Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Are you the Card of the Week Winner?

Hi Everyone~

I hope you enjoyed yesterday's post. (directly below this one)  If you visited, you would have seen many Scriptures about "Friends."  I also shared about a few of my friends, and started a conversation about the qualities we look for in friends.  In addition, I shared a few cards I have made recently.  I hope you enjoyed the visit!

So, today is Wednesday..."Card of the Week" Announcement Day!  I hope that if your name is randomly chosen, you will email me with your mailing address--before next Tuesday at 8pm.  If not, the card will go back into the    He IS Able blog stash of cards.

The Winner of this Week's Card of the Week is...

Andrea @ Keepin It Thrifty 

Here is Andrea's comment:

Hey girl...thx for your sweet comment on my blog....those rosettes are super easy to make....vie made the from fabric...felt....and paper.. All you do is cut a circle out of say felt, start on one side and start goin in a circular making a spiral....once you have done that take the end you started with and wrap it and glue as u secure it in a circle.... Let me know if u need more help ...I'm sure u have got it .. Ps would love to have u as a follower of my blog...I have giveaway starting tommn for $35 and would love for you to come enter and share about it on your blog Xoxo Andrea

Andrea is referring to these beautiful felt flowers she shared on her blog.  I had asked if we are to cut the fabric in a spiral...and the answer is "Yes."  The rest of the directions on those rosettes are in her answer.  Thanks for your help, Andrea.  I hope you will become a Follower here at the He IS Able blog.  We have a badge on the top of our side bar...if you'd like to share it on your blog, you just right click over it, choose "copy" and then go to the space on your blog, and right click, and choose "paste."  Then the badge will be on your blog.

I hope that all of you will take a look at yesterday's post.  Please leave a comment on what you look for in a friend, or your favorite Scripture about friendship, or a part of the Bible that refers to friends.  We would love to see what comes to your mind.

This Friday, March 18th, Michele will be sharing her Bible Study with everyone.  "Precious Women of God--This Includes You!" is a
study about the women of the Bible...Old Testament and New Testament.  Michele sees the Scriptures about the women in such creative and interesting ways.  Each time, she has really made me think how I am alike or unlike the women in the study.  And, it makes me think if I am happy with that answer, and what I could do about it!  I hope you will join Michele on Friday...always on the 3rd Friday of the Month.

We are also still looking for some people who would like to join our
Prayer Team.  Joan is the Prayer Warrior who leads our team.We pray for the people who read this blog, and their particular needs, we pray that people will be Saved by reading the Word of God here on the blog, or through someone who has been fed spiritually here.  We have many things we pray for...however, you only need to tell us how much time you have to volunteer, and Joan will share a specific list for certain people or things to pray for within that time.  If you are interested, please email me with your email address...or leave your email and a comment showing interest in the comment section...just remember, everyone can see it there!

If you have a prayer matter what size...share it with us, and we will lift you or your situation up to our Lord Jesus.  If it is confidential, please email me the information.  I will share it with Joan only.  If it is something that you would like for anyone to pray for, including blog guests that are moved to pray, please tell us in the comment section.  We will pray...and perhaps some readers will also.

Now, I hope you will go and read the blog post below this one.  Leave a comment before Tuesday night at 8 o'clock to be eligible to win the
"Card of the Week."

Andrea, I hope to get your mailing address!

He IS Able,
Traci Starkweather

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  1. This is AWESOME! :)

    my email is

    im now following i hope you stop by and do the same! ps i have a giveaway going on too.. and would love for you to enter ;)


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