Thursday, March 8, 2012

Super Surprise! And, Wisdom and Encouragement from You!

Hi Friends~

Yes, I am back.  I really am sorry that I haven't been here in about a week.  I am having new problems with how my body is functioning.  For instance, I couldn't get my right hand to open or hold anything.  I dropped a glass of Ginger Ale...not a good way to find out that your hand has lost all strength.  There are other problems, but I don't want to go on and on each post explaining about my personal problems.  I do hope you understand, that I post as often as I can.  My goal is to post on Tuesdays and Thursdays and when the Holy Spirit blesses me with a message to share. I want to serve God through this blog, and have it as an area that we can learn from each other and encourage each other.

There is a way that you can know when there is a post without needing to actually come to the blog.  Just put your email in the top right section of the blog where it says you can subscribe to the blog.  That way when there is a post, you will receive it in your email.  You can click on the title of that email, and it will bring you to the blog, where you can see the art work, His Word, and samples of the He IS Able Card Sets of the Week! Your email will be safe.  I do not even think that I can see it that way, and if I ever found out I could, I would never share it, sell it or anything like that!  I promise!


Winner of the He IS Able Blog Card Set of the Week Announcement...

As a way to make up for my being absent so often this month...EVERYONE who has left a comment since the last drawing deadline...will receive a
beautiful card/envelope!  I will share the comments in this blog. Recipients listed below...please email me your name and complete mailing address if you live in the United States.*  For next week's random drawing, simply leave a comment by Tuesday, March 14th at midnight!  If it is randomly chosen, you will receive between 1and 5 cards/envelopes...the number is also randomly chosen!  The winner will be announced on Thursday.

*Unfortunately, I can not mail cards outside the United States.  We love your visiting is just a matter of finances.  I am sorry.  I am trying to find someone who knows how to make a digital card, so that I can send that to our friends around the world! If you are someone who can help out, please email me!  It would be a great way to serve the Lord and your fellow Christians around the world.

"Hi Traci! First-I love your music! Sharing God's love on blogs is such an amazing way to tell others about Jesus & I love it. Great question. I'm trying to keep my answer simple & short! Jesus was sent to be a sacrifice for everyone. By being born in a manger-opened the door for the oppressed as well as the rich & powerful. I'm sure God had multiple reasons for choosing the stable/manger. I'm just glad he did! Praise the Lord for such an amazing gift!!

If you would like to see the post to which Karen is referring click on the title in blue or find it in red on the right hand side of the blog post!

My reply where she left the comment:
"Hi Karen~ Thank you for your gracious comments about the blog's purpose and the music! I can not take credit for this selection, however. Grace from "Th-ink-ing of You" had this playing when I started this blog, and I asked if I may use the same music...she said "Yes!" I added a few songs that are extra special to me. I enjoy Christian music, also. I love the answer you shared as to why the baby Jesus was born in the manger. I have never heard that makes perfect sense to me. And, I'm sure there are many reasons why God chose to have His Son born in the manger and that of a virgin teenager. I know that there are many things that we will not fully know until we are in Heaven with Him. I for one can not wait to find out! But patience is important.  It's all in His time. Thank you so much for sharing from the heart and for being a guest of the blog. We sure appreciate you! He IS Able! Traci Starkweather" By Traci S. on Child--Praying the Names of Jesus! on 2/29/12

"Another wonderful and thought provoking post, Traci! I am familiar with all 3 of the OT references to a child, but never considered them as the author has, that "a child was always at the heart of the Biblical Covenant". A child is among "the least of these" in humanity. I think Jesus had to be born in that stable for us to understand that the least became the greatest, yet humbled Himself to die on that cross for all of us."
"Great lesson again today GF, Blessings"
And lastly,
"A great inspirational and thought provoking post Traci!! When I think of Christ's birth, I think of how God had His one and only Son born in a lowly manger in the stable. It was not riches or fame that made Him our Savior but His death on the cross for us. Hope all is well!!! hugs, Chris"
I thank each of you for leaving such thought provoking comments.  And, what a way to encourage each other!  You have each been chosen to receive a He IS Able card/envelope!  Please be sure to email me your mailing address.  Even if you think I have sending it to me in an email tells me you are interested in receiving the card.  Next week we will go back to the He IS Able Card Sets  Give Aways--of cards between 1 and 5 being given away to one winner!
On Tuesday, I have an amazing Devotion to share with you.  It will fill your heart with His love, share how you may be more devoted to Him, It is based on the Scripture (Deuteronomy 4:29):  "You will search for the Lord your God, and you will find Him when you seek Him with all your heart and all your soul."  I am certain you will be blessed by it! 
I hope you will be here on Tuesday...and please remember to leave your comment to be eligible to win up to 5 cards and envelopes...and you may want to subscribe to receive this blog by email.  I am so very glad that you have been here with me.  I am grateful that you haven't left the blog because of my disabilities that keep me from sharing some times.  Thank you to each of you.
One last thing...I woke up in the night with a Scripture repeating over and over in my I think I should share it.  "If God is with us, who can be against us?"  (Romans 8:28)  I am certain what it means to me...I thought it may be of special importance to you at this time, also. I would love to hear about it, if you would like to share in the comment section.  I saw it visually and heard it at the same time.  So, I feel it is important to share at this time.
God Bless each of you!
He IS Able!
Traci Starkweather


  1. Sorry to hear that you have been feeling especially unwell. But encouraged that you had the energy to compose another interesting blog post. "If God is with us, who can be against us?" His favor is all we need! All others are as we are, imperfect human creations.

  2. Traci- God is always there for us. Not feeling well is very difficult. You are an inspiration to me. You just keep going no matter how you are doing. Praying for you. Thanks for posting about God's love for each and everyone.
    Praying often!


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