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How Are You Feeling? Happy 2012?!

Hi Friends~

 I do wish each of you a wonderful and safe New Year's Celebration.  When you are thinking about the coming year...2012...(YIKES!) think of how you can spend more time with the Lord, or how to understand Him better, how to serve Him, do more good deeds, or how to reach others for Him and spread the Gospel. And, make it your top priority! 

Because our "Card Sets of the Week" have brought out so many new guests to the He IS Able blog, we are going to continue giving away sets of up to 5 cards a week until further notice.  These cards are for all different occasions, and are stunning!  I know you will want to leave a comment before Tuesday, 8pm (Eastern Time USA) to be eligible for the random drawing.  After the person is randomly chosen, a number from 1-5 is chosen.  That number is how many cards and envelopes you will receive!  Just stop by on Wednesdays to see who won, and if it is you, email me your mailing address.  (My email is on the bottom of the right column.)  I will not be leaving messages for winners to come check out the if you see your friend's name...let them know!  (Also, I can only afford to send these cards in the USA.  We love every one of you who visits...I just can not afford it.  I do apologize.)


I wrote this post last year on December 27th.   I think it is such an important message to share that I would like to repeat it.  You are all so important to me.  So please take this message to heart.  I am not going to change the words...they are written to apply to Christmas time, but New Year's is the same.  I have deleted some material that no longer applied.  PLEASE contact me, if I can share any information or answer any questions. We would like for you to please leave all  prayer requests in the comment section.  Joan and I will pray sincerely and without ceasing.  YOU are important!


I have something weighing heavily on my heart. I want to share it with you. You may know about it...perhaps it is a completely unique thought that has never crossed your mind. I feel a responsibility to share it. I hope you understand, it is not a typical Christmas time post. Here goes:

"Merry Christmas!" "Happy Holiday!" "Isn't Christmas the best time of the year?" "Happy New Year!" "Feliz Navidad!" It goes on and on...all of these merry or joyous greetings. People say them to the cashiers that they don't even usually greet. They say them to the person a few cubicles down..."Have a Merry Christmas!" "Oh, I do hope you enjoy playing with those new Grand-babies of yours! Christmas is surely for children!"

I want to remind everyone...that even though Christmas is a day of the ultimate Joy, there are many who have feelings of sadness, depression, even suicide during the holidays.

Now, I pray that you all had an incredible Christmas with family and friends, and closeness, and that you celebrated the Miraculous birth of our Savior, Jesus. If you had a day like are fortunate...blessed. I am very happy for you!

However, many people are not feeling joy this time of year. The AA rooms are usually busting out of the seams this time of year. People choosing not to drink again. That is not what this is about...unless it should be for you, or someone you love. (Email me if you would like info on AA or Al-anon.) It was in the AA rooms that I learned a lot of what I want to share.

This information is something I learned long ago. Both of my grandmothers passed away in December one year after each other. It brings great sadness to me. One of them was still Jewish, which adds tremendous sadness and guilt to me. I was also assaulted in December, and re-live that every year. Many people have loved ones who may have passed away this year, and they don't know how to "do" Christmas without them. Perhaps, a loved one passed away even 25 years ago and they still grieve this time of year. Some people may have gone or be going through divorce. Another type of loss...even if it was their idea! It is is new. There are people that really don't have the resources for the most minimal of things...let alone to buy gifts or cookies. There are Veterans who sadly, still live in "the" war in their minds. So, if you are one who is feeling like any of these people, or many other people with other trials and sadness. Or if you are just so overwhelmed with "how" Christmas is supposed to look like and are not alone.

 It is a time of Joy that Jesus came here as a little babe, to Save us and Love us. And, you can still have great sadness over other issues. So, please do not feel "alone." You can feel a combination of feelings, too.

Deuteronomy 33:27:
"The eternal God is your refuge, and underneath are the everlasting arms.
He will drive out your enemies before you, saying, ‘Destroy them!"

If you fall into this category, instead of the over flowing with bubbly talk and song! You are where you should be...especially if you are in the arms of Jesus. Please know, He will help you...just ask Him.

You need not stay in this category forever. Even if it is a mental illness, there is hope. There is always HOPE. Always a way out! Especially with our Loving Lord, Jesus the Christ. But, please, be yourself. Happy or not. Just be honest with your emotions...share if you want...or just be honest with yourself about being sad, but promise to keep others and yourself safe...not matter what! If it becomes 911 and tell not wait. They will help you. Think of all of the people who care for you, though you may be incapable of feeling it right now. Suicide is NEVER the answer. NEVER! And, for those of you who may be grieving over someone who did take their own life. Jesus can help you with your suffering, also. He is a BIG and MIGHTY Lord, and capable of ALL things. I am so sorry for your loss.

"He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds." Psalm 147:3

I hope I have had clarity to write. There is no "Correct" way to feel right now is my point. Every step you step out of wonderful. And, if you have Jesus Christ in your life as Lord and Savior...He can change anything! Even if you feel that your sadness is too big for anyone to change it.

If you do not know Jesus in your heart as your Lord, your Messiah, then simply type that in the comment box or email me. I will be honored to help lead you to a life full of HOPE and love and well as some sadness, and grief...but you will have Jesus on your side. Jesus is Victorious in His Battles. He will fight for you! He loves you already!

I care. I pray for each of you...the joyous, the sad, the happy, the homeless, the grief stricken, those with problems in their lives that seem so big. I pray for those of you who know Jesus Christ, and for those of you who don't. I pray that you will seek help if you need it. I pray that you will be honest with yourself, especially, about how you are truly feeling. I will be happy to help carry some of your burden. He-- Jesus the Christ, can carry your burden for you. He already has. I pray that any of you who find yourself in one of the above situations will seek help, or at least let me know, so I can pray. I have some friends who I pray with daily, with your permission--ONLY, I would have them join in praying for you. Otherwise, it is between you, me and Lord Jesus.

If you are feeling like you want to help somehow. Pray. Read the Bible. Watch for signs. Don't "make someone feel "jolly," try to accept their feelings however they may be. Volunteer...go read the Christmas Story to someone in a Nursing Home, or in the hospital. That is such a wonderful thing to do. Just go to the nurses station and ask if there is anyone who hasn't had a visitor, and ask if you can spend a bit of time with you. Introduce yourself, and ask if they would like to listen to the Christmas Story, or a different section of the Bible, or just talk. And, then just listen...don't offer any advice unless you are a professional...and then be careful!! And, you will not only be blessing them. You will be the time you are back in your will feel blessed yourself.

I pray that everyone have a Happy New Year with Jesus being the focus of the year! Thank you for letting me share that.

He IS Able,
Traci Starkweather

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