Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Taking Some Time for Mom and Son Time! And, New Things About This Blog!

Dear Friends~

As you know we are scheduled to give away 2 cards this week in our
"He IS Able Card of the Week Give-Away."  However, we didn't have any eligible comments!  They were either written by Joan, Michele or myself...all a part of our blog, and ineligible.  Or by people who truly are staying anonymous...(I wish she/he would email me and let me know who she/he was!) Or, from people of foreign countries.  We love ALL of our guests, but sadly, we aren't in a position to  mail cards around the world...yet!  So, sadly we don't have a winner for this week.  Don't forget to leave a comment for next week!  As we will be giving away 2 cards!  Just write your comment on anything you would like before 8pm on Tuesday to be eligible.

As you know, my son Josh, leaves for Basic Military Training (Boot Camp) for the Air Force on Monday morning.  I have many things that I want to get done for him before he goes.  Including a breakfast going away party with family and friends.  Since I do not have any Design Team obligations, I am taking a week off from the blog.  I will be back on Wednesday, unless I am really led by the Lord to write before then.   I hope that you will all understand...A Mom needs some son time.

Also, on the tippity-top of the right column,  there is a section for you to put your email address in it.  After that you will be asked to follow the simple...2 second directions.  If you do this...the posts from this blog will come to you!  You won't have to remember which days we post and then find us on the Internet...It will show up in a letter form, in your email.  If you want to see the frills...the Label Section-which are all written in red ink, and is a Table of Contents of all of the blog posts we have shared. (Perhaps you would like to go and catch up on some posts you didn't read, or want to read more in depth over the next week.) Or, if you want to add to the comment section, or look at the "His Word" section, or see the "Card of the Week," you will want to click on the heading of that letter and that will bring you directly to the blog.  But, if you are in a hurry...put your email in that box, and follow the next is there for your convenience.  You can always unsubscribe by clicking on a word.  Otherwise, each post will continue coming to you!

Also, we are not a tax free organization.  But, if you care to help out the He IS Able blog, we are in need of US Postage stamps in the standard amount...and the postage stamps for square envelopes. My husband and I have been happy to provide the stamps for the past year and a half.  However, going into this season, things are tighter than usual.

 I hate to ask for help like this...but we are here to encourage each other, so I thought there was no harm in asking.  I will, of course, only use these postage stamps for  He IS Able card give-aways and other official He IS Able blog mail.  Don't worry. I feel that the cards we receive and materials are for the Lord's work.  For this blog...which is a gift from Him, for Him!    I know He will provide for our needs, if this is the track He wants us to continue with.   If no one can help out, we will continue...

We do have some special ideas for the holidays...and will need quite a bit of extra postage to carry it off.  This will happen if the extra postage is provided.  Thanks for praying about it, and possibly helping us out.  Thank you so very much!  And, I understand if you can not help out at this time...times are tough...that is why I am asking in the first place!  I understand. No pressure!

The postage stamps can be sent to:

Traci Starkweather
116 Colyer Drive
Longwood, FL 32779

I hope you all enjoy your week!  Make something crafty!  Enjoy the autumn leaves if you live near them!  And, Praise God for all things!  Thanks for being here today!

He IS Able!
Traci Starkweather


  1. I am coming to ask for prayers. My FIL is really struggling. He is in the hospital. He has congestive heart failure, prostate cancer, liver and kidney problems. he suffered a heart attack and has not opened his eyes. Dh is visiting him. I have a bad cough so I didn't go. Please send prayers.

  2. Sweetie, I am praying for your FIL, and for your whole family to be covered in a sense of peace and clarity. I pray for healing by the Healer Himself. And, that your FIL knows the Lord...if not now, I know the Lord will provide the right timing and the right person to come into his path and share. I pray that your cough will be healed quickly also. My heart goes out to you. I am here. I will be praying for you, and everyone else that visits this blog to know the Lord, and for their particular prayer needs.

    He IS Able!
    Traci S.

  3. Dear Traci ... thank you so much for the comment that you left on my post "An Ah-Ha" Moment at the Gym. I am humbled that the Lord would use these words to encourage you and to be used as a seed in your husband's life. I will pray for him, for your son and for you ... these are big days of trust ahead of you. I thank God that you love Him and that you are resting in His tender care ... when it comes to our children and situations that they must face, it can be very hard. I will try and keep up to date on your blog. May the Lord bless you and keep you strong in the days ahead. With fondness, Andrea

  4. Asking for prayer for Julia a 10 year old in the hospital she has slurred speech and they do not know what is wrong. Standing strong in faith that she is healed by HIS stripes and if you could join with me that would be appreciated!

  5. Hi Ladies, What a beautiful website you've got. I am going to subscribe but in the meantime I'll let you know that I found your site when I was looking for Christian Creative women. Keep up the good work.


  6. Thanks for all your prayers. My FIL joined the Lord this morning. Please keep DH and his family in your prayers. I pray that they can come together and put the past behind them.

  7. Marilyn, glad that you found us!! Welcome!!

    Joan, praying for your DH and his family during these difficult days. Praying for Peace and Comfort from the Holy Spirit.

    Michele G.


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