Thursday, October 21, 2010

MERCY on Monday! 2 "Card of the Week" winners on Wednesday!

Hello Everyone~

Starting Monday we will chat about Mercy!  It is amazing information put together by my friend, Michele G.  She knows that I am so ill.  And, that
there really is no way for me to be studying and trying to type.  Thank you, Michele G!  Michele is a person who thinks of your needs before you even know you needed anything.  I thank you so much Michele!  My doctor told me that I will not be completely well for about a month.  But, the antibiotics will make me noncontagious some time tomorrow!  So--I will happily be here on Monday!

I apologize for not being up to sitting up long enough to type or study for this blog!  It's the kind of thing where your head feels like it is very deep can't hear...your eyes are stinging and you can hardly see.  And, you can just forget breathing through your nose!  LOL

On Monday, my husband typed for me, because I couldn't see the screen or keys.  (It is still like that. I am being tediously careful.)   I will attempt to post some cards tomorrow.  How wonderful it felt to have my husband, Dave, who I love so much, who is still an Atheist,(so far) writing what I asked him to write in the Christian blog I write to Glorify the Lord! 

Feel free to invite your friends to come read about His Mercy that He bestows on us!  It is truly amazing.  Michele and I are going to break it up into sections.  (Smaller posts for you!)  You will not want to miss any!

Oh, since I did not post on Wednesday, we did not draw for the He IS Able
"Card of the Week."  I will take ALL the comments from last week and those posted until Tuesday at 8pm...I will choose 2 winners!  So, please go back and read, or just share your thoughts, or say hello, or what you would like to see on the blog...leave any comment you would like --to be entered in the 2 Drawings for "2 Cards of the Week!!" to be announced on Wednesday!

So, I thank you all for your patience.  Things will be back to "normal" on Monday!  I can't wait until then.  I hope you will continue visiting the He IS Able blog.  I am going to work at having a plan for times when I am ill, so that you are not left coming here to nothing.  I do apologize.  This blog, and the people who read it, or support it any way are very important to me.  Thank you for understanding. I truly appreciate each of you.

Feel free to put our badge on your page.  It will not bring them directly to this blog.  (Someone is working on that!)  So, we just think it is best to caption the URL to the badge!  Please take them, and post them, and encourage your readers to post it on their blog!   Thank you so much!!

He IS Able!
Traci S.

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  1. Sorry to hear that you have been ill! I will pray for you!


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