  9. What a lovely blog site you have created Traci! I like to use my cricut and crafting skills at church and school. I try to create projects at church that emphasize the scriptures we read and projects that are occurring at the church. I am so glad that Savannah directed us to your blog.

  10. I will need to send your blog to my mother. She will absolutely love it. It's amazing to find someone who cares so much about other people - and who actually does something about it. Many thanks to Savannah for pointing the way to you.

  11. Thank you, Sav, for sharing "He IS Able" with us -- I have recently found the intersection between this addicting and fun hobby, and sharing it with other believers. It has been inspiring and encouraging to see how we can share God's love in such a beautiful and creative way.

    Love the verse -- definitely one to chew on and remember how dearly He loves us.

  12. Hi Traci! I read about your blog on Savannah's blog a few days ago and hopped over here to visit. now she's sent us here again and I've enjoyed both visits. It's a blessing to find people among all the many crafters out there who show there love for their Lord and Savior like you do. May He bless your efforts with this blog to His glorification!

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  15. Beautiful card and I enjoyed catching up with your travels!!

  16. I just found your blog, thanks to Deb. Thank you for starting the blog. I wish you a huge following, and great success, since it's all to God's glory.


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