Wednesday, August 25, 2010

MANY Winners Anounced today! EVERYONE is a winner!

Hi Everyone~

First of all, I apologize. I posted the entire post this morning. I checked it. Saw it...and went on. A few minutes later, I came back into it to change the photo of the "Card of the Week" and the Inspiration for the Day. Easy! The blog post was mostly gone! So, I just re-wrote what I is almost noon...and I apologize! I don't know what happened! Traci

Secondly, I would like to thank Rebekka or Becky for sharing such an inspiring
Testimony, and for allowing me to post it on Monday for everyone to see. If you didn't have time to read it. I really hope you will look at Monday's post. It is amazing...and will excite you to go out and share about the dear Lord! Thank you, Rebekka! (If you leave a comment for her or concerning anything else...please leave it on today's comment section on the very bottom of this post, so we can see it! Thank you!)

Today is a BIG day on the He IS Able blog! Lots of BIG news. Lots of Winners to please read everything carefully!

I have been so excited about today! This is going to be our most fun on the blog yet~

Today, please find:
             • Winners announced through out the whole post!
             • Celebrating 40!
             • Many Scriptures including: Psalm 118:24, 1 John 4:6, 1 Peter 1:22

"This is the day that the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it."
   Psalm 118:24

"Let us love one another, for love comes from God." 1 John 4:6

With all of the excitement in today's post, how can we not rejoice and be glad in this day that He has made? I hope you all had time to be with Him this day--for your joy will be much fuller when we spend our time with Jesus the Christ!

OK--Enough Anticipation...

Announcing the Winner of the 1st He IS Able blog Challenge!

This was an interesting challenge. If you'd like to see the details of the challenge please look at the post on the August 2nd post. We celebrated our 40th day as a blog together! Why celebrate 40? Well, the number 40 is used all through out the entire Bible! It is an important number indeed. So, we celebrated our 40th day with a Card Challenge! Specific Scriptures were shared on the blog about Noah and his adventure. The cards were made to reflect any of those Scriptures…from Genesis. The winner is randomly chosen from all of the participants who sent their card in. That person will receive half of all of the cards received. (The other half will be added to the very generous supply of cards we have received from talented card-makers. Thanks!)

So, the winner of our Very 1st He IS Able Challenge is…

Tracy!!!!!!!!! Congratulations, Tracy! Your card is just beautiful!

Tracy, please email me your complete mailing address, and I will send ALL of these cards out to you. Wait a minute! Did I say “ALL?” I hope so, because that is exactly what I meant!! SURPRISE! You will receive ALL of the cards sent in for the Challenge. (I told my husband about this week’s ago! He didn’t tell,I’m sure!

Tracy we hope that you will use these cards to bless others and share with others about His Love, Word or Gift of Salvation! You will receive the cards, (I made a few extra), the envelopes and postage for each of the cards! Congratulations, Tracy! A HUGE thank you to everyone who participated! We had 5 participants, and next time, I hope there will be many more. That is not bad for a baby-blog. We have only been up for 57 days!

I would love to share the beautiful cards from all of the Participants. Will ALL of the Participants please email me, and let me know if I may share your first name and your card…and your URL to your blog or gallery if you would like for it to be shared when someone clicks on the card photo in this blog. I will not include yours if I do not hear from you. Please answer right away….I’d love to share them next Wednesday!

1 Peter 1:22 tells us, “Love one another deeply from the heart.”

I care about each of you. I pray that when you visit the He IS Able blog, you will be inspired! You may have learned something exciting, you may be ready to challenge yourself in your walk with the dear Lord, Jesus the Christ, you may have read something that made you think, “Hmmmm.” And it may have made you want to prayerfully consider or study what you have read.

Today we have already announced the Winner of our 40th Day Celebration! Well, today we have reached a great milestone! We now have 40 Followers! Did this happen by coincidence? I don’t believe in coincidences! Things happen in His time. Was it luck? I don’t believe in that either…I consider it to be a superstition! What do you believe about this? I thank each of you for signing up as a “Google Follower” of this blog! Thank you for telling your family, friends and co-workers about this blog. Have you told your husband or boyfriend, or Father? Do you think I write to women only? (This would be VERY helpful for me to know.) I am sure you would love to have the men in your life go to church with you, and read Scriptures and look at Christian blogs. I am open to suggestions. Thank you again for everything you are doing to “grow” YOUR blog. This is not the “Traci Blog.” This is a blog for the Community! You are welcome to share your Testimony, or favorite Scripture and why, or tell about a time when you felt His comfort or guidance. This is YOUR blog! I generally share my thoughts when there is not someone else’s to share.

We have a “Card of the Week” Winner to Announce! The winner of the fabulous and very bright card made and donated by Joan, will go to a person who left a comment this past week…and was randomly chosen.

The Winner of the Card of the Week is Danie!

Congratulations, Danie! WTG! You were randomly chosen to receive this great card made for this occasion by Joan! Please email me (on the side bar) your complete mailing address. (Before next Wednesday!) I will send this to you with an extra envelope and postage! What a great middle of the week surprise, Danie!

Here is Danie’s comment:

“Wow Traci, what a beautiful inspiration your blog is. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and stories with us as well as the gorgeous cards.

