Friday, October 8, 2010

Guest Card Maker! Praise Report!

Hi Everyone~

What a great day!  I am up north visiting my family.  The weather is so beautiful.  It is around 72 and gorgeous.  Much better than the heat we are still having in Florida!  And, there is no humidity here!  I am so happy to get to visit my family! 

I have a unique item for my Gratitude list today!  I LOVE washing my teeth with ice cold water!!  Oh, it is so much better than with room temp. or warmer than that.  Oh, thank you Lord, for cold water!  What have you been praising Him for lately?   Just the BIG things?  Just the little things?  Everything?  How about sharing one thing...let's have a Praise Report today in our comment section!

I told you that we would have a guest card maker today.  This isn't going to be a regular thing, I just wanted to share another wonderful person with you. I have been saving up cards for months for this day!

I have a niece who I love so much. She has been making cards lately! We are exchanging cards now. Can you believe she is only 8-years old? Amazing, isn't it? Can you believe that she shared HER stamps and GAVE me some of her very cool fabric! She is such a wonderful niece!  So generous. 

Isn't this amazing!  Look what she did with this ribbon.  The horse is one of her awesome stamps.  I love how well she matched the ribbon to her markers.

This girl definitely loves peace!  And, I love this artist.  I am holding on to her cards, I could  see her being  a famous artist in the future!

This card just really amazed me!  I gave her a stamped image of my lily stamp.  She did a fabulous job coloring it with her markers.  I told her a teeny bit about shading, and using 2 colors that are close together. The whole lecture on shading was about 30 seconds...
Look how well she put it to use!  I am so proud of her.  Love, how she made it her own by adding leaves!

She is now starting to dabble in water color pencils!  I can't wait to see what is next. 

The Monday post may be late getting in.  I may be writing it from the airport.  I am not sure.  I hope you will stop in, however.  I have an important topic to share with you. 

Have a blessed weekend!  I am so excited...I may even get to wear a sweater!  Please remember to list an item of Praise in the comment section...or any other comment!

He IS Able!
Traci S.

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  1. Beautiful work! My daughter is 9 yo and stamps with me ALL of the time. It is SO much fun! I hope you are having a VERY blessed day Traci!
    Because of Jesus' Love,
    Chrissy D

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