Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A Thunderous Crash! Blog Candy by Saturday--I hope!

Hi Everyone~

I awoke to the sounds of horrible crashes as lightning took out several of those boxes up on the telephone poles. (I can't think of the name for them!)  We had horrific thunderstorms almost all day, and I had my computer unplugged.  Once the storm was over, I plugged it in only to find that our router (spelling?) was fried.  Dave will try to pick one up and install it before the it is possible that I will be able to post all of this wonderful Blog-O-Versary Blog Candy by Friday...if not

We will also choose 2 "Card of the Week" Winners at that time to make up for being late with it today!

Right now, I have my computer balanced on my lap, with some wires from Dave's computers plugged into my this isn't how I want to post the Candy or the Winner, it is quite uncomfortable.  I apologize!  And, I am so careful and unplug at the furthest boom!  I was unplugged.  And, sizzle it went!

I apologize, and I hope you will check back between now and will want to get in on our 1st Blog-o-Versary Candy right away!  All you will need to do is leave your name and email or blog address.  If you post our
He IS Able blog badge on your blog or blog candy, and let me know  it is in your comment, you will be entered one extra time. (You just copy and paste isn't a is a badge.)

I look forward to seeing you and hearing from you then!

He IS Able!
Traci S.

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