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"Precious Women of God--This Includes You!" More about Mary!

Happy Friday Everyone! 

The weekend will start in about 7 hours!  What do you have planned?  Something fun?  Something serious?  We are going to have family visiting and we are spending Saturday at Sea World!  It is going to be so much fun with my 3 grand-sons and their parents!  They are all wonderful!  I'm excited!  I hope you have the time to do something special this weekend, too.

Today is the 3rd Friday of the Month.  It is the day that Michele G. shares a Bible Study that she has been working on.  "Precious Women of God--This Includes You!" is a monthly study on different women of the Bible. This month's study is a bit different.  This month, one of the things Michele is hoping for is that we will all spend more time in His Word.  So, there are many Scriptural references...for us to look up! I join her in encouraging you to look them up also.  Are you ready for today's study on a Biblical woman to bring new thoughts and questions to your mind?  Here we go:

A study on Mary – the Mother of Jesus

With Easter fast approaching I thought it would be fitting to look at the life of Mary. Easter for me is such a joyous occasion, how awesome it is to think of what my God sacrificed for me on the cross, the love He showed and His mercy and grace. God had to pick someone very special to Him to fulfill His promise of sending a Messiah – someone who would obey and do it with a joyful heart. In my eyes, this is what Mary did, she obeyed God and did exactly what He asked of her to do. Even though it would cause her some pain along the way – those who would doubt her - those who would say nasty things about her – but she decided that wouldn’t matter – she was going to serve the Lord God Almighty, which is what she did. What a great example of Faith.

Luke chapter 1 and 2 introduces us to the life of Mary. As a young girl she is already full of faith. Notice the angel's words to Zacharias the Priest and his response (Luke 1:13-18). Here we see a priest having problems believing the Word given to him by an angel.

Mary displays no such form of unbelief when addressed by the angel. Her response is one many of us Christians still desire to repeat today. Luke 1:38 Then Mary said, "Behold the maidservant of the Lord! Let it be to me according to your Word." And the angel departed from her. (NKJV)

Somehow, Mary, an ordinary village girl, had more faith in God than a Priest. It does not matter what our “title” is here on earth, God moves through people who are open and willing to serve Him. I love that saying "He will do extra ordinary things through ordinary people."

Mary's life is a testimony to the fact that ordinary women can do extra-ordinary things for God! A heart full of faith is a useful vessel in the hands of our God.

Mary was a virgin. She had known no man and kept herself pure. No wonder the favor of God was upon her life (Luke 1:28). A life lived in discipline to God's commands brings His favor. As I think about this topic of discipline there are things I definitely need to work on and change in my own life and improve upon - that is part of our journey and walk with God. Reading His Word, pressing in with prayer and a heart looking to find out more of what He would like from me and you, and how to serve him better. The Bible says to meditate on His Word. When we fill ourselves with the Word of God and the knowledge we receive from the Bible we stand very ready to serve God at all times. He will reveal things to you as you press into Him. The Bible states, "Seek and Ye shall find."

Despite all Mary's virtues she still needed the Holy Spirit to fulfill the will of God.  Nothing can replace the power of the Holy Spirit. God fills vessels that are set apart for Him. No one can say Jesus Christ is Lord except by the power of the Holy Spirit (1 Corinthians 12:3). Supernatural things can only be done for God when His (Holy Spirit) presence is with us.

My prayer for you would be to take the time to pray for a fresh filling of the Holy Spirit today. When God gives you a promise you need to pray it through. Play an active role. Never cease believing God for His promises.

"Dear Jesus, I pray for each person who may be reading this post right now. I pray that they will continue to look for You and seek You. I pray that they take the time to ask You into their heart with a simple prayer stating they acknowledge that You died on the cross for them, repent for their sins and to know that You have a plan for their life, and for them to turn their life over to You.  I pray for them to ask You into their heart.

I pray Lord Jesus that they ask for knowledge through your Holy Spirit and know the more time they spend in prayer and reading your Word the stronger they will be, and the more you will reveal to them.

I thank You Jesus for each person reading this and my prayer and cry out to You is that they know about You, and Your love and sacrifice for us and to know that they can bring anything to You in prayer. When You died on the cross that you thought of each and everyone of us, and You know us by name, and how many hairs are on our heads-- to that degree of how well you know Your children! Your Word states, “No Man Comes to the Father but by Me." (You) what an incredible gift and blessing You have given to us and I thank You for the power You have given to each one of us in Your name, Lord Jesus.

 When we have times of trouble, I pray that each one call out Your name and reach to You and know that You are there for them, and will help all of your children. You Lord Jesus are our refuge and strength, because You live-- we can face tomorrow. I also pray that each person be made aware of the power in Your Holy name and that "through You all things are possible..." – for each and every circumstance and situation You are our Father in Heaven who longs to be the answer to our prayers and longs for a relationship with us an eternal loving relationship. I thank You, Lord Jesus, for every blessing You bestow on each and everyone of us. Thank You Jesus, bless Your Holy name.

In Jesus Name,

Thank you Michele for that thoughtful study, and that beautiful prayer.  You are a beautiful Christian woman. 

I hope that all of you will join us on Monday.  I hope that you have been blessed by Michele's words about Mary, and her heartfelt prayer for all of us.
I would be interested in knowing what Biblical Woman you would want to learn more about.  How about naming her in the comment section today?  I'm not promising we will get to those women this year...just curious, and maybe she will be part of our  "Precious Women of God--This Includes You!" study.  Thank you so much for being here!  It is such an encouragement to know you have visited!

He IS Able,
Traci S.


  1. Michele- What a timely scripture selection! My mom immediately came into my thoughts. During her life my mother always stove to emulate Mary. She taught her daughters to also live as Mary had. I desperately try to be a servant of God. I am praying for all the readers of this blog. Keep your eyes on the sparrow....

  2. jcb: I just wanted to say thank you for that comment it really touched my heart! I so want to bless all who read this blog!



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