Thursday, December 30, 2010

Happy New Year! Happy 6 Month Anniversary to You!

Dear Friends~

I am praying that you all have a fantastic weekend planned with special New Year's activities and your family and friends.  I also pray that you will all be kept safe in the New Year, and spend even more time alone with the Lord every day.  2011!  Wow!  I can hardly believe it!  Time is flying and with it, I believe that the Lord Jesus is wanting us to step out even more boldly and share His Love, His Word and His Gift of Salvation with all of our Family, Friends and even strangers.  I hope we are all up for the challenge.

"Along the way, He encouraged the believers in all the towns He passed through."  Acts 20:2

Today, I want share an excerpt from the book Quiet Moments in the Presence of God, it is published by Bethany House.  It is going to be about relationships.  It may be about changing what your relationships will  look like in 2011.  Take a look and consider if you want to make any changes in your actions in the coming year.

This section is called, "Let Them Know."

"Perhaps the deepest human need is the need to be appreciated.  Love the people God gives you, and let them know you love them.  Affirm who they are.  Encourage who they can become.  Give them your backing.  Be generous with tokens of appreciation.  Be slow to correct and quick to praise.  Treat people as ends in themselves, not as means to an end.

Make some one's day be sending him or her a little note of appreciation.  Call someone o the phone and speak of your affection.  Send an email that supports someone. Because of what you say, people feel better about their lives and live more confidently.  Your words of encouragement put them on their feet and get them on their way.

In the strength of your affirmation, people become themselves."

I believe this is all true.  I believe a bit more, however.  I believe that if we help people become more confident, they will be more confident in sharing about our Lord, Jesus the Christ.  I believe that the more time we spend in His Word, the more confident we become to share the Scriptures, and thus with telling the Gospel to others.  And, I think we all know that the Lord is an amazing source of comfort when faced with trials or tribulations or fear.  The more we know His Word, the better equipped we will each be to banish the evil one...and we will find Victory in well as find joy in His company.

Here is the Information on Our 6 Month Anniversary Give-Away!

Make a card, scrapbook page, book mark, altered item, ...anything with the theme or words "He IS Able" on it...and link it to this post at the end. All styles of art are welcome...encouraged even!

If your project is randomly chosen, you will win:
The CD by Ash2Ash is incredible in my opinion. It is wonderful Christian Music and you can make out the beautiful words that will truly minister to your heart! You can check out the music or order CD's at their website Ash2Ash!

The fabulously colored ultra fine and chunky glitter is a great way to help start your New Year off to a "shiny" start! The ultra fine looks beautiful around the edges of flowers. You can use the chunky glitter on a brad in the center of the flower. I make a bunch up at one time. They look great that way. There are so many pretty uses for glitter.

How will I win?  Have fun making your art with the theme or words or Scriptures of "He IS Able," add a link to Wednesday the 29th's post at the very bottom...and leave a comment, please. I'd love to know something that you have learned or was excited about reading in the 6 months this blog has existed. Of course, you can leave any comment!

If your project is randomly chosen at midnight on the 14th of will be announced on the 15th! Just contact me by email with your mailing address within one week, or I will need to choose another winner that Wednesday.

I am sorry, but do to my postage budget, I can only send prizes to addresses in the United States. If you live outside of this country, I really appreciate your being here, too,...I really do. If you are willing to send a SASE in the proper amount, I could send it to you. Or, if you have American friends perhaps you would like to give it to them as a Wonderful, Wonderful gift, or maybe they would send it to you. Or, perhaps you would like me to share it with one of the Ministries I work with.

Any questions? Email me, and I will get back to you. Don't forget! I have a new email.

  I pray that you will go boldly into 2011 and share the Good News of Great Joy.  Have a blessed New Year!

He IS Able,
Traci S.


  1. Just wanted to wish you a most blessed and happy new year Traci! Trusting all is well with you! We are home safe and sound but sick with the crud so will be spending a quiet evening at home!

  2. Traci, I thought your work here was worthy of an award. Check out my blog:

  3. Wishing you a wonderful New Year.


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