Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Our 6 Month Anniversary Give-Away! **REVISED!**

Dear Friends,

How exciting!  December 30th will be our 6 month Blog Anniversary!  I needed to REVISE our celebration plans a bit.  I was unable to get a link set up for you to share your cards, bookmarks or projects with each other on Monday's post!

Fortunately, the  very talented and very sweet Chris Olsen from Our Daily Bread Designs is coming to the rescue.  She has a very wonderful and popular blog called Twinkles Glow with Stamps.   Her blog is amazing!  The art work is stunning and so varied, you will never get tired of visiting this blog!

It seems amazing that we are 6 months old already.  If you want to take a peek at our first post...arrow down the right side bar...and click on June.  It is the only post of that month, since we started on the 30th!

Our 6 Month Anniversary Give-Away!
Make a card, scrapbook page, book mark, altered item, ...anything with the theme or words "He IS Able" on it...and link it to this post at the end. All styles of art are welcome...encouraged even!

If your project is randomly chosen, you will win:
The CD by Ash2Ash is incredible in my opinion. It is wonderful Christian Music and you can make out the beautiful words that will truly minister to your heart! You can check out the music or order CD's at their website Ash2Ash! 

The fabulous ultra fine and chunky glitter is a great way to help start your New Year off to a "shiny" start!  The ultrafine looks beautiful around the edges of flowers.  You can use the chunky glitter on a brad in the center of the flower.  I make a bunch up at one time.  They look great that way.  There are so many pretty uses for glitter.

How will I win? Have fun making your art with the theme or words or Scriptures of "He IS Able," add a link to this post...and leave a comment, please.  I'd love to know something that you have learned or was excited about reading in the 6 months this blog has existed.  Of course, you can leave any comment!

If your project is randomly chosen at midnight on the 14th of will be announced on the 15th!  Just contact me by email with your mailing address within one week, or I will need to choose another winner that Wednesday.

I am sorry, but do to my postage budget, I can only send prizes to addresses in the United States. If you live outside of this country, I really appreciate your being here, too,...I really do. If you are willing to send a SASE in the proper amount, I could send it to you. Or, if you have American friends perhaps you would like to give it to them as a Wonderful, Wonderful gift, or maybe they would send it to you. Or, perhaps you would like me to share it with one of the Ministries I work with.

Any questions?  Email me, and I will get back to you.  Don't forget!  I have a new email. 

And, now for the drawing for the Winner of the "Card of the Week!"
The winner of this week's random drawing is "Anonymous!"  Fortunately, I know who you are!  Thank you for your very kind comment.  And, I agree, I hope "all the people came and worshipped His birth!"

Here is the comment for this week:
Anonymous said...

Traci- I love the stories and scripture that you share! I don't have a favorite verse!

Happy Birthday, Jesus! May all people come and worship!
December 24, 2010 11:38 PM

Anonymous, you have until Tuesday at 8pm to email me with your street address and to tell me that you would like to receive it!  My email is   If for some reason, you are not interested in receiving this beautiful card, simply don't send me your address by Tuesday evening, or if you like, I can add it to the American Cancer Society Re-Lay for Life Fundraiser, where I am trying to raise $5,000 with other cards donated by the very kind and talented card-makers of America!  This Card Drive is not a
He IS Able event, only.  I hope you will accept the card, and use it to tell others of the Love of Jesus, His Word or His Gift of Salvation.  It is amazing, isn't it?

This week's card is GORGEOUS!  It is made by Deb Saaranen of the blog named Dream in Color.  Sadly, I can not get a good photograph of it right now, because I can barely see due to my continued migraine.  I will ask Dave to photograph it tonight when he comes home.  It is a beautiful brown and green, with the most beautiful ribbon on it, and an oval in the center.  On the oval it reads, "I sought the Lord, and He answered me; He delivered me from all my fears."  Psalm 34:4   Deb, thank you so much for donating such a special card.  I just love it!  I will get it posted on the side bar as soon as I am able!  Thank you again for your generosity.

So, please start your He IS Able cards or projects.  The link will soon be up!  Link it and leave a comment.  Who knows, I may add some extra goodies to the package!  You are surely going to want to leave a comment to win this card next week!  Incredible!

I hope to get in my art room to play before Friday, so I will have a few cards to share with you.  I am going Bonkers not playing with my paper and ink and stamps...  Be blessed, and I hope you enjoy this very special time.

A HUGE Thank You to Chris for giving us a link to post your cards and projects to possibly win the 6 Month Anniversary Give-Away!

He IS Able,
Traci S.


  1. Praise the Lord. I am a very fortunate person to have known God since I was very young. My house was always a bustle of activity. I could come home to find someone else had moved in for a while until they could get back on their feet. So three or four of my siblings might be sharing a bed. My parents taught us to share even when we had so very little.
    My mother taught me to pray whenever I was doing chores especially the ones I didn't like. She passed away Dec 1998. So Christmastime is hard for me emotionally. Then I hear "Ave Maria", my mom's favorite song, and I get slowly back on track.

  2. awesome blog, do you have twitter or facebook? i will bookmark this page thanks. jasmin holzbauer


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