Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Hi Friends~

Let's hope that I can get the spacing on this post even today.  I hope you read the post from yesterday.  It spanned from Friday through yesterday.  Please take the time to read it, and comment, if you would like.  I really poured my heart out in it, and then shared Joel Osteen's point of view from his daily column.

Today, however, we have An Announcement to Make!  Today, we want to let you know who won the He IS Able Card Sets of the Week!  It was so wonderful to see so many comments from the past week...and how many of you shared how God has changed your lives since you asked Him to become your Lord and Savior.  I love to read about how your lives have changed.  Thank You, Jesus for changing our lives to be more like you!  It is so encouraging to read your stories.  How about sharing one of your favorite Scriptures?  I have so many.  It depends what is going on in my life.  I think my all time favorite is from Joshua Chapter 1.  "I will be with you, as I was with Moses, I will not leave nor forsake you."  Just think of how He was with Moses...through so many so many serious situations...and yet, He was faithful.  He IS always faithful.  I LOVE that about Him.

All of the comments were entered in a random drawing.  Then a number was chosen from 1 through 5.  The number of cards going to this week's recipient is...3 (three).  And, the recipient is known as the "Queen of Grunge" and makes amazing pieces of art...including cards.  The "Queen of Grunge" is also known as Gerrie Johnnic.  Congratulations, Gerrie!  Just email me at and send me your mailing address.  This let's me know that you do want to receive these cards...otherwise, back into the card stash they go.  Be sure to contact me before Tuesday evening at 8pm.  Which is also the same time to leave a comment to be eligible for next week's drawing!

Here is her comment:
"Ohhhh GF, so handsome and so serious! Next photo I want to see a smile. I am so happy he is doing good and that you got to visit and see everything. I know you are exhausted, and need some rest, take time for yourself!
Gerrie, thank you for this comment.  It is about the photo of my son, Airman First Class Simring, and I think he is quite handsome, also.  LOL  I may be biased. This photo was shared in one of last week's posts.
OK--I kept this short, so you would have time to read yesterday's post.  Please share your thoughts about it.  I want to take a moment and thank Joan, our Prayer Team Leader.  Not only is she the Prayer Team Leader, besides myself, she is currently the only member! That is why we are now looking for people who are willing to pray for any amount of time.  Joan prays with such a devoted heart, and is dedicated to each of you...whether you have ever asked for a prayer request/need or not.  She loves to pray...and does it all through-out the day.  So, I hope you will feel blessed as she lifts you up to our Lord, Jesus the Christ!  Perhaps you will feel moved to join us in prayer.  You tell Joan how often you are willing to pray, or how long a week. and she will give you a prayer request to fit your time amount given.

God Bless!  I will be here on Friday, and I hope that you will also!
He IS Able!
Traci Starkweather


  1. another uplifting post...
    I continue to pray for all the readers of this blog.
    God bless you and take care!

  2. Dropping by- wanted to let you know the box arrived- Thanks so much! We share a world- chronic pain....I am not disabled...every day is a challenge. I am lucky to work part time, and I speak on the phone with patients- many have complicated medical histories-so that makes me feel so fortunate! I am always trying to figure out why God put me here- at a desk job- like a blob in a chair as you describe. My prior job was in the Intensive Care Unit and I love the bedside and the teaching....... and the fast pace and challenge. Bless you- I love to stop by!


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