Saturday, January 15, 2011

Winners for the 6 Month Blog-o-Versary Give-Away and the "Card of the Week" Winner!

Hi Everyone~

Happy Saturday!  I pray that you are all enjoying your weekend, and that He is at the center of your thoughts and activities!  I hope you are doing as many things as you can to please Him.  For we have been sharing about this very topic on Mondays.

I know you are all excited to know who  won the "Card of the Week" so let's choose that winner first.  To be eligible, you had to leave a comment...any comment on the blog from January 5th through last night (Friday the 14th) at midnight.  If your comment was randomly chosen you won the beautiful card shown on the side bar. Please be sure to contact me via email (on the side bar) with your mailing address before Tuesday evening at 8pm!!!!  If for some reason you do not want the card...perhaps you have a stack of bird cards up to your shoulders, simply don't email me your mailing address! You can, however, still leave comments.  If I do not hear from you by Tuesday at 8pm, the card will go back into the He IS Able blog cards.

The randomly chosen person is jcb!  Congratulations, jcb!  I will be happy to send you this beautiful card.  Just email me your address!

Here is her comment:
"Michele- You are an awesome woman. The post reminded me to pray asking for specifics. I will ask God for understanding for the areas of my life I just don't get. Thanks!  By jcb  1/14/11 5:42pm

jcb--I am sure that Michele will be very happy to read what you have written to her.  Proverbs 3:5 states, "Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding;"    I know you pray a lot...I am sure that makes Him smile, spending that one-on-one time with you!  Thanks for the comment!

OK---I know!  You are all excited about finding out who won the
Give-Away for Our 6 Month Blog-o-Versary!
Each of you have added so much to our He IS Able blog over the 6 months that it has been going.  We wanted to do something special for you.  We asked that you leave a comment before last night, Friday the 14th at midnight, answering one of the following:

1.  What is one thing you have learned from this blog?

2.  What have you done differently because of this blog?

The Prizes are just wonderful.  We are giving away an Ash2Ash CD named, "He Will Meet You Where You Are."  This CD has wonderful music, and moving and meaningful Christian Lyrics. The site has a section where you can listen to their music, hear about their ministry, and find out about their soon to be released CD!   I am sure you will enjoy it!

We are also giving the fortunate person who was randomly chosen, author Tim LaHaye's incredible guide titled, How to Study the Bible for Yourself.  He will give you tips on the best way to study that will last a life time.
You will also win an assortment of 14 containers of ultra-fine and chunky glitter to help your New Year start out bright and shiny!  I love to use the ultra-fine glitter when I have a flower cut out, I use my glue pen around the edges, and tap the edges of the flower in the ultra-fine glitter.  You can use this on leaves, too. Anything! The colors are beautiful  One trick is to use a coffee filter makes pouring the left-over back into the bottle or tube so much easier!

The winner will also receive some incredible lace ribbon.  It is stunning, and adds so much to any card, scrapbook page or other paper craft item.

We hope the winner will enjoy all of these wonderful prizes.  So, I guess we should find out who was randomly chosen after they answered one of the above mentioned questions!

Wow!  This is amazing.  The Winner of our Give-Away is jcb!
Double Congratulations to you, jcb!  This must be a great day for you!  Please send me the address you would like me to send this to...and it will be yours before you know it!   If you would like, please let us know how you have enjoyed the give-away items!  We would love to hear from you!

Her comment is the same that is written above.  Although, she wrote other comments also.

Thank you to everyone who has been with us for the 6 months, or part of the 6 months!  We will be talking about love in February.  If you have a favorite Scripture about love and would like to share it...please email it to me.  Or, if you have a time in mind that you know you received His love...that would be wonderful to share also!  Or, you could tell how you show your love to Jesus, the Christ.  We would love to hear it.  Don't forget, you can send this in Honor of Someone, in Memory of Someone, or just to share.  This is YOUR blog,  also, please share.

If you leave a comment today through Tuesday at 8pm, you will be eligible to enter the "Card of the Week" drawing.  Why not do it while you are thinking of it? (The picture is on the sidebar) It is made from Monica at her blog called Gardner's Basket!  Thank you, Monica.  This is beautiful! Your generous donation of cards for the "Card of the Week" Drawing are greatly appreciated!

Have a safe and blessed time this weekend!  jcb, we hope to hear from you soon!

He IS Able,
Traci S.


  1. Congratulations to jcb! What a precious and fun blog candy package to win!

    Thanks so much to the Lord and to Traci for her dedication to the first six months of this blog! What a blessing it and she is!

  2. This is a good blog. Keep up all the work. I too love blogging and expressing my opinions. Thanks


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