Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Let's Praise Him!

Hello Everyone~                                                              
I want to start off by announcing the winner of this week's beautiful card made for this card give-away! All of the comments were entered and the winner for this week was randomly drawn. She is a Lord Loving woman who is a great encourager!

Congratulations go out to...Savannah O'Gwynn

This is what she shared in her comment:

"Can't wait to hear your good news!! I love love love hearing about blessings:) God is good! I'm a child of THE KING! He is so amazing:)

Heavenly Father--thank you so much for this blog to share your love and blessings! Lord, I pray for Dave and his travels--I pray that you would take him safely from point A to point B (Mark 4:35). Lord, I thank you that Traci is wanting to share your love! Bless her as she glorifies you in all that she does:) Thank you for Jesus! Thank you that we are considered CHILDREN OF THE KING!! We praise you and thank you, in Jesus' precious name! AMEN:) July 12, 2010 11:56 AM"

Savannah please send your mailing address to me at Tstarkweather@cfl.rr.com I will send your card to you right away! And,thank you for the beautiful prayer!

I love to start some of my more formal prayer time by reading a devotion or two. I read one today that I would love to share with all of you! It is from the book published by Bethany House, "Quiet Moments in the Presence of God." I am sharing directly from the devotion called "Give God Glory."

"Hallelujah! It's a good thing to sing praise to our God; praise is beautiful, praise is fitting. Psalm 147:1"
 "A secretary who had been especially busy bowed her head and said, "God, I think the stapler is your greatest invention." A good use of your time with God is to praise Him for everything. Praise God, who gives you all you have. Find phrases for your praises. Create many and varied ways to say thank you to God. You can't say enough praises to God."

I think that is a wonderful reminder. I praise Him in a couple of unique, (I think) ways. I sometimes keep a list of things to praise Him. I keep it out so when I see it, I stop and thank Him for everything on that list and more! It is also so helpful when I am feeling alone, or feel down...I look back on my list...and I recall all of the many things for which I am grateful to Him.

The other unique (I think) way I praise Him is to take any tune...and sing the things for which I am grateful to Him. It may sound silly to others. It's what He thinks that matters to me. Of course, I use more standard ways to praise Him also.

Please leave a comment about anything you want...this is YOUR BLOG, too! I'd love to hear your Unique Ways you thank Him. If you leave a comment between now and next Tuesday night at 8pm--Eastern...your comment may be randomly drawn and you may win this week's card!

This is the card for next week's card give-away! Please leave a comment when you visit. It is the only way I know that your are visiting! Thanks!


He IS Able,
Traci S.


  1. Oh, Traci!!!

    Thank you so much for picking me!! I never thought my prayer would be seen on your blog--AH! God is SUPER good:)

    I am going to spread the news about this blog--so that others will see God's love being shared and at work!! Thanks so much:)

    I will send an email soon!

  2. Hi Traci, Sav sent me over. Isn't she fab? I love how bible soaked her emails and comments are. I just love to be outside and reminded of God's wonderful creation, that prompts me to thank and praise him!

  3. I Traci, I just did a blog today on Praising God. I am always reminded of Corie Ten Boom when her and her sister was in concentration camps, the place where they were, was filled with fleas and Corie began to complain and her sister reminded her that in all thinks we are to praise God. It just so happened that because of the fleas the guards would not enter that area where they had hidden a bible and was giving bible study's, if you have never read the book or saw the movie get, it is awesome. "The hiding Place". Love you much, God bless and do not put me in for this card I would rather some one else receive it.

  4. Congratulations Savannah!

    Traci: I love your unique ways to praise the Lord...the "thankful" list is a great idea.

    One thing that I have done is keep an index card with a Bible verse written on it near my sink so that I can focus on it while washing dishes...


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