Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Winner of the "Card of the Week" Announced!!

Hi Everyone~

Guess What?!  The days are running into each other for me right now! I do hope you looked at this morning's post.  There is some music on the link provided with a wonderful message in the song...and another great message by Jack Graham.   I'm so sorry about the second post in one day.   I forgot it was Wednesday, and did not announce the randomly chosen winner of our
"Card of the Week" drawing!

Drum roll please...
Catherine Kraft come on down...

You don't really need to come to Central Florida!  I will set it in the mail for you, when you send me your mailing address, please.  I need to have you send it before Tuesday evening at 8pm, please.  Congratulations, Cathy!

Everyone:   Please note my new email is active.  It is:

This is our new "Card of the Week" made by the very lovely and very talented, Janaria.  I know Janaria from the Christian Paper Craft Site.  I really like any card she makes...seriously.  I especially love her Vintage in this "Card of the Week."  Janaria...thank you so much for donating this beautiful card.  I hope you will all stop by CPC, for their Challenges, Bible Studies, or to see what the Question of the Day may be!  That site has so
many lovely people that are all very talented. Tell them you are from the
He IS Able blog!

I would ask you all to please search your heart, and see if there is something about Christmas, or your love for Jesus Christ, that you would be willing to share with the rest of us.  This holiday is so wonderful to share with friends...and I feel that is what we have here...friends who come together to love the Lord, His Word, and are blessed by His gift of Salvation!  And, I think (hope) you are here to win cards here weekly to share that Love of the Lord with someone else!

Please email address--remember, if you are willing to share something on one of the Mondays in December...there are 2 openings left...I would love to make this a He IS Able Tradition.

I hope you will read the post just below this it was intended as today's post!

He IS Able,Traci Starkweather

Thank you to everyone who

has joined in for the Card Drive Fund-
raiser for the American Cancer Society!

You all came through in such a big way
with cards for the Fundraiser!!!
Thank you all so much!
When the holidays settle down, I will
be looking for 100 additional sets
needed  before March 15th for the
BIG 24 hour Re-lay for Life Fundraiser!

Please go to the He IS Able
for Details!

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  1. What a gorgeous card Janaria!!! Just beautiful!


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