Monday, April 2, 2012

And The Awards Go To...

Dear Friends~

I am so happy to finally have finished this blog post.  I apologize it has taken me so long to get it out. I had a lot of information to confirm and have been in extreme pain with swelling in all of my extremeties.  I am finally up to typing and sharing some wonderful news.

Karen Conner is the woman behind the blog titled, "KRC Masterpiece!"  It is a beautiful blog.  It's  full of interesting, beautiful art.  Karen uses this blog to share about God's Word in her art. Be sure to visit her blog here:
KRC Masterpiece   Well, Karen has been a regular guest of the He IS Able blog.  And, she is honoring this blog with a special award!  Karen, I thank you so much on behalf of everyone who: has submitted things to write on the blog, gave items to use for give-aways, prayed for others, card makers and donators, prays for the blog, put our blog button on their blog, or ever told anyone about this blog...basically everyone who is a part of the He IS Able blog.  Especially to anyone who felt encouraged by this blog, and spoke with someone about accepting Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior!  Thank you on behalf of all of us.  I hope I didn't lead anyone out.

This honor is called the "Liebster Award."  Liebster is a German word, it means favorite or dearest. No one seems to be taking credit for how this award was started.  Here, it is to showcase blogs with fewer than 200 Followers.  We have never reached the 200 number for people who have signed up to be a Follower of this blog.  Part of accepting this Award is passing it on to 5 other blogs with less than 200 Followers.

I  have chosen the people and their blogs.  I know from visiting them, that some of the blogs I chose have started over.  They have redesigned their blog page, and the count starts over.  Personally, I wanted to honor blogs that specifically honor God.  And, I love that each of these blogs also have amazing art to share.  Sadly, I could not get the Liebster Award Button to post on the blog yet...but I will contact a friend and ask for some help.  (That is just one of my personal areas for growth.)  So, if you are listed below, please stop back by and get your button to add to your blog as you pass this award on to 5 other bloggers with under 200 Followers.

And, the Liebster Award goes to...

Deb Saaranen-Dream in Color

Realize your papercraft dreams in color daily, Deb has a special talent in a variety of areas to inspire you!  And, she often uses her art to inspire others about the Lord, Christ Jesus.


Jan Marie Ennenga-
*Re~Creations* God alone creates.  We can only re-create.  To Him Be The Glory…*
Such an amazing blessing!  Jan shares about her love of God through art and through her words.  She is a wonderful artist and writer. 


Jonia Smith-Stampin For Me

Jonia shares inspirational cards and scrapbook pages.  She is a Stampin’ Up
Demonstrator and is very talented.  Of course, she gives thanks to God for her
Ability to share about Him through His art.


Susan Farrell-Jones-Stampin’ Good Deeds
Susan’s writes about how we can be more Godly in our lives.  She shares about the opportunities she has had in her very unique life.  And, through her blog she shares daily reminders of God’s great promises and love for us from devotionals, beautiful crafts and home décor.
Congratulations, Ladies!

Please be sure to visit these blogs and leave them some love along with telling them you are from the He IS Able blog and saw their award!   I will not be back this week... I will be getting the house and everything ready for Dave's son and wife and family to visit for Easter weekend!  3 grand-sons!  I pray that everyone finds a way to commemorate the importance of Good Friday...and enjoys a way to celebrate Easter.  Even if it is you, your Bible, and God.  Sometimes it can be very nice to be in a crowd, and other times, it can be lovely and so meaningful to be with the Lord on such special times.

He IS Risen!
Traci Starkweather
I apologize that this post has changed sizes, color and fonts.  I have not changed any buttons whole posting, I will just go with the flow...and try not to fight it anymore. God bless!


  1. Thanks so much for the award and kind words about my blog Traci!

    1. Hi Deb~

      You so deserve this award...even though I know you have just redecorated your blog, and restarted the Followers number. I couldn't even guess how many times over you have passed the 200 number! You have always been a great support of this blog, and of me, and I truly love your art and sharing and Design Team blog hops on your blog! Most of all, I love you, My Friend!

      He IS Risen!

  2. Praying that Easter brings joy and happiness in the Risen Lord.

    Traci- I continue to pray for your health.

    All readers I pray for you and your endeavors.


  3. Traci, thanks so much for your heartfelt write up of my blog! God has blessed me and He has also given you a wonderful ministry here. Sorry it took me so long to get here as I have been busy, but never too busy to come by and say hello my dear sister in Christ! May He continue to minister to you and yours! Blessings during this Easter and have fun with the family!

    1. Dear Jonia~ You are serving Him in such a wonderful way. I am glad that you stopped back by, perhaps you will do so more often. And, about the write up of you and your blog---all true!

      He IS Able!
      Traci S.

  4. Traci-I hope this finds you feeling much better. Hope your time with your family was wonderful!
    My husband went with me to church today! Thanks for your prayers & kind words. Hugs!


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