Friday, January 28, 2011

Many Winners for the "Card of the Week!"

Hi Everyone~

Happy Friday!  I do I apologize for my lack of Wednesday's post, and for the tardiness of todays.  I am really sick of being sick!  Dave is back at work for 2 days, but is still in pretty rough shape himself.  I'd like to welcome our new Followers, and thank all of you who come to the blog on a regular visit!

Let's get to the "Winners of the Card of the Week!"  I told you on Wednesday, that I was so sorry for not feeling up to doing the "Card of the Week," drawing and that there would be a surprise this week.

Well, here it is:  Everyone who left a comment during the allotted time will win a wonderful card and envelope for your use.  We always hope that you will use it to share about the Love of, or for, Jesus Christ, or about His Holy Word, or perhaps you will share about what the Gift of Salvation can mean to a person.  It is up to you.  Just know that each card sent out is prayed over, and they carry the promises of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Today's Winners are: jcb, Francie, SeaMom, Grace, Deb S., Chrissy D.! Congratulations to each of you!  I can not thank you enough for your commentsSo Ladies, please email me your mailing address by Tuesday 8pm to receive your card and envelope!  If for some reason you do not want to receive your card, simply let me know that you'd rather I donate it to a charity I work with, or don't send me your current address, and your card will go back into the He IS Able Blog's card-stash. Important:  Even if I know your address, it is important to email me and let me know it, so I can make sure it is up to date, and it tells me that you do want to receive it.  Anyone can leave a comment between now and Tuesday 8pm to be eligible for next week's "Card of the Week" random drawing!  Any topic.  Winner will be announced Wednesday.

Also, anyone who is willing to email me with their thoughts of Love for the Lord or from the Lord, please do so.  We are having a special sharing time on Love in February.  You could write your favorite Scripture about love and why, or your favorite love story in the Bible, how you show your love for Him, or vice versa.  There are so many options. I thank you who have already sent in your ideas.  You are not limited to one entry.  This is your chance to serve the Lord by sharing in a big way here on the blog.  Plus, it is something that you could forward to your family, and share with them....sometimes the typed words are easier said that verbal words.  You are loved for considering stepping up and participating in your blog!  That's right!  This is your can write in it anytime...just email me, and I will enter it.

I felt good enough on Saturday to go out, get my flu shot, and spend the day in my art room, I made a few cards.  This card went out to Pat and Bubba--1st time Grandparents!  Congratulations! I love this image!  And, I used the side of a tissue box...light yellow and blue stripes right under the baby.  A light blue hounds- tooth paper for the larger rectangle with some bright blue gems stands vertically.  I thought this Verse was perfect to pray over the birth of a child!  (Or any other time!)

You should see the neon colors of this paper and in the butterflies themselves!  I added a chipboard bright and sparkly flower on the bottom of the card.  There is a neon colored strip of paper embossed by Cuttlebug Swiss Dots Embossing Folder.

This card was made for my Brother-in-Law, Tom's Birthday.  He just retired from the military, and usually he avoids eating his birthday cake because he will have a mandatory run just around the corner.  Now, he can have his cake made by Chef Voila and eat it, too!
Happy Birthday, Tom!

This is a card for Tom's daughter, Amber!
I loved making these whimsical flowers.  I stamped them on vellum, they have dots on the I used my Sakura Souffle Gel Pens and polka-dotted the front of the flowers.  Flipped them over and colored the back of the flower in a slightly-lighter shade of a Sakura Souffle Gel Pen.  I used Sakura Glaze and Gel pens on the leaves and stems.  I love how it came out.

I hope you enjoyed taking a look at first of my cards in about weeks!   If you know someone who has won "A Card of the Week," please have them contact this blog, or me personally.

I hope you all enjoy a weekend of beautiful weather, and that you all find time to play in your art areas!  Please be sure to take a look at card of the week donated for next week.  I hope to see you on Monday!

He IS Able,
Traci S.


  1. Thanks for spending some time to post this kind of important article, it's recently been very useful.

  2. Traci, these are all beautiful! I couldn't pick just one, luv them all. Great cards GF


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