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CHALLENGES!!! Mercy Part 2 of 4 Series!

Hi Everyone~

I can't wait to get over the flu!  I hope you are all feeling well, enjoying your days, and having them centered around our Lord, Jesus the Christ.  I'm sorry these posts are so late.  I just woke up after 11am!  You know you are still ill, when more than half of the day goes by before you even see the sun!  So, if you haven't already, I suggest you get your flu shots!  I couldn't, by the time I stopped to get one, I was already showing symptoms of being ill. 

Big Day Today:  2 winners for the "Card of the Week" random drawing!
                            More on His Amazing Mercy
                            Michele's Big Birthday Challenge!!

On Monday, we learned the meaning of mercy as it relates to grace.

Mercy--not getting what you do deserve/withheld punishment.

Grace--getting what you don't deserve/unmerited favor.

I want to remind you that Michele G. put all of these notes together for me, because I have not been up to studying, and just putting it in the computer  wears me out. So a BIG THANK YOU to Michele! I really appreciate you, and also that special, caring heart of yours.

Who Needs Mercy?

"What has happened to us is a result of our evil deeds and our great guilt, and yet, our God, you have punished us less than our sins have deserved...Shall we again break your commands?"  Ezra 9:13

In Romans, it tells how both Jew and pagan sinned and forfeited God's glory, and both are justified through the free gift of His grace by being redeemed in Christ Jesus who was appointed by God to sacrifice his life so as to win reconciliation through faith.  In this way, God makes His justice known; first, for the past, when sins went unpunished because He held his hand, then,  for the present age, by showing positively that He is just, and that He justifies everyone who believes in Jesus.  So what becomes of our boasts?  There is no room for them...

1 Tim 1:13  "Even though I used to be a blasphemer and did all I could to Mercy, however, was shown me, because until I became a believer I had been acting in ignorance."

So, do you receive mercy from the Lord?  Do you deserve mercy for your sins?  It isn't based on what we may or may not have done.  This is a gift from our loving Lord who remains patient with us!  Praise Him!

Take a look at this:

1 Tim 1 :15-16  "I realize that I was the worst of them all, and that because of this very fact God was particularly merciful to me.  It was a demonstration of the extent of Christ's patience towards the worst of me, to serve as an example to all who in the future should tryst him for eternal life."

Let's pray, use your own words if you like, I am using mine.  " Thank You, Lord Jesus for being so merciful to me.  Even though I don't deserve it.  Thank You for witholding the punishment I deserve for my sins.  I will try my best Lord, to not repeat these sins again.  Lord, you know how difficult it is for me to turn away from sin.  I want to give it all to You.  At this time,  I want to give this particular sin ____________ (name one), to You.  I place it in your hand, and I pray that You will take away my stubborn nature to try to take it back, and sin again.  Lord, I praise You for being so merciful!  I thank You for being who You are!  I thank You for Your grace.  I thank You for second and third and tenth chances!  I love You Lord.  I am so grateful that You love me. I pray all of this, in Your Powerful and Merciful name, the name of Jesus.   Amen."

Michele's Big Birthday Challenge!!

You can win this challenge hosted by Michele G.!  She wants to do something extra special for her Dad this year!  His 75th Birthday is right around the corner in November!  All you need to do to qualify is make/send her Dad a birthday card--before November 15th!  Her Dad suffered a stroke 6 years ago, and this year has held challenges for him.  She wants to bless him with an abundance of cards...and she wants to bless one of you with a surprise!  Michele is great at surprise "Goody Bags!" 

Please mail a birthday card to this Godly man at this address:

Al Ostrander

                                                 4057 Circle Street
                                                 Milford, PA 18337

Michele's Dad will have a photo taken with all of the cards.  He will let us know which card was his favorite...and that person will win the prize! So, please show Michele's Dad some He IS Able love, and send him a birthday card.  Michele has told me he is into baseball-- big time!  I know he will receive a big turnout of cards from here...I am hoping we reach 30 cards from He IS Able people!  We can do it!  Please be sure to write "He IS Able" under your signature or on the back of the card.  This will help
us know who is eligible for the challenge!

