Monday, August 22, 2011

A Specific Salutation!

Dear Friends~

I owe each of you an apology.  When I told you I was back, and feeling better from my long illness...I had no idea I would have the worst fibromyalgia attack I have ever had...and that it hurt to move even my I have not been using my computer except to check for prayer requests.  You may have noticed that there are some words posted in orange in recent posts.  When you see these orange words...they are personal challenges for you!  Try it out!

I am sorry if you were here on Friday for our Precious Women of God--This Includes You!---and you realized there was no post.  This very special post written by Michele, will be shared this Friday.  After this week, it will go back to being posted every 3rd Friday of the month.

Speaking of which, Joan, our Prayer Team Leader is in need of prayer.  If you are willing, please lift her up for a quick recovery for back pain and tendinitis in her knees.  We know that Jesus is the "Great Physician" and can heal her with just a word.  And, we know that when 2 or more Believers are gathered in His praying for the same thing...He is there with us.  I know that Joan would appreciate this very much.  I appreciate it, too.  We are here to support each other in prayer...that is why we are looking for people to join our Prayer Team.


I have a post today from Quiet Moments in the Presence of God.  This book is published by Bethany House.  Today's Devotion is called,

"A Specific Salutation"
"This, then is how you should pray: Father in Heaven: May, Your Holy name be honored;  may Your Kingdom come;  may Your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven."  (Matthew 6:9-10  GNT)

"The Disciples saw Jesus often on bended knee and, one day, asked Him to teach them how to pray.  He taught them that the first thing to do is to address God directly, to be specific in salutation, to know what God means, and to call Him what He is.

Prayer acknowledges the personal nature of your relationship to God.  God is a friend with whom you share and in whom you confide.  Through prayer, you speak to God and God speaks to you.  The strength of your prayer comes from the intensity of your bond with God.

When you talk to God, you talk to someone you know well and with whom you have a deep and close relationship."

"God!  Let people thank and enjoy you.  Let all people
thank and enjoy you."  Psalm 67:3


Here are some names for God and the name in Hebrew: 
God, Mighty Creator-Elohim
The God Who Sees Me-El Roi
God Almighty-El Shaddai
The Everlasting God or The Eternal God- El Olam
The Lord Will Provide- Yahweh Yireh
Lord- Yahweh
Lord Master- Adonai
The Lord Who Heals- Yahweh Rophe
Holy One of Israel- Qedosh Yisrael
Refuge, Shield, Fortress, Strong Tower-Machseh, Magen, Migdal-Oz


Thank you for sticking with us.  We are all back....I am back, and will be on a regular basis...Monday, Wednesday and Fridays.  Please leave a comment...perhaps a prayer request, or how you refer to God when you pray...we would love to learn we can learn from each other.  There are many more names for God than listed above.  And, please remember to pray for Joan, and for this blog to encourage people in their lives with Christ Jesus, and to Glorify God in every post!  We hope you will leave a comment before Tuesday night at 8pm...because your comment may be randomly drawn and you may win the "He IS Able Card of the Week!"  This fortunate winner will be announced on Wednesday!  God bless you!

He IS Able!
Traci S.

p.s. "The strength of your prayer comes from the intensity of your bond with God."  This sentence really struck me from the Devotion above.  I believe I will write it on a paper and put it on my "Wall of Inspiration."  Have I told you about that?

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  1. Dear Jesus, I lift up my sister Joan to you today Lord. I pray for healing for body and for peace and wisdom at her job Lord. I pray for restoration of her body, mind and soul Lord, I thank you for Joan, I thank you for allowing us to come to you on her behalf and for interceding for us. Thank you Lord Jesus, lover of our souls thank you God for your mighty works and thank you for Joan's healing and thank you for the works you have done that we can not yet see with our human eyes. Blessings and honor belong to you, IJN. Amen.
    Michele G


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