Friday, December 10, 2010

News and More News!

Hi Everyone~

Well, I have good news and news.  The news is that I have spent the week preparing one card over and over all week.  I did not post it, because you have seen different takes of it.  It has the cardinal from the "Sing for Joy" stamp set from Our Daily Bread Designs on it, and several different sheets of Holiday and basic paper...and a bow.  It is just laid out differently.  I will show you the finished project next week.  I can not believe I do not have my cards out yet!

The good news is what I read when I saw this week's Play Date Cafe message this week.  (You know the team that I have tried out to join their Design Team...this is what they wrote.)

"Our senior team have had our hands full...We know that there are 118 of you who are anxiously waiting to hear back regarding our Design Team Call.

The US/UK time difference makes the communication take quite a bit longer at this busy time of the year.  There is SO much terrific talent that we are
rearranging a few things to make room for six designers (instead of five) AND we are working on a few creative ways to give more of these wonderful people an opportunity to be featured.

So thank you for your patience...In case you are wondering, we have not contacted anyone regarding a spot on the if you have not heard from us, neither have the other 117!  HANG TIGHT....SOON!!!!"

So, there is still a small chance that I could be one of the people they are trying to make room.  I have prayed about this, and I know that the Lord will put me where He wants me, and where I can best serve Him.  I would not be giving up the He IS Able blog, in fact, there are plans cooking to change a couple of things in the New Year for the blog.  I really feel that the Lord wants this to be a blog that belongs to everyone...where people share their Love for the Lord, and lean on each other when problems arise.  I am working to facilitate that happening even more in the new year.  Do you know that December 30th is our 6 month anniversary together.  It's coming soon!

Have a wonderful day, and please remember what Christmas is really about.  Don't get caught up in the trappings of business.  Love.  That's who God is...share it even more...perhaps, in the most unlikely places.  Perhaps you are ready to forgive someone, and extend a hand of friendship.  Perhaps, you can mend family situations...and offer unconditional love throughout your family. 
Perhaps, your gifts this year, will be donations to organizations that give water wells to the poor areas in the world, or pay for materials for a school where the children are too poor to buy them, in areas where they drink dirty water, and become ill, and sometimes die.  That would be showing love.  (If anyone wants a list of charitable organizations we use, who do things like this, I will be happy to share their names and links with you.)  Share your Love...  perhaps you do that in a unique way...maybe share that in the comment section...or anything else, of course. 

There are also 2 posts before this(they appear below this one)...including the "Card of the Week" Winner...where it does not seem that anyone has even peeked at the posts.  I would love to know you were there!  Please leave a comment...even a "hello!"

Thank you for being here.  I can hear those pencils writing out your Christmas memories...please email me at my new email address...on the side bar...and let me know you will be sending your memories for a Monday posting this year.  There are 2 spaces.  It could also be about your love for the Lord. If you are Saved, I am sure you have this.  All that is required is to write from the heart!

Have a blessed weekend!

He IS Able,
Traci Starkweather


  1. Oh Lord, I know that you care about every detail of our lives, and that you know and bless Traci's desire to bring glory to you through this blog and her cards. I just pray now that you would turn the hearts and minds of the decision makers at Play Date Cafe toward choosing Traci to be part of their design team. In the powerful name of Jesus, I offer this prayer.

  2. Traci sending good vibes for you to get to be on the Design Team GOOD LUCK you. Thanks again for all of the hard work you have put into this blog so that others can enjoy it.

  3. Praying for God's will to be done in this decision Traci, for He knows us better than we know ourselves, and has a perfect plan for each one of us!!! I hope you get it, but if you don't, just know He has something better for you!!!

  4. Traci, I am praying that the Lord will open the doors where He wants you. You have so much talent that He has given you.

    Many hugs and prayers,


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