Friday, December 3, 2010

Friday means "Cards by Traci" and Ash2Ash CD Give-Away!

Hi Everyone~

It's Friday, and I am finally feeling as if I am in full swing today!  I had a night- mare that woke me up about 2:30 this morning.  I couldn't get back to sleep, so I did what every good Paper Crafter does this time of year... I started making some cards!  This was a GOOD thing, because I have been so behind in things this week!  (again. lol)  I didn't have any new cards to share with you on "Cards by Traci" Day.  I will be napping shortly!  lol

I hope you already know...but if not, you are going to be very excited to know that the wonderful music of Ash2Ash is being given-away to 2 winners here at the He IS Able blog!  Isn't that fabulous?!!

"Do not neglect your gift" 1Timothy 4:14

Well, Ray Jones and Terry Metz of Ash2Ash do not neglect their gift in any way!  I should know, I have been singing along to their latest CD... a lot!  It is called,  "He Will Meet You Where You Are"  and that is also one of the best songs on the my opinion!

Just think about the name of that song.  Isn't it incredible to think that our Lord, Jesus Christ, the King of Kings, the Great Physician is never too busy to meet us where we are?  Sometimes, especially these couple of weeks right here, we may get too busy or tired to spend the amount of time and the quality of time we want to spend in prayer...and then, in silence.  That is the second part in any good communication...speaking and more importantly...listening.
(Sleeping doesn't count!)

"Be Still and Know I am God." Psalm 46:10

The CD is filled with amazing music, that you will sing to Praise Him, to think about your relationship with Him, and to share about Him.  You can hear their music here at their website--- Ash2Ash

This is their 4th they REALLY know what they are doing!  Here is a little info on their music: "This CD transitions Ash2Ash to its new, fuller sound in the contemporary gospel genre. Features 10 songs -- 9 original works and Ash2Ash's much-requested "Mainline" medley. This CD features Ray Jones and Terry Metz. "

I LOVE their Mission Statement, it is so personal and so meaningful.  Here it is:  "Our mission is to lift up the name of our Lord Jesus Christ by sharing God’s love through testimony and song. Our Prayer is that our music will touch the hearts of the lost and strengthen Christians in their faith."

"Come let us Sing for Joy to the Lord" Psalm 95:1

Great News!  Ash2Ash has given us 2 CD's to 2 winners will be announced on MONDAY!  Here is how you can win:  Leave a comment. Include an email. If your name is randomly drawn...YOU WIN!!!! All comments must be received by 8pm Eastern time on Sunday evening! I will send it out to you!! Be sure to stop by and see if you won either of the Ash2Ash CD's!  And, be sure to check back on Wednesday to see if you won this week's beautiful "Card of the Week" by the woman with a wonderful and giving heart, Monica.  So, we have lots to be grateful for this week, at the He IS Able blog.  Thank you so much Ash2Ash, and Monica for this week's gorgeous card.  I love pansies!  (Too bad I can't win it!)

OK---Cards by Traci...

This card is special to me, because the snowman figure belongs to one of my nieces.  She stamped a whole bunch of snowmen for me!  I used a combination of markers and watercolor pencils to color them.  I then used some really beautiful paper just on top of the SU! Not Quite Navy, it is from 3Birds, and it really looks like a sky to me...the colors really vary...and, "What's that??"  It looks as if it is going to snow!  These precious stickers by Punch Studio have 3 layers, pastel colors and a dab or 10 of diamond Stickles I added to them.

Happy Chanukkah, Mom and Dad!  This must be the most difficult card I have tried to photograph.  It has the shiniest silver ribbon on the SU! Not Quite Navy card stock.  And, the beautifully made 5 layer decal on the right and the 4 layer decal on the left have this wonderful thin, but very glittery, layer in silver that just make the camera want to go "BOING!!!"  I paper pierced the gold paper, and scalloped it (can it be a verb?) in the easiest way...with my Crafter's Companion Paper Cutter.  I just put the blade on the end of the cutter. Close the lid, and spin it around until I get the cut I want!  It even does the "-----" thing on coupons and more...oh, so much more!  I love it!  Thank you, my

I love this is almost an heirloom, I have had some of these pieces so long!  I used a white base for the card, and used SEI's Glitzmas paper from last year. (I think.)  It is beautiful...swirls in the background...a touch of ultra fine glitter here and there.  I love the bright colors, and how they vary in shades.  I made the bottom know how...faster than scissors!  Here comes the "heirloom like" part...I used 2 poinsettias that I cut and outlined in silver glitter 3 years ago...and then cut 2 large holly leaves, into 3 poinsettia leaves...from the 2 years ago!  lolSU!  (You could tell it was cut by scissors, couldn't you?)

That's it for this week!  PLEASE leave a comment!  You have until Sunday night at 8pm to be eligible to win one of those incredible Ash2Ash CD's.  Two Winners! And, you have until 8pm on Tuesday evening to be eligible for this week's beautiful "Card of the Week!"  Isn't this fun?

A BIG thank you to Ash2Ash for donating the 2 CD's for the give-away, and for giving me permission to quote sections of their website!  Speaking of their website and sections...why don't you listen to one of the selections on their latest CD?  Just to to their site:  Ash2Ash

I pray that each of you will use this weekend to prepare your hearts for the real meaning of Christmas.  I am still looking for 2 more people to share something on a Monday in December.  The topic?  Christmas...make it about what you want...please include Jesus our Christ in their somewhere.  Email me and let me know you are interested!  You can send your "sharing" afterwards.  2 spots left!
I am so glad you are here!  Please share this blog with a new matter what their religion...some time this Christmas Season!  Oh, and before I forget, if you cut and paste our badge on your blog, please let me know...I will be happy to send you a He IS Able card, an envelope and postage for your personal use!  Thank you so much! 

He IS Able,
Traci Starkweather

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  1. Traci I am always inspired by the blog. I love reading even though I don't always post a comment. Wishing everyone a blessed day and Christmas season! May you each feel his presence close to you and may you press into him.

    Michele G

  2. Thanks for the kind words, Traci. Ash2Ash is so very blessed to be able to use our God-given talents to serve the Lord and encourage others in their walk with the Lord!
    Thanks also for all you do to serve Him as well!

  3. Thanks Traci- sorry that you couldn't sleep. God gives us the opportunity to do His work at odd moments. enjoy the weekend
    Joan smileyj

  4. Wonderful post today and lovely cards Traci.


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