I have been a follower of Becky's blog for the last few months and had never known her life story. I just know that she had suffered and found God. She is very passionate about her beliefs and I so look forward to reading Becky's blog as she always has a story to share along with her scripture which I find so refreshing and always manages to pick up my day. " August 23, 2010 6:15 PM

Danie, your comments are so sweet. I hope you realize now, that it not my talent you usually see on this blog. I want everyone to feel a part of this blog! Rebekka is an amazing wonder…I totally agree! Congraulations, again, Danie!

I bet you ALL were hoping that your name would have been drawn to receive the card of the week. Well, in honor of our celebrating today…

Everyone will win a special, beautiful and unique card!!!

You will ALL receive your card and an extra envelope as soon as I receive your email with your complete address! (Please! Do NOT leave it in the comment section!!!) I am not going to be gifting postage for this extra SURPRISE as there are so many cards going out at once! (If you need the stamp to be able to send out the card, please,just let me know in your email with your address. Of course, I will attach it to the envelope. No problem!) I am just trying to stretch those postage dollars of mine.

Speaking of which, I would be so appreciative if you all would  please pray that my wonderful husband, Dave, who I love so much, finds a job soon that he would really enjoy doing. He is a Controller-Accountant, who would rather move from the for-profit industry to the non-profit, help people a lot, especially in the medical field—accountant. Thanks! I also pray that he will become a Believer in Jesus the Christ while I am alive, so that we can serve Him together. Thank you so very much! Traci

            Oh, Everyone who became a Follower this Week Wins, too!

Our card winners are: Becky, Tammy, Lynn, Sharanda, Savannah, Anonymous (I already know who you are!), Gardner’s Basket, Cathy, Tracy (Yes, you win this, too!), Grace, sundayshine, Janaria, Ceal, Tressa, and Jennipher! (If I accidentally left you off of this list…I apologize. Please email me your complete address, and I will make it right, right away!)  Everyone, please email me your complete mailing address, even if you think I have it, before next Wednesday-so you don't lose it!  This was only possible to do through Our Dear God's Provision.  He touched the hearts of many card-makers to make and donate beautiful cards!  We have 110 cards on hand today!

Please be certain to look at the new "Card of the Week!"  It is designed by the wonderfully creative and talented Dawn B.  her amazing blog is named
 "My Stamping Thyme".  She has a beautifully colored fabulous Christmas Card on her blog right now.  It is stunning!  Dawn is on the Design Team for
Mo's Digital Pencil Challenge.  She creates the most wonderful work for
Flourishes.  I hope you will stop over at Dawn's blog and leave some love for her...please let her know you just came from the He IS Able blog...and please let her know what you think of her fabulous "Card of the Week!"

1 Peter 1:22 “Love one another deeply from the heart.”

That is what I do when I pray for you, when I lift up this blog. When I want to excite you with a realization or surprise! I hope you will continue to tell your Believing and non-Believing friends to stop by. I hope you are signed up as a “Google Follower” of this blog. I especially hope you will leave a comment on today’s post. If there is something you want more info on, something you would like changed, or added or deleted…, or ideas on how to attract the men in your life to this blog--please email me. I hope you have a blessed week!

He IS Able,
Traci S


  1. I just love Psalm 118:24...such a great verse! I also enjoy anticipation! Which is a good thing because I don't see the name of the challenge winner anywhere! lol I am sure enjoying your blog! Thank you!...Nancy :o)

  2. Congratulations to ?? who ever won, I do not see a name..:)

  3. What a great write up Traci.. SOrry I have not been back to email you.. Been gone most of August.. Thanks for using my card as the Card of The Week.

  4. Anticipation over!! All the winners are revealed! YAY!! Congratulations to everyone! Congratulations to you as well Traci, and the effort you've put into the blog. Forty followers on your fortieth day is wonderful!...Nancy :o)

  5. Thanks Traci! I believe that everyone who has visited this blog can say they were blessed. May God continue to be glorified by your efforts!

  6. I agree with Tracy (CONGRATS, by the way!) that everyone who visits this blog can say that they are blessed! You are a truly inspiring person, Traci, and I'm glad to be a part of your blog journey. I will certainly keep Dave in prayer for a job and for a relationship with Christ. I, too, am out of work and searching. Thank you so much for what you are doing, and congratulations to all the WINNERS!!

  7. Congratulations to every one :). I am lifting Dave up in prayer. Great blog today and gorgeous card of the week.

  8. Congratulations to Tracy and Danie! Traci you are just to good to us!
    I hope we get an opportunity to see all the entries for the challenge.

  9. Found your blog from a blog from a blog! I just finished reading all of your entries and you are an inspriration. Thank you for taking on this responsibility.

  10. I just want you to know what a breath of fresh air this blog is. The encouragement that is given, the beautiful cards and the testimonies shared. I believe this blog is going to grow by leaps and bounds as we share what our Father is doing in our lives. Is there an on going place where we can leave prayer requests? We will be praying for Dave's job and his relationship with the Lord. Blessings~


Thank you so much for leaving your thoughts, ideas,prayer requests and comments! We love to read them all! And, if you had a prayer request, the Prayer Team will begin praying for your needs today. God Bless!