Friday, October 29, 2010

CHALLENGE! Cards by Traci Day!

Hi Everyone~

Hoping you are planning something fun to do this weekend! And,  I
 hope it reminds people of who you are in the Lord!  We are supposed to go north a few hours, and see our son and daughter-in-law, and our 3 grand children.  The eldest is having a birthday celebration! And, the younger boys are 4 and 2 years-old!  I however, am not contagious...but am still so sick.  I have no energy.  I did find some cards from the SCS VSN and one I made today, to show you.

I made this card Thursday afternoon, it is the only card I have made since the VSN at SCS.  It is for the Our Daily Bread Designs weekly challenge #34.  We were challenged to make a card using black, kraft and one other color only.  I chose silver, and the birds flying on the top of the card, are indeed silver color!  I really like this color combo.  I may use it for the Sympathy Cards I need to get out.  I haven't even started them yet!

I love coloring this stamp with my water color pencils...only I don't add the water! They blend so smoothly.  I made these lilies for the SSIC#60, or the Stampin' Sisters in Christ Challenge #60.  The topic was prayer...and as you probably know...I love this Scripture.  And, I pray it a lot!  Including praying it for you!  Thank you SO much for being here!

OK---I can not fight this computer any longer today.  I apologize.  I really do.  I can not get any other photos to upload from SCS or from Kodak Gallery...where I usually get the pictures.  So, if you will please bear with me, I will let EMPLOYED DAVE (thank you SOOOOO much for your prayers!) take a look at what went wrong with my computer, ok?

In the mean time, I will give you the URL to each card that I made for SplitCoastStampers (VSN) Virtual Stamping Night.  Please just click on the URL link, and it will take you into my gallery...where you can see what I wrote about each card.  In fact, you will be able to see any card I have made since I started making cards in January!  Please remember, if you want to leave a comment, please leave them here, to be qualified for our "Card of the Week" Challenge~

 OK--the first one has a Christmas theme:
(Copy and paste the purple lines and put them where your URL goes to see it.)

The next card challenge, we were asked to make a sky, sunset, sunrise, or middle of the day with some big billowy clouds... 

I love making cards like this.  I quite often use them as Sympathy Cards.  I just add a sentiment.  By leaving the sentiment off, I am able to use the card for a variety of  purposes, and I can decide just when that card is needed!

Next up is a card with some of my favorite coloring!  I like this
 image a lot!  Here it is...

I thought I would show you my very 1st card here at SCS,
 and with stamping...Get ready...

Again, I hope the computer never acts up like this again!  I will ask Dave to figure it out, and if able, I will fill the URL links with the photos of the card.
If you look at the URL, and read directly below it, it will tell you what I used, what it was made for...and other details.

Now is your chance to make a card really count!  Please take part in our Current Challenge, posted by Michele G.

                             Michele's Big Birthday Challenge!!

You can win this challenge hosted by Michele G.! She wants to do something extra special for her Dad this year! His 75th Birthday is right around the corner in November! All you need to do to qualify is make/send her Dad a birthday card--before November 15th!  Her Dad suffered a stroke 6 years ago, and this year has held challenges for him. She wants to bless him with an abundance of cards...and she wants to bless one of you with a surprise! Michele is great at surprise "Goody Bags!"

Please mail a birthday card to this Godly man, at this address:

Al Ostrander
4057 Circle Street
Milford, PA 18337

Michele's Dad will have a photo taken with all of the cards. He will let us know which card was his favorite...and that person will win the prize! So, please show Michele's Dad some He IS Able love, and send him a birthday card. Michele has told me he is into baseball-- big time! I know he will receive a big turnout of cards from here...I am hoping we reach 30 cards from He IS Able people! We can do it! Please be sure to write "He IS Able" under your signature or on the back of the card. This will help us know who is eligible for the challenge!

              AND NEW INFO!!!  The He IS Able blog has permission to contribute 10 cards and envelopes to her great goody bag!
Please leave a comment if you sent a card and how many...let's reach that goal of 30!!  If you don't want to leave a comment, just send the cards!  Or, leave a comment about anything else!  I really enjoy reading your comments!

He IS Able!
Traci S.
p.s.  Thank you for all of your prayers.  I am finally feeling a little bit better! The chills and sweats are gone.  Now, I would love to be able to breathe through my nose, if that's not too much to hope for!  We have a Mighty God!   Off to rest!

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