Monday, July 12, 2010

Unexpected Surprises...

Good Morning, Friends~

This post is much shorter than my others. Dave and I had some surprise news (good news!) and I will share it with you next Wednesday. Can't really go into details now.

Please pray that Dave has safe travels. I will really appreciate that!

AND, Please send in your mailing address if you left a comment for the first
"He IS Able" card. EVERYONE WON! I'd love to see 17 emails in my mailbox from each of your beautiful and unique cards could be sent to you. People have worked diligently and have done some beautiful work on these cards to bless you, and to bless the people that you send the card on to. This is an awesome way to share the love of our Lord and Savior, Jesus the Christ.

I find that it is easier on people to share gently when you speak with them. Don't go right to the fire and brimstone. Who doesn't want more love in their life? If you know someone who doesn't need it...Jesus is the answer for them. If they have love in their hearts...Jesus is the answer for them.
Sharing Jesus' love through examples from your life, will make things much more interesting to the card recipient. Every card has been prayed over, hoping it will be used to help persuade others to choose Jesus!

Please also remember, that it would be such an honor to post your Testimony on this blog. It is a beautiful thing when people share their Testimonies. Everyone ends up being blessed by the All Mighty! You could share how you serve Him, Your favorite Scripture or Hymn and send it to me via email or snail mail. I will make sure it is posted exactly as you have sent it to me!

Another quick note...Please leave a comment for the opportunity to win Phyllis' beautiful pink "Believe" card this week. Please have all comments in by Tuesday night at 8pm!

Last thing...Remember, if you chose Jesus as your Lord and Savior and have decided that you will follow Him, asked for forgiveness for your sins (We have all sinned.) And pray to Him-- YOU will have become a child of THE King! (If you contact me, or a local church or a Christian...I am certain they would only be too happy to pray with you and walk you through that prayer.

So, you are a Child of the King! Not a King...but the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords! I praise Him for that, don't you?

Now, what kind of a day are you going to have today knowing that you are "A Child of the King of Kings!"

Have a truly blessed day. Please leave additional comments for the next card give-away following this post! I will use any comments from last Wednesday
until Tuesday night!

Have a truly blessed day! And, please remember,

He IS Able,
Traci S.

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  1. Can't wait to hear your good news!! I love love love hearing about blessings:) God is good! I'm a child of THE KING! He is so amazing:)

    Heavenly Father--thank you so much for this blog to share your love and blessings! Lord, I pray for Dave and his travels--I pray that you would take him safely from point A to point B (Mark 4:35). Lord, I thank you that Traci is wanting to share your love! Bless her as she glorifies you in all that she does:) Thank you for Jesus! Thank you that we are considered CHILDREN OF THE KING!! We praise you and thank you, in Jesus' precious name! AMEN:)


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