Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Win 2 Cards Each Week in Our He IS Able Card Give Away!

Dear Friends,

So sorry that I was not here on Monday.  I have had such a bad migraine for so long.  I went to the doctor in the morning, and made a few errands with my Mom, (Who so nicely drives me around.) and then I had to sleep the afternoon away.  I didn't even check my email yesterday.  That means I had a really BAD headache! 

Today we will announce our winner of the "He IS Able Card of the Week."  Let me tell you a little something.  We have a nice number of guests who stop by the blog...however, only a few of you leave a comment.  Leaving a comment is the way you are made eligible for the free card, envelope and postage...and it makes our day!  Now I'll say it the other way...if you don't leave a comment...any are not entered into the random drawing. 

We have a great supply of these amazing cards on hand right now, We are Going to give 2 Cards to the Winner of the "He IS Able Card of the Week Give-Away" until further notice!  They are made by such giving people and they make beautiful cards, too!  So, please leave your comment, or prayer request...anything you want to share, before Tuesday night each week at 8pm!

The winner for this week is Grace!  She was actually the only person besides myself who left a comment.  However, Grace asked that I use the card to give someone else a lift up and a few words of encouragement.  Grace you are so wonderful!  The winner next week will win 2 cards and postage.  I can't wait to read everyone's comments!

Today, I also want to share a few things that I have made recently.  I went to the Southern Woman's Show and it had a CHA section.  (Craft Hobby Association)  While I was there I did a "Make & Take" for only $5.  I made this pendant.  It was the easiest new hobby I have ever tried!  It is made with pieces of glass. This one is square, but they come in all shapes.  Then you choose 2 scraps of design paper that you like.  I chose this floral...and an iridescent purple piece.  After all, purple is my favorite color.  All you do is put a thin layer of 3D Galaxy Gloss on the glass with a brush like a nail polish brush, and then press your piece of paper on it.  You push out any wrinkles, and cut the excess paper off when dry.  Then you put the other paper on the other side.  When you are done you take a beil (the piece that you put a chain or ribbon through) and put one big dot of the gloss on the beil, and push it down on the pendant.  A clothespin will hold it in place for an hour or so to set! 

I would like to show you a card also.  It was made for my Father-in-Law.  We send him a card each month...he is so far away from us.  He is such a special Godly man.  When we visit him, I read the Bible to him before bed and we discuss it.  We get so excited...we go back and forth sharing what we know.  It is a special time I will always cherish!  This was just a fun card for reason, except that we love him a lot!

This card base was made with SU! Hunter Green, Ivory and a Sand colored paper.   I used a piece of webbing for a folding lawn chair for the background!  I tucked the corners under the Hunter Green paper.  And, put dimensional glue dots along the webbing.  I loved using this as an embellishment on this simple card!  I don't have a clue where the stamp is isn't marked.  I did use Creative Inspirations Paints on the truck and dog...except for the gold.  The gold was colored with a Sakura Gel was the red break dot!

I think that soon my cards will show improvement.  My dear husband  gave me a bunch of Copics for my birthday...which was Sunday.  I was so surprised, and so happy. I am going to watch every video I can find on using them.  I have already seen many on how to shade faces.  I would like to know how to color trees, and birds, things of nature mostly.  And, I'd like to know if you color differently for Vintage cards or perhaps you just use different colors.

Josh had his birthday a week before I had mine.  He leaves in a mere 13 days for his life in the Air Force.  I plan on working on scrapbooks and cards the whole time he is away!  God is good!  He has blessed me with a sense of peace. I know I will still worry, and wonder what he is doing.  But, I know that He will watch over Josh much better than I ever could!  I am trusting in Him, in as many areas as possible.  It is wonderful, whomever left an anonymous comment telling me how to rededicate Josh to the Lord.  Your advice helped so much!  My prayers for friends and family seem more passionate, and I believe with all of my heart that their outcomes--or even better ones will be true.  He knows what is best for us.

Thank you all so much for being here!  Congratulations to our winner again!
Remember, every winner from now on will receive 2 cards and postage until further notice.  If they are regular sized envelopes, the extra set will not be included...that would double the amount of postage needed to mail it to you.  I'd rather give you the free cards to use to share about the Lord with friends and family!

"You are the salt of the earth; but if the salt loses its flavor, how shall it be seasoned?  It is then good for nothing but to be thrown out and trampled under foot of men."  (Matthew 5:13)

He IS Able!
Traci Starkweather


  1. I thank God that you have found peace as your son goes off to protect us here at home. And I thank Him for giving me the words that were what you needed to read to bring you that peace.

  2. Hi Traci: I hope and pray that you're feeling somewhat better.

    What a fun and pretty pendant project; I'm so glad that you had a chance to get out when you were feeling well! Very cool card, too. How cool that you used a piece of webbing from a lawnchair--so creative!

    I'll continue to keep you, Josh, and your entire family in prayer...

    Thanks so much to everyone for prayers for my husband and I. We are getting adjusted to this new country, and thank and praise the Lord for His continued guidance here.

    Take care,
    Deb Saaranen

  3. Traci- Yes, God will be looking over Josh. He will always be there for him.
    The pendant is beautiful. It looks like a fun project. Take care of yourself.

    Praying for all the followers!


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