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Thanksgiving it's not just a meal!/Help Wanted!

Hi Everyone~

Has everyone been to the grocery store to get the major ingredients for Thursday's celebration?  Here in the States we will be celebrating Thanksgiving.  A time of Feasts, Family and American Football.  Let's be sure we put the "Thanks" back into this celebration this year, ok?

Today you will find:
  • Hebrews 13:15,  Ephesians 2:8-9, and 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18
  • Help Wanted!  Cards needed for the American Cancer Society
I am so thankful for each of you, whether you visit on Monday, Wednesday or Friday, or all 3 days a week! You know that this blog is a ministry to me. I study and pray about what to write. I want to challenge you, but not push you away. I am so thankful for your signing up as a Follower, bringing friends here, and by posting our badge on your blog! You are making my dream come true. You are making this blog a success, because more people are coming and reading the Word of God.  They are also learning about the Love of God, and His Gift of Salvation.  I sincerely thank you for every time you come and leave a comment.

"For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith---and this not from yourselves, it is the gift of God---not the works, so that no one can boast."  Ephesians 2:8-9

Do you know that the Lord called you to Him before you even asked for Him to Save you? It is in the Bible right before the famous "Ask, Seek, Knock" Verses. I know this is true. He unsealed my eyes. I was Jewish, and could not see the Truth in Him, until the Lord opened my eyes, literally.

"My Bible reads- When someone you know gives you a gift, do you say, "That's very nice-now how much do I owe you?"  No, the appropriate response to a gift is, "Thank You."  Yet, how often Christians, even after they have been given the gift of Salvation, feel obligated to try to work their way to God.  Because our Salvation and even our faith are gifts, we should respond with gratitude, praise and joy." Life Application Bible NIV

Do you set a special time on Thanksgiving for everyone to say what they are thankful for that year? We go around the table before we eat, and no matter how many people are there...I think 33 people was my Mom and Dad's highest number of people at their home for Thanksgiving Dinner...we tell everyone what we are thankful for.

Do you set a special time a day...every thank God for all of the gifts He has bestowed on you? He tells us to do this in Hebrews:

Hebrews 13:15 "Through Him, then, let us continually offer a sacrifice of praise to God, that is, the fruit of lips that confess His name."

Maybe start a tradition with your children. Have them write on their personal calendar every day, what they thanked God for that day. Try to help them think of things besides toys and other material things. Even Preschoolers understand the concept of Love. And, you could set the example with your calendar. Perhaps you could have one master calendar where everyone can write their answer on that date, perhaps in "their" color. Start this habit. It is good for you!

"Be joyful always; pray continually give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus."  1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

Have a Wonderful, blessed and Thankful Thanksgiving! And, on Friday...before you go shopping, stop by. I'll be here with some of my cards.
Help Wanted!!!

I am reaching out to fellow card makers to help me with a
fundraising project for the American Cancer Society.
My Mother is the Chair for the American Cancer Society's Re-lay for Life!  It is held this coming April.  She is in charge of the Orlando relay (East Orange County.)  It is one of their largest fundraisers. It a beautiful event.  This is a 24 hour event.  This event is to help people with any type of cancer...and they also promote awareness.

The first lap they have the Survivors...which includes both of my parents walk. Then they have everyone walk a lap.  The lap is a mile.  There must be someone on the track at all times!  This is being held on a high school's track...which has a special component in it. The track absorbs the impact of each step.  That is very cool!  I used to run a lot!

My Mother has met with the different clubs of this high school and the kids are participating by sleeping over...and walking when there is a spot without someone walking...perhaps at 2:18 in the morning!

My mother was assigned an area of 2 miles where she can go to businesses and ask for donations.  Sadly, her area has about 5 businesses only.  A Dollar Store, a pawn shop and I don't know the others.  She needs to raise money for tents...12, I believe, tables, food, water, Gatorade, tablecloths and more.  Every thing that they need for that day...they need to raise money to buy the items.  The American Society does not provide them.
I offered one fundraising idea of making baskets with cards, note cards, envelopes, pen, stamps...and sell them.  She would rather...and I have accepted ...that I sell sets of stamped cards.  I am putting 10 cards in a set,
with envelopes, and tying them together with ribbon.  I have 2 opportunities to sell the cards...One is the end of the 2nd week in December!  The other is at the event in April.  I need to have 50 sets of cards by the 2nd of December.  I need another 100 sets by mid-March.  I sat down and started making cards...there is no way I can make those cards on my own!  What was I thinking?!!

 I NEED HELP, quickly!  So, I am asking friends, and some of the other stamp blogs that I love, and you-- to please donate as many cards as you can.  Every cent raised will benefit the American Cancer Society.  The sets can be made of the same card, or an assortment.  If you were to send individual cards, I may put them with other similar cards from someone else.  I am asking you, if there is anyway you and your friends could please help out!  I would love the help!  I thank you for even considering to help.

Stopping cancer is close to my heart.  Please let me know what you think.  And, just to be clear, these cards are not for the He IS Able blog.  They are all for a fundraiser for the American Cancer Society.  I do however, believe, that He-- IS able to stir your hearts to help out.  Send a set of cards, tags, or bookmarks.  Send 2 sets.  Send 2 cards. Anything is helpful! 

If you have any questions, please email me.  Thank you, and have a blessed Thanksgiving Day...every day!

He IS Able,
Traci S.

Please mail cards in a plastic bag, to prevent them from getting wet, and in individual cello bags or clear envelopes if possible, and send them to:

Traci Starkweather
116 Colyer Drive
Longwood, FL 32779

Please email me when you send the package via mail or UPS or Fed-ex, so I will keep an eye out for them.  Thank you so much!!!!

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  1. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Traci, I just love your blog and the message you send out each time you post. I am thankful for the personal time you have given to me. You have ministered to me and have become my friend when I really needed one, I am so truly thankful! I am so grateful for God loving me, the way I am, with all the bumps, the warts and just plain ugly sin and that He makes me white as snow. I am so thankful for my salvation, that my Father loved me enough to make a way that I can come boldly to the throne room and commune with Him. I am so thankful for the sacrifice that Jesus made and that when He went to the cross it was a complete work - not partial or with points 1 - 100 to go through, but such an easy, loving way to come to Him. All we have to do is call out. I am so thankful for the blood of Jesus and all it covers, it was just a complete work.

    Rod and I were away from home so many years due to the Air Force that we are so grateful to be back home to celebrate Thanksgiving with our family. I am so grateful for our freedom!

    Happy Thanksgiving my friend!




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