Monday, July 2, 2012

A Very Special Announcement

Hi Friends~

I have a special announcement to share, Monday morning at Three O'Clock!  LOL! 

First of all, I realize I have been late in getting cards out on time, and have tried to make it up to the winners by adding an extra card/envelope in their mail.  I don't know why it is such an effort for me to get them out, but I sincerely apologize.

Secondly...It has been 2 weeks since we have given away the He IS Able Blog's Card Set of the Week!  I will get back to this in a moment! 

Thirdly, June 30th was the He IS Able Blog's 2 YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!  Thank you to everyone who has been a part of the blog. The purpose of this blog is to serve our God!  The blog's mission is too to "Share His love, His Word, and His gift of Salvation by Giving Cards with Scriptures."  I want to thank, with all of my heart these people who have been my partners and encouragers and Sister Prayer Warriors and friends during these two years, and into our third year.  Joan, leads up our Prayer Team, Karen who is a Prayer Warrior, Michele who formerly wrote a monthly post about the women of the Bible and how we are so like them!  (BTW, would you like to see Precious Women of God---This Includes You! come back again?   Please leave a comment today.) And, the wonderful Christian music group Ash2Ash has been a blessing to this blog, donating their music CD's as prizes.  Their mission is to "lift up the name of our Lord Jesus Christ by sharing God’s love through testimony and song." And, thank you to my friends from other blogs who have helped me when I was down, who shared our banner or blog URL with others to find us. And, to my Beloved Husband, Dave.  Who, while still not yet a Believer, believes in me, and promotes this blog almost as much as I do.  I love you, all.

And a very special thank you to each of you...from so many different nations of the world...for showing up and letting us know how we can best pray for you, for encouraging us, for sharing your thoughts and ideas with us and everyone who reads the blog.  You are so precious to us.  And, even if I were to tell you in every post how appreciated you are...I don't think I would be saying it enough.

SO...EVERYONE who has left a comment in the month of June will be receiving 5 cards that people have donated to us to give out! I will include some extra goodies in each package.   My email is: 

 If your name is listed below, please email me your mailing address, here in the States.  (I am not on a Design Team for a company, so I can not afford postage overseas.)  I have been searching for someone to donate a Digital Card that I could share with our Over-Seas friends...there are so many of you, and you are such faithful readers!  We appreciate you, too! If you have this special gift and are willing to create a card cover, please contact me. (I know many of you could be in danger for coming to a Christian blog, however, I can't see who you are...just what country you are from.  And, I would never tell anyway!)

Grace N.


Michele G.

Karen C.

Please send your mailing address, even if I have it already and before next Tuesday, the 9th at midnight.  This shows me that you wish to receive your package.  (Sometimes, people have so many cards at home, they don't want any more.)

We would love it if you prayerfully considered joining us in sharing on this blog.  We could always use more people on the Prayer Team.  You can pray as much or as little as you like.  It is a great way of serving.

And, as in the past two years, but even more now, I believe it has been laid on my heart to ask you to please think about writing a post for the blog.  Just one.  And, if your English isn't wonderful...neither is mine.  But, I will help you.  I want for this to be a place for people to share their Testimonies, or how God has stood by them in times of trouble, or your favorite Scripture (one of them) and why it is so.  You could write about how Christmas or Easter are celebrated in your country, special recipes passed down.  You could write about a person in your life who you now know has always been on your side Spiritually.  Maybe they prayed for you every day, or with you, maybe they were your go-to person about the Bible and it's Truth.  Maybe they were a teacher. 

There are so many things you could write about.  A person in the Bible you especially admire, and why.  It doesn't have to be long.  Just from your heart...which is full of love, and God is love.  So, how could you go wrong?  Just think of the delight your loved ones will have when they find it written in a page in your Bible, or in a drawer, or here on the blog.  You could write in honor of someone or in memory of someone, or write anonymously.  Please, please consider this...if you look under the will see a heading for "Rebekka's Testimony."  If you go and read that, you will see how powerful sharing your memories can be.  And, it can be as simple as writing telling that you pray while you wash the dishes each day.  It's all up to you. 

If you would like to donate a card or cards, please email me, and I will send you the information and my mailing address.  This is a great way to have fun and serve at the same time!

Happy 2 Year Blog-o-Versary Friends!

For our American friends, I pray you will have a joyful 4th of July, our Day of Independence.  I pray you are safe whether travelling, or setting off fireworks.  I pray you see God in everything, and see hope for the areas where it looks dim.  I pray that you thank someone who has stood for your Freedom, whether a Military Member, a parent, or a teacher who taught you about it.  I pray that everyone will pray for those of you who do not yet have Freedom.  Let that come to be soon!  God Bless!  In Jesus' Name.  Amen!

He IS Able!
Traci Starkweather


  1. Congratulations Traci on your two-year anniversary!! Praising God for you and trusting He will continue to give you many more blessed years ahead.


  2. Hi Everyone~

    It would be wonderful if you let us know if you would like a monthly post like "Precious Women of God--This Includes You!" If you haven't seen it before please look on the right side under LABELS and find that title and take a look at what it is about. Thanks so very much! We love to hear from you!

    He IS Able!
    Traci S.


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