"Card of the Week Winners"

Today, we are celebrating "TWO Card of the Week Winners!!!"  Last week we did not have a comment chosen to win this random drawing, because I was unable to type the blog post.  Again, I apologize.  However, that means we will randomly choose 2 people to win the Card of the Week, as well as an extra envelope and postage!  The first comment chosen will win the card on the sidebar.  The second person will win a card that is just as beautiful!  But, it will be a surprise, until she opens it!  You have until next Tuesday at 8pm, to mail me your mailing address, (within the continental US.)  If for some reason, you do not want the card, please do not email me your snail mail address.  It is that simple!  And, for everyone, please leave a comment this week!  It will really help cheer me up after being ill for over 2 weeks already!  I would love to hear your thoughts on His Mercy, or any other topic!

Ok--The Winner of the Beautiful Card that has been on the side bar is...
                                 Beebeebabs!!  Congratulations!

Please send me your mailing address ASAP.  My email is on the right side of the blog!  This is what Beebeebabs had to share:

"Very nice thanks for sharing!!!
October 16, 2010 10:15 PM"

And, the other winner of the "Card of the Week" is...
                                                   Amy Johnson!! 

Congratulations, again,  Amy!  Please email me your mailing address.  Actually, I have it, but please send it so that I know that you would like it!  Gorgeous card!  
This was the comment that won Amy this card:
"Sorry to hear that you have been ill! I will pray for you!

October 22, 2010 10:21 AM"

I thank both of you for your comments and prayers.  It means the world to me!

The "New Card of the Week" is made by a woman named Joan.  This card was chosen to be this week's card because of all of the pink on this card!  Do you remember the first post of this month?  It was how the color pink represents Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  I gave you this link to click on daily for at least this month.  When you go to this site and means that the advertisers will donate even more to allow women who can not other wise afford it to get their Free  Mammograms.  So, Joan, I thank you for this beautiful brown and PINK card.  It is beautiful with the butterfly being double stamped, and the beautiful pink ribbon on the card!  I love what the sentiment reads:  "Happiness Always."  It makes me think of life in Heaven.  What does it make you think of?

Please click on one of those links and "click it" so someone who needs a mammogram can receive one for free! 

If any of you do not know that you will have "Happiness Always" after you die, and you want to know Jesus as your Lord and Savior, now and in your after life, and that guarantee of "Happiness" after life.  I ask you to email me, or call a Christian friend, or call a church, and tell them that you are ready to receive Jesus Christ into your life.  I am certain that person will pray with you, and you will become a  child of the King of all Kings in that moment!  If the person leading you in prayer needs a little help, go back to the post on October the 10th...there you will find the Romans Road to Salvation.  It will walk you through the steps that you need to know and agree with to be Saved!  I am so happy for you.  Please let me know all about it!

I thank each one of you for being here today!  I hope you will leave a comment...tell me what you think about the Lord's mercy...or anything else that you would like to share.

Friday, will be "Cards by Traci" day, if I feel up to making any!  And, Monday will be another segment of our series on mercy...Wednesday, too!  I hope you will all be here on Monday!  Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays! 

I would LOVE to have every Monday be a day that you share on the blog!  Any questions?  Want to reserve a day in Honor or In Memory of me.  I will help you if you need it, or I will stay away, and enter exactly what you emailed me.  It is a unique way to Serve Him, AND it ministers to everyone's hearts...Christians get more excited, and it could bring non-Christians to the Lord.  They read this blog, also.  I am grateful for everyone that stops by.  Please let me know if you have introduced someone to the Lord (that would be a wonderful topic to share), or if you have shared this blog, or posted our badge and URL on your blog.  I would love to know!

I appreciate each of you so much.  And, I do pray for you. 

As Always:
He IS Able!
Traci S. 

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