Monday, November 14, 2011

Card Winner Announced! "Find a Place" it Will Change Your Life!

Hi Friends~

Well, today is the day!  We are giving 3 cards to one winner!  I was supposed to give 2 cards to someone on last Wednesday.  And, I just wasn't up to being here.  I have had a terrible migraine, and was still adjusting to Josh having left for boot camp.  (It is better today... Thank you Lord Jesus!)  Why are we giving away 3 cards?  Well, I figured you showed up here on Wednesday, and there was no announcement.  So, as a make-up, I am adding another card to the give-away.

We usually give away 1 card a week.  We have so many beautiful cards on hand...donated by some big-hearted card makers, it was decided that we will give 2 cards to a randomly chosen recipient each week...until further notice.  Just leave a comment, prayer request or prayer...anything in the comment section before Tuesday at 8pm. Winners are announced on Wednesdays.

God has surely blessed this blog.  We have such wonderful guests---each of you.  I first started this blog after receiving several dreams of how it should be laid out and what it should be about.  It was going to be a blog for beginning card-makers.  And, I wanted to have a small section devoted to sharing about the Lord.  My dreams made it very clear to me that I had my priorities backwards.  The blog was to be mostly about Jesus Christ, and encourage Christians in their walk with Him, and sharing about Him through cards, and to hopefully answer some questions for the people who are still non-Believers, and a small amount of time spent on card-making. (You can read more about my Jewish background and this blog by clicking on June 2010 on the sidebar.)

 Michele and Joan were such a blessing to myself and the blog.  Michele writes our "Precious Women of God--This Includes YOU!" posts.  Which are shared every 3rd Friday of the month. (Mark your calendar!) We have a special post from Michele this Friday.  And, Joan has such a heart for prayer.  She prays all through her day.  Joan prays for each of you, whether you have a request or not, she prays for the unSaved, she prays for each of us.  That we always work to Glorify God with every post.  And, that I do not get self-centered in the posts or otherwise.  We encourage each other...and have become great friends.  I am so grateful to both of them. 

I have wanted this blog to be a part of each of you since the beginning. It was one of the goals that came to me early on. You don't want to hear about me all the time...BORING!  It is much more interesting to hear about each of you, and how God has been a part of your life.  Or tell us about one of your favorite Verses and why.  Or perhaps tell us about a special Christmas tradition.  Or write about a time when you knew God was right there with you to guide you through a storm.  I consider this blog to be a tool for the Lord...for us to share with others.  I consider this blog to be a way for us to learn from each other.  To pray for each other, and to encourage each other.  So, please consider sharing with us.  Email your piece in honor or memory of someone, if you wish, to my email.   Please be sure to let me know if I may share your user name or real name, or if you prefer to be anonymous.  I thank God for the honor of writing this blog.  I am so glad that He has allowed us to serve Him in this way!  I hope you will servein this way also!  It could be by writing and emailing me a whole post.  Or by sharing in the comment section!  Because of this blog, I have learned so much more than I would have.  I have studied, and He is on my mind so often.  I love praying...and have made some amazing friends through this and other Christian blogs.  I am grateful to be a part of the He IS Able blog!  I am very grateful for each of you, and the friends and family that you bring.


The Winner of Last Week's He IS Able Card of the Week Give-Away is...     MARILYN!!!

Congratulations  Marilyn!  Thank you for leaving a comment on this blog, and welcome to the He IS Able blog!  You will win the beautiful card on the side bar, plus 2 additional mystery cards.  Please EMAIL me your address.  If you live in the US, I will get the cards right out to you!  (Sadly, I can not mail packages out of the country.  The postage gets to be quite a bit! ) Please email me either way.  We will work something out.  You will love these cards!  Thank you for your comment.  We hope you will visit on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. 

 You could put your email in the upper right box, and receive the posts in your email in box.  (No one can see your email address.  Just follow the directions.  This is for anyone!)

Here is Marilyn's comment:
 Hi Ladies, What a beautiful website you've got. I am going to subscribe but in the meantime I'll let you know that I found your site when I was looking for Christian Creative women. Keep up the good work.  Marilyn


Be quick to write something in the comment section, as THIS week's 2 Card He IS Able Give-Away will be made of comments left before 8pm on Tuesday (tomorrow) night. 

We would love to have you share any of your favorite Scriptures of any theme, in the comment section!

Of course, you can write or ask about anything!  Here you see the two cards to be given away on Wednesday! (I can only show one on the side bar, but I wanted you to see both of the donated hand-made cards for this week.)


Before you go today, I'd like to share a quick Devotion from the book,    Quiet Moments in the Presence of God.  It is published by Bethany House.  At least here in the United States we are entering a time of desired chaos-- if you will.  Thanksgiving, while a wonderful family holiday--includes many hours of preparation and cooking.  It includes family getting together which may include dealing with airports, company at home, hotels and other logistics.  We want to remember the most important aspect.  A Day of Thanksgiving.  As Christians we are to Praise Him at all times.  On this day even non-Christians, sometimes state what they are thankful for as they go around the table sharing their thoughts.  It is great if you can have a few moments of quiet before the hustle and bustle begins.   I hope you will enjoy this short Devotion titled, "Find a Place."


"Find a Place"

"You lead me to streams of peaceful water, and you refresh my life."
(Psalm 23:2-3)

When you find a place where you can be alone with God, God will pour out His blessings upon you.  Locate a place where interruptions can be discouraged, distractions avoided, and potential disruptions prevented.  Find a space where you and God can be together, just the two of you.  Put a DO NOT DISTURB sign on the door of that place.  Choose a setting that encourages meditation, prayer, and reflection.

You can hear God speak to you in such a quiet, private place.  There you can experience the Holy presence of God.

Early in His life, Jesus formed the habit of frequently going away into the hills for quiet prayer to His Father.  He went somewhere still and private.  He had a place.

"Before they call I will answer;  while they are still speaking I will hear."
(Isaiah 65:24)

"Dear God, I look forward to meeting you, with all Your love and wisdom in our place.  Amen."


I believe the author is reminding us that between making Christmas cards, planning dinners, going to church, helping children with homework, writing letters to our grown children in the military, and going to company dinners with our spouses...we need to spend some quiet time with Him.  Daily. Quiet so we can hear His whisper of blessings, guidance and love to us.  Many of the wonderful gifts that come from God come during times of silence.  Silence is a condition in which God makes Himself known to us. Have you found your quiet space for you and God to spend some time?  Have you used it lately?  How about telling about it in the comment section. Let's encourage each other! We would love to hear about this, and it makes you eligible for the random drawing to win those 2 great cards which you could use to encourage others!  God bless!

"He says, “Be still, and know that I am God;"  (Psalm 46:10)

He IS Able!
Traci Starkweather


  1. My Quiet Place
    I am retired as is DH. He is not a believer, and has accepted that I am, and - finally - keeps his distancee and holds back on conversation when he sees that I am reading my devotions. Prayer time is mostly as I fall asleep or during the day when I know I need to pray specifically for someone or something. Sometimes I pray silently, knowing that God hears even my thoughs.
    My quiet place is at my desk. God has given me the ability to close out all other sounds and goin'ons. I have 2 daily devotional booklets that I read daily. They both feature a passage of scripture and comment on that reading. They challenge me personally in my faith walk and relationally to others in my life.

  2. Hi Traci! Beautiful card. I read the post above, and felt so bad. It's hard to be saved and have unsaved loved ones around us. Keep praying! Our God is merciful, and He is a God of miracles.


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