Friday, January 7, 2011

Special Announcement And Whispers of Promise

Good Morning, Friends!

I am SO excited about the things I have to share with you today!  I hope that you are having delightful weather, and that you have some fun activities planned for this weekend.  I will be making lots of cards!  I am so excited.  I have been reorganizing my art room, and that means more goodies have been added to our Give-Away to celebrate our 6 Month Anniversary!  Great for you!  Fun for me!

 I hope that each of us will also schedule time to be with the Lord.  Church is great.  I am writing about something different.  I am talking about that precious 1 on 1 time.  If you have children, you can probably remember those special times you had with only you and your child.  Maybe they were sharing something with you, maybe you were doing something together.  It was precious time.  This is the time that Our Lord would like with each of us, also.  Quality, quiet time...(in addition to church)...where you can read, pray and then...listen.  Think about scheduling it in...there is a better chance of it happening then!  Even do it for the children...let them sit on their beds for 15 minutes and "talk" to God, and then tell them to listen quietly, and see if they "hear" ideas from them. Maybe let them look at their Children's Bible--even if they can't read yet. Never too early to start a great behavior.  Of course, 15 minutes may be too long for a 5-year-old, but it wouldn't seem like an eternity to a teen either.  You don't want to make it a punishment for them.  Make it special.  Hot chocolate afterwards, or something.  It may open the door to conversations about Him...not lectures, but conversations.  Oh, how I wish my son were a child again.  The things I would do differently.  If you try it out, I would love to hear how it went. In life, most people need to try new behaviors more than once, to make them stick. (Proven in several cases which I can't quote at the moment.)  Whatever you do, I pray that you will all be blessed and  encouraged through your quality time with the Lord, through this blog, and with each other.

 "I always thank God as I remember you in my prayers."  Philemon 4
  • Isaiah 28:26, Philemon 4, Numbers 6:24-25
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"For He instructs him in right judgment, his God teaches him."
  Isaiah 28:26

I promised you a Special Announcement today...  First, I would like to fill you in just a bit.  I had a row of repetitive dreams a few weeks ago.  They were crystal clear...and they seemed more and more urgent as time went by.  If you read the first post of this blog...back on June 30th of last year, you would know that it was through this manner that I realized I was receiving marching orders...and an answer to prayer!  I was to start this blog...but rather than having the main focus be was to be on Him!  He has been such an amazingly faithful guide since that time.  I have grown in my love for Him, my desire to be obedient to Him, and in my desire to encourage each of you to be bold in sharing about Him---especially through the gorgeous cards that were donated for the "Card of the Week." (Thank you all again!) The dreams were of this nature.  I know exactly what He was asking of me.  I am more than happy to comply.  We are adding several different areas to this blog...and I am not the one to do all of the areas!  (That is a challenge for me to say and admit!)  Thankfully, He gave me the name of the person I was to approach about joining us. And, to no surprise...she agreed!  The new activities will roll out slowly, so that we can do them in a manner that Glorifies Him, and keeps you interested. 

Today's Special Announcement is that Michele G. is joining me here at The He IS Able blog!  I could not be happier.  I met Michele about 8 months ago at one of the prayer threads at SplitCoastStampers.  We immediately became friends.  She loves the Lord, Jesus the Christ, with all of her heart.  I have learned so much from her.  On the prayer thread, we pray for people's prayer requests and needs, and for the people they may know.  We encourage each other...and we care about each other. Michele is so at home there.  She has such a generous and caring heart.  She has been here on the blog many times.  She has shared her writing a few times, had a Challenge to have birthday cards sent to her Dad,  she helped me take that "Leap of Faith" and write my first post, when I was scared.  She has always been involved, but shies away from being recognized.  Michele is married, and is the proud mom of a teenager.  I know that she really enjoys Victoria Osteen's writings as well as the preaching of Joel Osteen.  She also admires the work of Joyce Meyer.  Michele has joined the He IS Able blog, because she feels she is being called to do something more.  Trust me...she does a lot already...but that is her beautiful heart.  Be careful!  It is contagious!  :)

What will Michele be doing here?  She will be starting a very unique Bible Study every 3rd Friday of the month.  I want her to be able to explain the unique nature of this "study" herself.  She is calling it:

"Precious Women of God
This includes YOU!"

I am sure you will all bless her by officially welcoming her to the
He IS Able Blog!  I hope you will mark your calendars for next Friday the 21st-be sure to stop by!  I know what she is planning...and I know it will be very interesting!  Welcome Michele!  I am grateful that you are joining in this special way to please Him!

Give Aways and Challenges
I wanted to point out that all Give-Away or Challenge Information is now posted on the side bar.  This will make it very easy for you to find to reference. As well as making it easy for people from other blogs to take a quick look at! 

I also have information about a seperate event I am doing with my Mother.  She is doing a huge 24 hour event called the Re-lay for Life in April!  I am doing a Card Drive Fundraiser as a part of it.  Card makers are donating cards for the sale, and I needed a public, free place to keep them up to date on how we are doing!  This is not a He IS Able blog event.  It is to help the American Cancer Society help people and make people aware of all types of cancer.  They do not concentrate on one type.  So, this updated information is located on the side bar also.  It is not a contest for this blog.  And, other than posting it in the public side bar...isn't part of The He IS Able blog.  Even though the Lord can touch anyone's heart for an important need.  I hope you understand.

Whispers of Promise
 Well, I found another book that I just love.  I am still going to be writing about what I have learned from The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren, on Mondays.  I will be sharing on how we can please Him, and be on His path for each of our lives. 

This book, is published by Barbour.  It was a bit funny.  I was looking for the author to mention here in the blog.  Well, the book is full of Scriptures and a few quotes from people.  God is the Author!  I laughed.  The didn't list Him, but they didn't list someone else either.  It is a book to encourage women daily.  Personally, I think it would be great for anyone.  It has a small sharing for each day.  Here is one that really seemed to fit today's post:

Everything New
"Everything that is new or
uncommon raises a pleasure in
the imagination because it fills the
soul with an agreeable surprise,
gratifies its curiosity, and gives it
an idea of which was not before
~Joseph Addison

Well, today's post has certainly been about changes and new things:   Michele taking on a new area, new ideas to try with youngsters and yourself and new concepts for the blog. This seems like an appropriate piece to share today.   I hope you have all left a comment to make you eligible for the Give-Away we are currently hosting!  All you need to do is leave a comment before the 14th telling of one thing that you have learned or done differently because of this blog! Your name will go into a random drawing...and the Winner will be announced on the 15th!  (Please check the side bar for further details.)

And, Wednesday, we will announce the winner of the "Card of the Week."  I hope you will join us here.  And, please consider inviting your readers, family or friends to visit. Leave a comment and you are entered!  

Reminder, if you post our badge (just copy and paste it) on your blog, please make sure I have the blog will receive a fabulous card to use to share your love for Him, His Word, or tell of His Gift of Salvation!  Of course, you can use it anyway you would like.  Your participation is greatly appreciated!  We love to share what we have learned with you and with others, and we hope to encourage you with your walk with the Lord.  God bless!

"May the Lord bless you and keep you.  The Lord make His face shine upon you and be gracious to you, all the days of your lives."  Numbers 6:24-25 Amen.

He IS Able,
Traci S.

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  1. How exciting! I too met Michele on line. She is a very caring, loving and religious person. Michele has been there for me to support and encourage. I am looking forward to her posts. I read this forum regularly and feel closer to God. I am one of the very fortunate to have know God my entire life. I grew up in a home where prayer was expected in the good times and the struggles. I read this forum regularly. jcb


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