Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Big News Today!

Hi Friends~

I apologize for having been missing for a couple of posts.  I have been recovering and we also went up to visit Dave's son-Matthew and our 3 grandsons, and their Mother.  It was wonderful to see them...it's been a while. The long ride causes pain. I rested all day yesterday and today.  I am doing much better today...and I have BIG NEWS to share!

I was so happy to hear that so many of you were blessed by the post "Jesus Saves."  If you would like to print it out, find it by looking at the post below this post...and copy and paste it in Word or email--or look on the side bar under "Labels."  It would be a wonderful gift to memorize the Scriptures in order and be able to "walk" a non-Believer through them...and possibly to the Lord, Himself!!

We have wonderful plans for this month...I hope you will be able to stop by every Monday, Wednesday and Friday to see what we have in mind to share.

First, let's announce the Winner of this Week's Two Cards!  These cards have been donated from people all over the world, and are given to the      He IS Able blog for give-aways like this! Up until a few weeks ago, we were giving one card a week away.  And, we will go back to that one day.  However, we have been blessed with a large amount of cards.  So, we have been giving away 2 Cards each week.  And, they are made for every occasion!

Each week all of the comments that were left before 8pm on Tuesday night were gathered and one was randomly chosen!  The writer of that comment has one week to email me (lower right hand corner) with their US postage address.  (snail mail)  Your cards will be sent out to you! (Please put "He IS Able" on the subject line.)

This Week's Winner is...
Shelley who writes the blog, "My Creative Rumblings!"

Shelly wrote the following comment: 
"Congrats to Becky! And it was nice for you to stop by my blog today.  A very heartwarming post- great ministry!"

Please visit Shelly at http://shellymc2.blogspot.com/   She has many different posts with different paper craft ideas...as well as blog-candy right now.

Announcing Some of Our Very Exciting News for December...

Be sure to leave a comment, a prayer request, a prayer for someone else, anything you would want to share in the comment section because...

You May Receive Up to 10 Cards and Envelopes
in our Weekly Give-Away!

That's right...for the entire month of December, each week...someone who leaves a comment by Tuesday 8pm, will be randomly chosen to win between 1 and 10 cards!  Now, that is worth get exciting about!  The number of cards each week will be determined by random drawing also!  I will send the cards and envelopes to your mailing address in the US, when you email me it within a week.  So be sure to stop by on Wednesday's to see if you have won!

This will be 1 of the Cards Given-Away Next Week!  We hope you will use the cards to share about our Lord, Jesus the Christ and the Gospel!  Thank you for being here today!  God Bless!

He IS Able!
Traci Starkweather


  1. How exciting for you ...and for all of us!

  2. praying for all. I know that Jesus lives in each of you! Please let this Christmas season shine bright with in your life.

  3. Thanks so much for choosing me to win two cards! How awesome!


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