Wednesday, June 22, 2011

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Hi Friends~

We are back from our short trip to Maryland to visit my dear FIL!  He celebrated his 89th birthday with a party of about 21 of us from all over the east coast of America.  Father's Day brunch in the dining hall at the Senior Community where he lives was usual.  There was such a large group of us.  It was a weekend full of blessings.  The majority became clear to me, at times when I least expected it.  I realized I was being blessed when I  was helping Dad get his support socks on...they are so hard to get on!  He has bad circulation in his feet, and his feet are extremely cold and purple when he wakes up.  So, I naturally massaged them a bit, while we talked before I battled those socks.  I was there, and before my eyes I saw a section of the Bible where Jesus was washing the Disciples feet. So often during the weekend when I stretched to do something new and a bit uncomfortable, I was blessed with the words of a hymn coming to mind, or a Scripture, or a quick picture in my mind from a section of the Bible, or I was blessed by using muscles I haven't used in 14 years!

Here I was thinking I was blessing my FIL by helping...and He blessed me beyond my wildest hopes!  I had strength and endurance and patience, that are difficult for me in life...mostly because of my disabilities, and being in constant pain.  I found that when I needed strength during the weekend.  He provided it.  When I needed to stay awake and alert, and wanted to nap...I would in the next alert, and active.  I am sad that Dad needs this help now.  But, I felt so much love helping him, as did Dave, and I felt so blessed by the Lord for He provided every need I had for the entire weekend!  Now, that we are home, and I have relaxed...I need to recuperate a bit!  I am on fire for the Lord, however, and have many things to share with you!
I want to share this short writing I found today, from the devotional book, Whispers of Promise.  They describe what happened so perfectly, in my opinion.  The book is published by BARBOUR, and I do not know the individual writer.  I hope you enjoy it!

Superior Care
The truth really is that His care
is infinitely superior to any
possibilities of human care and
that He, who counts the very hairs
of our heads, takes note of the
minutest matters that affect the
lives of His children.

I will lift up my eye to the hills--from whence comes my help! My help comes from the Lord, who made heaven and earth." Psalm 121: 1-2

Since this is our 1 Year Blog-o-Versary Month, I want to share a little about this blog with you.  I thought I would share a bit about how this blog became known as the "He IS Able" blog.  Especially with the word "IS" being capitalized.  When I first entered "Blog World" in January of last year, I wanted a way to sign off when I left a comment, or a message, or even for my email.  I decided that I would basically use one "message."  I wasn't comfortable using "Love, Traci" because I didn't know anyone.  I decided that since I was working so hard to walk closer with my Lord, Christ Jesus, I would use a reminder to myself of just how incredible, how praise-worthy He is.  I started to sign things like this:  "He IS Able, Traci S."
I wrote it to remind myself!  When I decided that I wanted to have a blog, I gathered a list of ideas from now friends, and from myself...I looked for phrases from the Bible, phrases about Him, Christian music that spoke to name it.  I asked a handful of friends to rank the names.  Well, they were all different!  And, the majority of my friends wrote in, "Why don't you use the way you sign your emails as the blog name?"  "People already associate that "phrase" with you."  And, I loved the song.  I found out that when I emailed a few people with that would open a conversation about the Lord.  They would ask, why is the "IS" capitalized?  I started using it that way because our God is a God of action, in my opinion. I wanted to remember that He was capable of absolutely anything, any time, any where...He could make things happen, when I couldn't.  He would be good, and faithful, and loving, and fair, and strong, and gentle...He IS Able!
He IS not a thing of the past only.  He IS not only written about in a book.  He IS alive!  He IS here with us, until the end of time.  Now you know the story behind this blog's title.  He IS Able!

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Have a blessed week!  We will be back on Friday!  God Bless!
He IS Able!
Traci S.

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  1. Well.... Thank you for answering my unspoken question about how you chose the name for your blog! I have appreciated the name ever since my 1st visit to your blog because I get to read and consider the strong truth of it! It's like a happy reminder of the strength of my Lord.
    Thank you again!


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